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On Friday we announced that one of the BEST European wrestlers ON THE PLANET would be making his début for us at CHAPTER THIRTEEN on SUNDAY MAY 18th at the Electric Ballroom in Camden. Oh yes, the one and only PRINCE DEVITT will be making his first ever appearance in a PROGRESS ring… and we can now announce his opponent.

Before we get to that – all premium tickets now gone. Scroll down or head to the tickets page to get yours NOW because they WILL sell out. Go!

So then, who to wrestle Devitt?  We’re huge fans of his work in Japan, and thought we should put together a match that pits one amazing Gaijin against another; two guys who have made FANTASTIC names for themselves in the Orient… but also two guys who haven’t had chance to clash on those shores because they’ve been in different companies.

So then: PRINCE DEVITT: Three time NJPW IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion, Two time Best of Super Juniors, Six time NJPW IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champion…



… will face …

… drum roll please …

Devitt Sabre Jr

…Current NOAH Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champion and heir to Devitt’s unofficial crown as best European wrestler in Japan over the last decade… ZACK SABRE JR.

Zack is flying in ESPECIALLY for this match; two men who worked for different companies in Japan now up against each other in a PROGRESS ring in front of 700 of the best wrestling fans in the world.  JESUS.  This will be, genuinely, UNBELIEVABLE JEFF.

Here’s the ticket links.  Sunday May 18th.  Camden Electric Ballroom.  Doors open at 2pm, show starts at 4pm. DO NOT HANG AROUND!



Tickets are sold via PayPal so no physical tickets are issued (nor are there any booking fees).

And if PRINCE DEVITT vs ZACK SABRE JR wasn’t enough to make you want to come along, then consider that there is also the PROGRESS TITLE LADDER MATCH between champion JIMMY HAVOC and challenger MARK ANDREWS, plus the four way TAG TEAM TITLE NUMBER ONE CONTENDERS MATCH between TEAM SCREW INDY WRESTLING (Mark Haskins and Nathan Cruz), THE LONDON RIOTS (James Davis and Rob Lynch), PROJECT EGO (Kris Travis and Martin Kirby) and as determined at ENDVR 4 yesterday, THE SWORDS OF ESSEX (Will Ospreay and subject to injury, Paul Robinson).

And we’ve still got even more to announce. DO NOT MISS OUT.

Jim, Jon and Glen



It’s time… the remaining tickets for CHAPTER THIRTEEN: UNBELIEVABLE JEFF! are now on sale – links below.  The show is on Sunday May 18th at the famous ELECTRIC BALLROOM in Camden and thanks to some clever floor re-arranging it will be our biggest show yet with SEVEN HUNDRED of the best wrestling fans in the world packed in. NOTE: ALL PREMIUM TICKETS NOW SOLD!



The show is headlined by our first ever LADDER MATCH between PROGRESS CHAMPION JIMMY HAVOC and the man he robbed so controversially for the title, MARK ANDREWS.  This will be INSANE.  We’ve got other matches still to announce, but we can reveal a FOUR TEAM TAG TITLE NUMBER ONE CONTENDERS MATCH between PROJECT EGO (MARTIN KIRBY and KRIS TRAVIS), THE LONDON RIOTS (JAMES DAVIS and ROB LYNCH) and TEAM SCREW INDY WRESTLING (MARK HASKINS and NATHAN CRUZ); with one more team to be confirmed from a qualifying match at ENDVR 4 between THE BHANGRA KNIGHTS and THE SWORDS OF ESSEX.

Front row tickets SOLD OUT in – and we’re not kidding here – LESS THAN 15 SECONDS.  Gold level tickets went WITHIN THREE MINUTES.  Silver tickets now sold out too, so we only have regular seating and standing remaining.  To see the revised floor plan of the Electric Ballroom, click here.

So here are your ticket links – sold via PayPal, we don’t issue physical tickets.  Your confirmation email is all you need.



