We’ve now announced three matches in total for CHAPTER TWELVE: WE’RE GONNA NEED A BIGGER ROOM at the ELECTRIC BALLROOM in CAMDEN on SUNDAY MARCH 30th.  Before we tell you all about them though, you should also probably know that there are LESS THAN 15 TICKETS REMAINING.  Seriously.  That’s it.  If you want one and for some reason don’t have one yet, then visit the ticketing page, buy yours and sit watching the calender until the big day comes. GO NOW!

To the matches:

There’s the TAG TEAM TITLE TOURNAMENT FINAL, a three-way match featuring three teams vying to be our first ever tag team champions: PROJECT EGO (Martin Kirby and Kris Travis) vs TEAM SCREW INDY WRESTLING (Mark Haskins and Nathan Cruz) vs F.S.U (Mark Andrews and Eddie Dennis).

We have a STREET FIGHT that should settle a score that has been running for most of PROGRESS history, as THE LONDON RIOTS (James Davis and Rob Lynch) take on THE BHANGRA KNIGHTS (RJ Singh and “Dazzling” Darrell Allen).

And just announced this week – there’s a FIRST TIME EVER encounter in singles action, as former PROGRESS Champion EL LIGERO squares off against “THE ANTI HERO” TOMMY END!


Sexy match graphics below, once we’ve dealt with some other important news:

If you head on over to the DVD and Merchandise page, you can now pre-order the CHAPTER ELEVEN DVD and DOWNLOAD (for just a tenner each, special pre-order price) as well as checking out our Black PROGRESS and White STRONG STYLE T-Shirts, which are now back in stock.  There’s also chance to buy the PROGRESS exclusive ZACK SABRE JR “ARM BAR” shirt too. HEAD THERE NOW!

Also, on the ENDVR page there’s news of the date for ENDVR:4 and a chance to pre-order the ENDVR:3 download for just £3! So maybe have a look at that.

So then. Shall we get that CHAPTER TWELVE show sold out then, or what?

Thanks, as always, for all of your support. Best fans in the world.

Jim, Jon and Glen








CHAPTER ELEVEN: TO FIGHT WAR, YOU MUST BECOME WAR was just as crazy as every Chapter that has been before it, with six stunning matches showcasing the very best of British talent in front of a SOLD OUT (in 24 minutes, no less). All the show results are up, and we’ll come to the main headlines in a second.

Before that – we only have LESS THAN 25 TICKETS LEFT FOR CHAPTER TWELVE ON MARCH 30th.  Seriously.  Our BIGGEST ever show, our second anniversary, the show where we will crown our first tag team champions AND do all this in front of our BIGGEST ever crowd, over 600 people in Camden’s historic ELECTRIC BALLROOM.  Only standing tickets remain.  GET YOURS NOW.  THEY WILL NOT BE AROUND MUCH LONGER. Go!

JIMMY HAVOC will, sadly, still be our champion at CHAPTER TWELVE after beating ZACK SABRE JR (and getting physical with guest referee MARTY SCURLL), but we will make sure he defends it against the VERY best.  We will update you on his opponent on our next Match News Monday on Twitter.

We now know the three teams that will complete in the THREE WAY TAG TEAM TITLE TOURNAMENT FINAL at CHAPTER TWELVE. PROJECT EGO (Kris Travis and Martin Kirby) had already qualified, and they are now joined by TEAM SCREW INDY WRESTLING (Mark Haskins and Nathan Cruz) and F.S.U (Mark Andrews and Eddie Dennis).  One of these teams will become our first ever tag team champions!

Then of course there will also be another 2014 NATURAL PROGRESSION SERIES quarter final match, and the already announced STREET FIGHT between THE BHANGRA KNIGHTS and THE LONDON RIOTS and more. GET YOUR TICKETS!


This coming Sunday at THE BEDFORD in BALHAM is our THIRD ENDVR SHOW – a mixture of professionals and trainees from our PROJO wrestling school.  And at CHAPTER ELEVEN, Eddie Dennis issued a challenge for that very show:

So at ENDVR, EDDIE DENNIS will take on one of JIMMY HAVOC, JAMES DAVIS or ROB LYNCH. Who will answer the challenge?  Plus there are six other matches featuring THE SWORDS OF ESSEX, “DAZZLING” DARRELL ALLEN, RJ SINGH and some of the very best up and coming talent around.  There is more info and the full card right here, and you can get a ticket for just £8 by clicking here. No booking fees either! Come support new talent!

