Afternoon, PROGRESS Ultras.  We’ve got a load of stuff to get through, so let’s crack on.

First up. CHAPTER SIX HAS SOLD OUT. COMPLETELY. TOTALLY. Desperate to come? There is now a WAITING LIST for people who want to come along, in case any tickets are freed up. Sign up for that right here. Go on, off you go.

If you head over to the MERCH PAGE you can pre-order the CHAPTER FIVE DVD with a nice £2 discount, so pop there now. We’ve got all the other shows on there as downloads as well, plus we’ve got our AWESOME hoodies back in stock.

Here’s some news with Glen Joseph and the latest PROGRESS REPORT. Do have a watch.

Speaking of videos, there’s a full match from CHAPTER FOUR on our YouTube Channel and on our videos page here, should you need to see how awesome our shows are.

So then, the following matches are in the book for CHAPTER SIX: WE HEART VIOLENCE already. You’d better have a ticket because this motherfucker is SOLD OUT. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah.

Ligero Ricochet

Riots Hunters

Dar Mastiff

Robinson McKinnan

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