Get in as fast as you can, they’re selling out rapidly!  This will be our best show yet… and currently you only know part of what we have planned.

Go! Go! Go!

Jim, Jon and Glen



It’s now been just a couple of days since we put the tickets on sale for CHAPTER THIRTEEN: UNBELIEVABLE JEFF! on SUNDAY MAY 18th at the historic ELECTRIC BALLROOM in Camden.  Within 24 hours we had sold nearly 500 tickets, and they’re still not on general sale until Friday. FIVE HUNDRED!!!  If you want to skip ahead of the queue, then sign up to the mailing list now and we’ll resend the links out a couple of times before general sale.

The main event at CHAPTER THIRTEEN is our first ever ladder match between PROGRESS Champion JIMMY HAVOC and one half of our Tag Team Champions, the man Havoc robbed for the title, MARK ANDREWS.  But tonight we’ve announced ANOTHER match…

We need to decide who our number one contenders are to the TAG TEAM TITLES held by F.S.U:  So we’ll have a four way match to sort out that.  Three teams already named for this MASSIVE match are: PROJECT EGO (MARTIN KIRBY and KRIS TRAVIS); TEAM SCREW INDY WRESTLING (MARK HASKINS and NATHAN CRUZ) and THE LONDON RIOTS (JAMES DAVIS and ROB LYNCH).


You’ll note there’s a blank space there… so to decide who the fourth team will be, we’ll have a HUGE qualifying match on our APRIL 13th ENDVR: 4 show in Balham between another two GREAT teams: THE BHANGRA KNIGHTS (RJ SINGH and DARRELL ALLEN) and THE SWORDS OF ESSEX (PAUL ROBINSON and WILL OSPREAY.  Read more about ENDVR by clicking here, and get yourself a ticket for just £8 by clicking here. Go!


So come along to ENDVR if you can, and let’s see if we can get our slightly bigger capacity Electric Ballroom sold out for CHAPTER THIRTEEN ASAP!

Nearly 500 tickets gone already.  You bloody smashers.

Jim, Jon and Glen



Oh. My. God.

CHAPTER TWELVE was yesterday, and we were totally and utterly BLOWN AWAY at how awesome our brilliant PROGRESS fans are.  Over 600 turned up, filled the Electric Ballroom and made as much noise as you will ever hear a wrestling crowd make.  Thank you for all of your amazing support.

Of course, CHAPTER THIRTEEN is on SUNDAY MAY 18th and if you didn’t know already, we will be in the Electric Ballroom once again.  Plus, we’ve already signed our main event in order to take advantage of the high ceiling… PROGRESS CHAMPION JIMMY HAVOC will defend his title against the man he robbed for it, MARK ANDREWS… in our first ever LADDER MATCH.  It will be UNBELIEVABLE.

Tickets are ON SALE TONIGHT AT 10pm but as always TO MAILING LIST SUBSCRIBERS ONLY.  The show WILL sell out, so if you aren’t on the list then get on it right now.  You’ll receive an email at 10pm tonight telling you how to get tickets.  Front row will go within a minute. Seriously, GET ON THE LIST RIGHT NOW AND DO NOT MISS OUT.

Also… after our first visit to the Ballroom we have worked hard on shuffling the seating plan a little.  If you check out the ticket information page you’ll be able to see the new floor plan – we’re moving the ring slightly and eliminating one of the sides (near the sound booth).  With these changes we can get in a lot more seats and standing places, meaning that our capacity is now a whopping SEVEN HUNDRED.  Oh yes.  We’ve got a bigger room, and we’re making more room in that bigger room.

Remember to keep following us on Twitter – we’ve got more matches to announce for CHAPTER THIRTEEN, plus the show title and we’ll keep you informed of ticket news.  It all starts tonight at 10pm.  Good luck getting the tickets that you want!

And once again, WHAT support you gave us yesterday. We are all blown away.  Thank you so much!