One last thing – there’s not too many hoodies and t-shirts left over at the merch page.  Head over there now, have a browse and maybe grab yourself one before they’re gone.

It is far too long until March 30th. We cannot wait. Let’s sell this fucker out, eh?

Thank you all, as always, for your amazing support.  You guys are the best.

Jim, Jon and Glen





Today is Match News Monday, so whilst it’s been announced on Twitter and Facebook already we may as well tell you here about the fifth announced match for CHAPTER ELEVEN: TO FIGHT WAR, YOU MUST BECOME WAR on Sunday January 26th at the Garage in Islington.  And cripes, it’s another bloody cracker. Before we get to it, remember this show has SOLD OUT COMPLETELY – but we do have a waiting list for any returned tickets.

Scottish star NOAM DAR had already been announced as being on the show but without an opponent… well, he has one now.  Over the past week EL LIGERO expressed an interest in returning to PROGRESS… so we thought that as these two guys have gone to war twice before and had two of the best matches in the history of our company… we may as well have it ONE MORE TIME.

LIGERO vs DAR III joins the other announced matches: PROGRESS Champion JIMMY HAVOC defends against ZACK SABRE JR in a match where Havoc will forfeit the title if THE LONDON RIOTS even enter the building; Former champion RAMPAGE BROWN against the undefeated “ANTIHERO” TOMMY END; One of two TAG TEAM TITLE TOURNAMENT semi-finals as FSU (“WHITE LIGHTNING” MARK ANDREWS and “THE PRIDE OF WALES” EDDIE DENNIS) take on THE SWORDS OF ESSEX (PAUL ROBINSON and WILL OSPREAY); and finally our first 2014 NATURAL PROGRESSION SERIES MATCH as two debutants clash: “FLASH” MORGAN WEBSTER versus JOSH BODOM.

Plus a second tag title tournament match is to be announced, with the two winning teams from CHAPTER ELEVEN going on to our biggest EVER show on MARCH 30th, CHAPTER TWELVE – to face off with PROJECT EGO in the three way match to crown our first ever tag champs.

Speaking of CHAPTER TWELVE – all seats have now SOLD OUT.  We only have STANDING TICKETS REMAINING now, so get in quick.  Still over two months to go before we début at the Electric Ballroom, and IT WILL BE FULL.  Head over to the tickets page to get yours now!

Finally, PROGRESS came third in the WrestleTalk TV poll to name promotion of the year.  Not just independent or British promotion, ALL PROMOTIONS – and as we came behind the giants that are WWE and TNA, that makes us the BEST INDEPENDENT PROMOTION and the BEST BRITISH PROMOTION in their viewers eyes.  If you voted for us, thank you!  We’re not yet two years old, but people are really starting to pay us some serious attention.

Now enjoy some sexy match graphics.

Thank you for all of your support,


Jim, Jon and Glen



Havoc Sabre Jr

Ligero Dar

Rampage End

Swords FSU

Webster Bodom


Let’s start off with a graphic that represents the main event of CHAPTER ELEVEN: TO FIGHT WAR, YOU MUST BECOME WAR, shall we?

995245_644866832242722_507035112_nAlready announced – as you can see above – for CHAPTER ELEVEN is the PROGRESS CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH between the lying, cheating, scheming turncoat that is JIMMY HAVOC, making his first defence of the title he stole against his former friend and one half of the GHC Jr Heavyweight Tag Team Champions in Japan, the one and only ZACK SABRE JR. Normally we would remain unbiased, but we look forward to Zack kicking Havoc’s face off.

We have now announced two further matches for the HUGE show on January 26th – which, by the way, you can join a waiting list for any returned tickets by clicking here – so, ready to get excited?

Former champion RAMPAGE BROWN is angry and wants some vengeance. “THE ANTIHERO” TOMMY END is undefeated, impressive and on a roll.  So we reckon these two guys should collide, and that’s what they’ll do.  RAMPAGE vs END has been signed and will rock.

Also, the first match of the 2014 NATURAL PROGRESSION SERIES has been announced, with two debutants to PROGRESS.  “FLASH” MORGAN WEBSTER will take on JOSH BODOM, with the eventual series winner receiving a title shot in the future at their choosing.  There’s a long way to go to the final, but this is a great match to start things off.