Jim, Jon and Glen



So as you all know by now, CHAPTER TWELVE at the Electric Ballroom in Camden THIS SUNDAY has already sold out. That’s right, our second anniversary show will have over 600 of the BEST wrestling fans in the world packed in and making a whole ton of noise. We are still maintaining a waiting list for any returned tickets though, and you can join that right here.

But we have to make a couple of changes to the show because of an injury to one of our roster.  Sadly, NOAM DAR is hurt and unable to make it on Sunday.  We of course wish Noam a speedy recovery and hope to welcome him back to PROGRESS on our May 18th card.  This did mean that we had to have a think about what we could do with the main event this weekend…

So, we asked Noam who he would like to replace him in the FOUR CORNERS MATCH for the PROGRESS TITLE.  He came back to us straight away with his choice: EL LIGERO. The Mexican Sensation has been involved with Dar three times in three amazing matches, winning two before just being bested at CHAPTER ELEVEN, and there is clear admiration between the two men. El Ligero is a former PROGRESS Champion, one of the best wrestlers in the world and someone who fits right into the main event on Sunday.  So he’ll be up against MARTY SCURLL, RAMPAGE BROWN and so-called champion JIMMY HAVOC. First man to get a pinfall or submission wins the title!

Of course, this means that we have had to find a new opponent for Dutch superstar TOMMY END.  We know that the fans love how Tommy can fly, wrestle and kick the living daylights out of people.  So… he’ll be up against 2013 Natural Progression Series finalist PAUL ROBINSON. Paul is one of the most popular guys on our roster – and one of the most exciting – so we know this will be an absolute belter.

AND – announced this week: GRADO put out a challenge to his bumbag championship a couple of weeks ago.  Finally, he has got an opponent: MAD MAN MANSON.  The former tag team partners will clash with not only Grado’s title on the line, but also Manson’s actual balls. We are not kidding. That is not a typo.

These three matches join four more on Sunday: The coronation of our first ever PROGRESS TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS in a three way match between PROJECT EGO, TEAM SCREW INDY WRESTLING and F.S.U; the big STREET FIGHT between THE LONDON RIOTS and THE BHANGRA KNIGHTS; singles action between two titans of the ring in DAVE MASTIFF and DOUG WILLIAMS; and our second 2014 NATURAL PROGRESSION SERIES first round match between two men returning to solo action in a PROGRESS ring: WILL OSPREAY and ZACK GIBSON.  It will be AWESOME.  We cannot wait.

Sexy match graphics for the full and final card below.

Before we go though, a little word about tickets.  Firstly: If you have any returned tickets that you would like us to attempt to sell via the waiting list, PLEASE make sure that you let us know about these BY THE END OF FRIDAY.  After that we will be a little bit too busy setting up the show to help any further!

Also – and this is REALLY important – because our shows sell out, we know there is a lot of demand for tickets. We have recently noticed a few people trying to sell tickets for the show with a mark-up. THIS IS NOT COOL. If we find you doing this, we will ensure that the tickets you have sold are cancelled, and you will not be welcome to buy tickets or attend any of our events ever again. We do not welcome touts, we just want wrestling fans to be able to buy our tickets at the regular, cheap price. And besides, there is still a chance via the waiting list, so don’t overpay for our tickets!

Remember guys, doors for the show on Sunday open at 2pm, show starts at 4pm. Get down there early to secure your spot!

Thank you so much for all of your support. It was 2 years ago today that we put on CHAPTER ONE, and look at where we are now.  We began with just an idea, and now we’re selling out the Electric Ballroom. Madness. As the song that denotes the start of the show says, we started from the bottom…

See you on Sunday if you’ve got a ticket!

Jim, Jon and Glen










Exactly one week to go to the completely sold out CHAPTER TWELVE: WE’RE GONNA NEED A BIGGER ROOM at Camden’s fantastic Electric Ballroom.  Still want to come along?  We’re still maintaining a waiting list for any returns, sign up for that here and keep an eye out for any emails!

As we tend to do from time to time, because PROGRESS is all about the fans we’ve thrown Twitter and Facebook open this week once again for any questions you might have for co-owner / ring announcer / tattooed professional hat-wearer Jim Smallman. Have a read and we will see you next Sunday!

Q: What time do doors open at the Electric Ballroom on March 30th?

A: They open at 2pm.  The earlier opening time is to accommodate the larger crowd (over 600 compared to our usual 350ish) and the show starts at 4pm.  We’d recommend you get down there as early as you can to bag your seat or standing position and get settled in to the Ballroom.  Plus I’ll be wandering around nattering to you lot as always!

Q: Are seats or standing places reserved?

A: No. Upon entry, dependent on what ticket you purchased you’ll be given a wristband. So, front row seating has a different wristband to standing so we know who is meant to be where. But seats aren’t numbered (just like at the Garage) so it’s a good idea to get down to the Ballroom as early as you can so you can ensure that you’re sitting with your mates.  As for standing, you can either stand on the floor level or on the balcony, but balcony space is limited (because of health and safety) so if you want to stand up there, again make sure that you arrive as early as you can to secure your spot.

Q: Can we bring signs and stuff with us to the show?

Well, yeah. I mean, try to not make them offensive or ridiculously smarky.  And try to not hold them up all the time so people behind you can’t see. But sure, if you have a funny as hell sign I’ll probably reference it and you’ll get on the DVD / download – although chances are if you sit in the first three rows a wrestler will land on you at some point anyway and you’ll make the edit that way.

Q: Will you be doing the singalong to “For Who The Bell Tolls” at the start of the show again?

A: Nope. That was my idea and whilst it was pretty cool at Chapter Eleven, it doesn’t really work – the intro to the song is too long and everyone pops for the bongs at the start of the song anyway. So it’ll be back to normal.  About 3 minutes before the show starts, we’ll play “Started From The Bottom” really, REALLY loud. That means that it’s showtime. Then we hit Metallica, the bells sound, I get into the ring and start swearing at you lot.

Q: What do you think the atmosphere will be like in the new venue?

A: I’m sure it’ll be awesome.  Sure, it’s a bigger space but we know it’ll be full to the rafters and also that our most hardcore of fans will be exactly as – if not more – loud than they were at the Garage.  It’s just a case of the old fans letting the new fans know exactly what the show is all about.  And I know you all will, that’s why I’m so bloody excited!  If ALL 600 plus fans start chanting “This is PROGRESS” then I will probably lose it (in a good way).

Q: Do you know who will answer Grado’s open challenge yet? Or if anyone will?

A: I’m sure SOMEBODY will.  I haven’t got a bloody clue who, but fingers crossed we should know something more about the whole situation this week.

Q: PROGRESS shows started as every three months, now they’re every two months. Do you see you expanding to monthly shows in the future?

A: Maybe. I mean, it’s not what we’re planning right now, but never say never. If we keep selling shows out as quickly as we have been doing then it would make sense to do that, but our first priority is ensuring that we put on great shows every two months and filling the venue up. If it happens it will be an organic thing, a logical next step.  From my point of view, I hate having to wait two months between the shows! I enjoy them far too much (whilst they are also ridiculously stressful) and the weeks can really drag between the chapters.  So, we’ll see.

Q: I’m moving to Australia. Can you please start broadcasting your shows via satellite?

A: Ah, if only. Our priority will always be the live shows, because that’s what people buy the tickets for. If one day there was demand for us live casting shows, then we would definitely look into it.  Possibly not for just one person though! And besides, with the time difference you’ll be much better off waiting for the downloads to be released and avoiding spoilers. CHEAP PLUG! BUY DOWNLOADS HERE!

Q: If you could book your dream match for PROGRESS, what would it be and with whom?