Then of course there’s the return of NOAM DAR and two TAG TEAM TITLE TOURNAMENT matches to be added, with the winners of those matches through to the three way final to crown our first tag champs at CHAPTER TWELVE.


You’ve got till CHRISTMAS to buy your tickets to our biggest EVER show at the ELECTRIC BALLROOM on Sunday March 30th if you want to receive our free 6 match “Selection Box” download as a thank you from us.  So get cracking!  Head on over to the ticket page now for the links, floor plan and more.

There are currently LESS THAN 60 TICKETS REMAINING FOR THIS SHOW.  Seriously.  It’s over three months away. The place holds about 620.  We want it to be full to the rafters, and we’re now pretty confident that we can say IT WILL SELL OUT.  Honestly, we cannot stress this enough: BUY YOUR TICKETS FOR CHAPTER TWELVE NOW BEFORE THEY’RE GONE.

There’s also some cool stuff up on the Merch Page – so head there and have a look.  There’s CHAPTER TEN DVDs and Downloads (you can even download individual matches for a couple of quid), all new T-shirts and we’ve got our knitted beanie hats back in stock.  So, you know, go and splurge some of your turkey budget on cool shit.

Finally – Fighting Spirit Magazine (FSM) has PROGRESS up for nomination in a few of their end of year awards.  Now we’re all for a democratic society and everything, but if you really want to make our year then go vote for us wherever you see the PROGRESS name.  We’d be grateful, because it’s been one hell of a year. Click here to go and vote and all that jazz.

Merry Christmas everybody!  Thanks, as ever, for your support.


Jim, Jon and Glen




So then. We put the tickets on sale for our HUGE second anniversary show, CHAPTER TWELVE on March 30th 2014, this past Monday to our mailing list subscribers.  Words cannot truly sum up how grateful we are: Within two hours of them going on sale, we had sold out over two thirds of the famous Electric Ballroom in Camden – over 420 tickets sold in just a couple of hours.  This is a phenomenal response, and we really cannot thank everyone enough.  So we’re giving anyone who purchased a ticket a little present, more on that in a moment.

The front row sold out in 27 SECONDS.  Gold tickets went in TWO MINUTES.  This level of support in what we do from our loyal fans is just amazing.  Now the only thing left to do is to TOTALLY sell this bad boy out.  Today, tickets are on GENERAL SALE – all we have left is a handful of general seating (less than 20 remain) and our standing tickets, which count for both ground floor or balcony standing (although balcony space is limited so is strictly on a first come, first served basis).

If you’re new to PROGRESS, we sell our tickets via PayPal so there’s no booking fees or anything posted to you.  There’s a floor plan and more information over on the tickets page.  But below are the all-important links if you want to get down to what will DEFINITELY be the biggest thing we’ve done yet (and read on below, you also get a little gift from us as well):



Now to our little present to you: If you have purchased a ticket for CHAPTER TWELVE so far, then this is for you. If you purchase a ticket during December, then you get this as well (all the more reason to get clicking above).

To ANYONE who has purchased or will purchase a CHAPTER TWELVE ticket during the entire month of December, you get a free download of our PROGRESS SELECTION BOX: PROGRESS FAVOURITES, VOLUME ONE:

Six of our favourite matches from past shows, in their entirety.  These aren’t matches that we put up on YouTube for free, they’re six of the matches that we really love, tied together with new intros and comment between the matches from PROGRESS co-owner Jim Smallman. The matches that you’ll receive are:

From CHAPTER ONE: Zack Sabre Jr vs Marty Scurll

From CHAPTER THREE: The London Riots vs The Bastard Squad

From CHAPTER FOUR: “White Lighting” Mark Andrews vs Will Ospreay

From CHAPTER FIVE: RJ Singh vs “Dazzling” Darrell Allen

From CHAPTER SIX: Jimmy Havoc vs “The Showstealer” Nathan Cruz

From CHAPTER SEVEN: El Ligero vs Noam Dar

So all the more reason to get tickets if you haven’t! Spread the word! Let’s get this HUGE show sold out!

We’ll get the download ready over the next week or so, and all ticket purchasers will receive a link to download it once it is ready as a huge thank you from us for all of your support.