A: Now this depends if you mean using our current roster or using anyone in the world at any point… thus making this a difficult question.  So I’m going to split it 50/50 and name a few matches I’d like to see using our guys AND amazing wrestlers from elsewhere.  I’d like to book… Zack Sabre Jr vs Prince Devitt, Dave Mastiff vs Michael Elgin, Mark Andrews vs Kota Ibushi, Noam Dar vs Adam Cole, El Ligero vs Sami Zayn, Tommy End vs CM Punk, Grado vs Ebessan and Jimmy Havoc vs Necro Butcher in a death match.

That said: I love how we put our shows together and I’m ecstatic that we always use mainly British talent on our shows.  It’s how I’d always prefer us to build our shows, and it’s not going to change. I’ve still got a bunch of dream matches just between our roster that I want to see… but I don’t want to give that away here right now…

Q: Which Phil Collins track will be replacing “For Whom The Bell Tolls” at Chapter Twelve?

A: Shut up.

Q: How far in advance do you plan your shows?

A: We’re always thinking about what we want to achieve at our shows, and we have to book wrestlers a fair way in advance.  So we plan a fair way ahead, but then you can’t plan a show too much and not be flexible in case somebody gets injured or something like that.  Plus I know that between the three of us, it’s pretty much all we think about most of the time.  So it’s a cycle of perpetual planning.

Q: Do the three of you live together in a house like a wrestling version of the Brady Bunch?

A: Sadly, no. Jon lives in North London with his wife, fairly close to the Electric Ballroom (although not close enough for us to get free parking for the show). Glen should live in London with his girlfriend (I know! Girlfriend!), but he’s constantly away on tour playing Buddy Holly in Buddy. After typing that, I realise it would be weird if he played Buddy Holly in The Phantom of the Opera. He’s in a different town every day.  As for me, I live in North Wales with my wife. It’s an 8 hour round trip to get to the shows, but totally worth it.  If we all lived together I sense we would kill each other very quickly. I would probably be the catalyst for this event.

Q: Do you have belts for the new tag team champions?

A: Oh god no. We have a staff for the PROGRESS Champion, when the tag team champions are crowned we have something for them that is definitely different to boring old belts. Wait and see.

Q: When will we see the Progstarter canvas make its debut?

A: At Chapter Twelve. I’ve seen pictures of it and it looks awesome. Thanks again to everyone who donated, hope your heart swells with pride when you see your name on the mat!

Q: If your microphone was made of cheese, what would kind of cheese would it be so you could have a mid match snack?

A: BEST QUESTION EVER. Probably a mature cheddar. Or gouda. Big fan of Dutch smoked cheese too, and that is already cylindrical.


A: Because it’s a badass name and it fits really neatly into a song.  Not really (although it is badass).  We wanted to have a name that fitted in with our vision to try and move British wrestling on, and PROGRESS seemed like the best word.  Seems strange now thinking that we COULD have ended up calling the company something else – just like “Stone Cold” Steve Austin could have been called Chilly McFreeze.  He really could.  We could have ended up calling ourselves an acronym like most promotions, or used a word that isn’t as universally awesome as PROGRESS.  I am very happy with our choice (especially as it was my suggestion).

Q: Would you consider presenting WrestleTalk TV?

A: I do not think that I am the droid that they are looking for.

Q: Are you ever going to forgive Glen for the “This is PROGRESS… clap clap clapclapclap” thing?

A: He was forgiven a long time ago. Cut the guy some slack, he works in musical theatre!  I prefer the original version of the chant, but it is funny watching him shake his head when you guys mercilessly mock him.  Glen is awesome.

Q: Now you’ve been going for two years, what are your five favourite PROGRESS moments?

A: Good question.  In no particular order…

1: All three Noam Dar vs El Ligero matches

2: The Natural Progression Series in general, especially the final match between Mark Andrews and Paul Robinson

3: The big surprises of Nigel McGuinness and Adam Cole appearing on our shows

4: How cool it personally felt for me to return at Chapter Ten, with a proper entrance and everything, and the crowd reaction

5: The crowd at EVERY SINGLE BLOODY SHOW. Constantly brilliant and always topping themselves from the previous show.

Q: Were you guys involved in wrestling at all before your first ever show?

A: Nope. I knew Mick Foley because I had toured with him, but that was it.  We were just fans who wanted to put together the best shows that we could.

Q: How did you guys go about learning how to run a promotion ahead of your debut show?

A: We went to watch a LOT of wrestling, started making contacts, began coming up with ideas and spent a good few months trying to find the right venue (because we ONLY wanted to do shows in London because every other region already has their own promotion).  We talked to a lot of people, and because I was presenting a show called The Slam we started meeting up with a lot of people in the industry and just tried to learn as best as we could.  Going into the first show we were VERY green, we’re now pretty good at what we do – but we won’t ever stop learning or trying to make things even better.

Q: Was it difficult to convince wrestlers to appear on your first show because you had no kind of history in the business?

A: Not at all.  We reached out to everyone we wanted to appear and pretty much everyone said yes.  It probably helped that we’d already spoken to a lot of people and made enough friends to convince people to come along.  From a wrestler’s point of view I imagine the biggest fear is that a show wouldn’t happen, we went out of our way in the beginning to promote it as much as possible to ensure it would happen, and that everyone appearing on the show would hear the buzz and know we were for real.  Was definitely hard work, and it’s nicer now having people (like Adam Cole for instance on his surprise appearance) contacting US wanting to work for the company.  I must also add that Jon was responsible for most of the hard work, as he always is. He’s the brains, I’m the mouth, Glen is the eye candy.

Q: With other promotions branching out of their home bases, will we see PROGRESS travelling the country in the future?

A: Never say never, but London is our home.  We’ve sold out every show that we’ve put on so clearly have a loyal local audience (to go with the brilliant fans who travel across the UK to come to our shows) and it seems daft to think beyond that when we’ve got such a good thing going on down in London.  Plus, most other areas already have established promotions and we don’t want to step on any toes.  But like I said, never say never.  But do say “not yet”.

Q: Given the recent “Occupy RAW” thing, how would you feel if you saw signs dotted around London that read “This Ain’t PROGRESS”?

A: I would probably cry tears of joy, before mounting a defence to the inevitable mainstream press hatred started by the Daily Mail because our show contains swears.

Q: Apart from the obvious one, what has been your favourite PROGRESS fan chant so far?

A: I actually spat my drink out at one show the first time Noam Dar bit an opponent and the fans started chanting “that’s not kosher”.  Brilliant.  Although at every show there will be at least ten chants that make me laugh out loud.  Utter genius.  I think my favourite remains “He is Fourteen” and “He’s now fifteen” when that young lad was sat at the front.  I even talk about that at comedy gigs now. Genius.

Q: Who do you think is the best promo cutter on the PROGRESS roster?

A: Tough question. Nathan Cruz is excellent on the mic, Noam is hilarious when he talks, guys like Rampage Brown and Dave Mastiff can get their point across in just a few words, and Eddie Dennis was DYNAMITE when he spoke so passionately at Chapter Eleven.  The guys on our roster aren’t just talented in the ring, they can all talk given the chance.

Q: Would you be open to working with other promotions, like the WxW / CZW / BJW or RoH / NJPW partnerships?

A: Maybe, but our identity is a big deal to us and partnering up with other people could water that down.  But if it was done correctly and led to our roster getting the chance to spread their wings overseas, then amazing. Because our booking policy is not based around imports, it’s not something that we’ve ever thought long and hard about, but you can’t ever write these things off.  Would have to be with the right company, of course.

Q: Out of the PROGRESS roster, who do you think will be first to be signed by the WWE?

A: I think nearly everyone has a fantastic chance of one day making that leap, should they choose to do so.  I cannot stress how talented I think the pool of wrestlers at our disposal in the UK is.  So many talented guys over here, and we’re lucky to have them onboard with what we choose to do.

Q: Any more details on the June show?

A: I might be able to tell you a bit more next Sunday. Possibly. Not promising anything. But as it stands, we have got a show planned on June 29th, in between the regular bi-monthly shows on May 18th and July 27th. It’s happening, and there’s a theme, but I can’t say anything else right now. Wait and see. Sometimes surprises are awesome!

Thanks for all of your questions everybody! I cannot wait until a week from now.  Feels strange knowing that we’ve been going for two years now, and I get more and more excited for every single show.  When you see me wandering around the Ballroom, make sure you say hi, I’ve usually got time to chat to everyone. WE CANNOT WAIT!



Normally we announce a match on a Monday night for the SOLD OUT CHAPTER TWELVE: WE’RE GONNA NEED A BIGGER ROOM on Sunday March 30th at the iconic Electric Ballroom in Camden… but we’re still waiting for a response to this:

If Grado can find himself a challenger then he’ll be on a card that already features a main event of PROGRESS Champion defending “his” title against MARTY SCURLL, NOAM DAR and RAMPAGE BROWN; The coronation of our first ever TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS – one team from TEAM SCREW INDY WRESTLING, F.S.U or PROJECT EGO; a street fight between THE BHANGRA KNIGHTS and THE LONDON RIOTS; singles matches between EL LIGERO and TOMMY END, and DAVE MASTIFF and DOUG WILLIAMS and a 2014 NATURAL PROGRESSION SERIES FIRST ROUND MATCH between ZACK GIBSON and WILL OSPREAY. It’s a stacked card with over 600 tickets sold. It is TOTALLY SOLD OUT but you can join our waiting list by clicking here in case we have any returns.

In other news, you can now buy tickets for our next ENDVR show on Sunday April 13th at the Bedford in Balham. It’s where we put the best PROGRESS trainees from our ProJo training facility on a show with seasoned professionals. It’s a damn good way to spend a Sunday afternoon, get a ticket now while they’re cheap by clicking here!

Also, we came up with a couple of LIMITED EDITION new t-shirt designs in honour of our new Punk Rock venue in Camden… check these out:

Shirt CompilationWant one? Or both? Check out the Merch page for more info, but if you pre-order one now you can save £2, and if you pre-order BOTH you can save a whopping £6! Pre-order price is £10 for one or £18 for the pair. HEAD TO THE MERCH PAGE NOW! We WILL sell these bad boys out, we can promise you that!

Before we wrap this up, whether you’re a new fan coming to your first show on March 30th, or you’ve been to our shows before, here’s a little message from Jim Smallman to all the PROGRESS fans:

ONLY JUST OVER TWO WEEKS TO GO! To say that we’re excited would be an understatement…

Thanks as always for your support and awesomeness!


Jim, Jon and Glen


So we went down to the venue for our biggest EVER show on Sunday March 30th – CHAPTER TWELVE: WE’RE GONNA NEED A BIGGER ROOM – the other day.  And we reckon we can squeeze just a few more people in.  So… there are now just a handful of extra tickets available.  Standing room only for just £12, no booking fee. WE LITERALLY HAVE SINGLE FIGURES LEFT!

Click here to buy one of the very last tickets that we have left right now. SERIOUSLY, HURRY UP!

To recap the card:


Jimmy Havoc (c) vs Marty Scurll vs Noam Dar vs Rampage Brown


Project Ego (Martin Kirby and Kris Travis) vs Team Screw Indy Wrestling (Mark Haskins and Nathan Cruz) vs FSU (Mark Andrews and Eddie Dennis)

Doug Williams vs Dave Mastiff

El Ligero vs Tommy End


The London Riots (James Davis and Rob Lynch) vs The Bhangra Knights (RJ Singh and Darrell Allen)


Zack Gibson vs Will Ospreay

… Plus one more match to be announced.  Over 600 tickets sold. THIS IS GOING TO BE INSANE.

Jim, Jon and Glen




Tonight we announced the main event for CHAPTER TWELVE: WE’RE GONNA NEED A BIGGER ROOM on SUNDAY MARCH 30th at the Electric Ballroom in Camden. And it’s a cracker. Before we get to that, you’ve got a ticket, haven’t you? Because if you haven’t then you need to join our waiting list right here. Note this is different to our usual mailing list!

So then… here’s PROGRESS co-owner Jim Smallman making a little announcement…

So then… at our BIGGEST EVER SHOW our title will be defended by so-called champion JIMMY HAVOC in a FOUR CORNERS MATCH as he faces off against MARTY SCURLL, NOAM DAR and RAMPAGE BROWN! Whoever gets the first pinfall or submission – and it can be on ANYONE – wins the title.  This will be FUCKING AWESOME.

This joins what is already a stacked card – the final of our TAG TEAM TITLE tournament in a three way match as TEAM SCREW INDY WRESTLING, PROJECT EGO and FSU all clash.  Then there’s singles action with EL LIGERO facing off against TOMMY END and DOUG WILLIAMS taking on DAVE MASTIFF.  A near two year long feud is settled as THE BHANGRA KNIGHTS and THE LONDON RIOTS meet in a street fight, and we have our second 2014 NATURAL PROGRESSION SERIES first round match with two men returning to PROGRESS singles action: WILL OSPREAY will go up against ZACK GIBSON.

Plus we might have one more match to announce…

Match graphics below. Don’t forget you can pre-order the CHAPTER TEN download and DVD until the end of February, and our PROGRESS and STRONG STYLE t-shirts will be back in stock soon. Go order stuff that takes your fancy from the merch page!

Over 600 people! Less than five weeks! IT IS GOING TO BE UTTERLY INSANE. We can’t wait.

Thanks for all of your support,


Jim, Jon and Glen








There’s still seven weeks to go until CHAPTER TWELVE: WE’RE GONNA NEED A BIGGER ROOM takes place on SUNDAY MARCH 30th at the world-famous Electric Ballroom in Camden. And guess what?  It’s SOLD OUT. Over 600 tickets have been snapped up by the BEST wrestling fans in the world. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for making us all VERY happy wrestling promoters today. This show is going to be AMAZING.  We’ve set up a waiting list for any returns, so sign up for that right now if you want a chance to come and see our biggest show yet.

Match news in a second. In the meantime, watch this video. No further words needed to describe it. Much of it still baffles us.

Now to happier things.

Since our last site update, we’ve announced two more matches: Last week we announced a titanic clash between two of the UK’s absolute best: DOUG WILLIAMS taking on “THE BASTARD” DAVE MASTIFF in what will surely be a classic.

And today we announced the second 2014 NATURAL PROGRESSION SERIES first round matchup, with two returning stars squaring off. Reigning NPS Winner MARK ANDREWS got to reinstate one of the 2013 losing competitors as part of his prize; he chose to let a man that ran him close twice return to the PROGRESS fold: WILL OSPREAY. And the high flying Essex boy will take on a man who we haven’t seen since our first ever show: ZACK GIBSON. The 2014 NPS has already got off to a great start, and this will be another cracker!

These matches join the others that we’ve already announced: TOMMY END vs EL LIGERO; the street fight over a year in the making between THE LONDON RIOTS and THE BHANGRA KNIGHTS and the long-awaited crowning of our first ever TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS in a three way match with TEAM SCREW INDY WRESTLING (MARK HASKINS and NATHAN CRUZ) vs F.S.U (MARK ANDREWS and EDDIE DENNIS) vs PROJECT EGO (MARTIN KIRBY and KRIS TRAVIS)!

Plus we’ve still got another couple of matches to finalise, and don’t think we haven’t noticed that our champion doesn’t have a match announced yet.  We’re plotting…

Before we give you the full run of sexy match graphics, our friends at Eros Comedy are bringing DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE over for a tour at the beginning of March. Go find out some info about that here, and get yourself a ticket.

Anyway, thanks again for SELLING OUT our second anniversary show. We are all SO excited.

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