So – if you’ve already got a ticket, tell everyone you know what we’re doing, send them in this direction and lets fill every single last inch of the Electric Ballroom on March 30th.  This is going to be awesome.


Thanks everyone,

Jim, Jon and Glen




Before we get to one of the owners answering a sackful of fan questions about PROGRESS, quick bits of business:

If you don’t have a ticket for CHAPTER ELEVEN: TO FIGHT WAR, YOU MUST BECOME WAR – and there’s a chance you don’t, because it sold out in 24 minutes – then we’ve set up our usual waiting list for any returned tickets. Click the link to join – and please note that this is NOT our regular mailing list, this is specific to JUST CHAPTER ELEVEN returns.

We’re now taking pre-orders on both the DVD and download versions of CHAPTER TEN: GLORY FOLLOWS VIRTUE AS IF IT WERE ITS SHADOW at a reduced price (£10 plus postage for the DVD, £8 for the download); Plus we are also taking pre-orders for our new t-shirts (as modeled by the management at CHAPTER TEN).  Head over to the merch page to read more and place your orders at a nicely discounted earlybird price!

ONE LAST THING – don’t forget that our HUGE second anniversary show will take place on SUNDAY MARCH 30th at the ELECTRIC BALLROOM in Camden.  Go to the ticket page to see the layout of the ballroom so you can decide what tickets to get! With this being a bigger venue we are putting the tickets on sale early – MONDAY DECEMBER 2nd at 10pm to mailing list subscribers.  You want to guarantee yourself the best seats then get on the list right now.

OK then. PROGRESS co-owner Jim Smallman decided to do another Q and A session via Twitter and Facebook this week… so here are your questions and his answers below.

Q: Will the Electric Ballroom become the new venue for PROGRESS or is it just a one off change for CHAPTER TWELVE?

A: At the minute, we’ve got the Garage booked for all of the dates we need it for during 2014 and beyond.  That said, nothing is exactly set in stone.  We hope that we’ll sell out The Ballroom, and I suppose if we do it depends on how quick we manage to do it, before we make a call on where all of our shows are in the future.  We love the Garage and are very happy there, but we are aware that now our shows sell out so quickly that some of our brilliant fans are missing out.  Hence we’re trying out the bigger venue for CHAPTER TWELVE.  Like I say, if it sells out in a stupidly quick time then we’ll have to sit down and talk about the future, but at the minute The Garage is our home.

Q: What is the difference in size between The Garage and The Ballroom?

A: The Garage holds around 350 people.  The Ballroom holds around 610 people.  The key difference with the Ballroom is that we can of course get more seats in, but also that there is a balcony where people can stand – making it feel a little like the Hammerstein Ballroom.  I went to see it with Jon a while back and it’s a brilliant venue (as is the Garage).

Q: Are Project Ego in the tag team title tournament final now, or will there be a semi final draw?

A: Ah yes. If you’re not aware, one of our tag team tournament quarter final matches ended in a double count-out (The London Riots vs The Bhangra Knights).  We had a chat about this earlier on today, and I can now make an announcement:  At CHAPTER TWELVE our tag team title tournament final will be… a THREE WAY MATCH. So, PROJECT EGO are in the final, and the winners of each of the two tournament matches at CHAPTER ELEVEN will join them.

Q: Do you have an eye on any other venues in London for PROGRESS shows?

A: Nope. We love the Garage, and we’re big fans of the Ballroom.  Haven’t looked at anywhere else at all.

Q: Do you think that top quality British wrestling could end up on television at any point in the future?

A: Maybe.  I think it takes the right kind of TV station to be behind it, especially as in our cases the product that we offer is very different to the WWE.  The other problem you have in terms of getting any product on TV is that it’s cheap for broadcasters to buy in WWE or TNA, whereas to use a British promotion they would have to invest a lot of money in production and other boring things.  Don’t get me wrong, it would be cool for us to be on TV and make stars out of all the great British talent that we use, but in the current economic climate it won’t happen for a while.  If we keep doing well though, maybe one day someone will take notice and put us on the box!  Also, TV isn’t always the best thing to happen to a promotion.  I much preferred Ring of Honor before they got their TV deal, and not being on TV I think makes us work harder as promoters to ensure the live crowd have the best time possible at the shows.

Q: When will you be running a “brand split” angle where you, Glen and Jon each take a part of the roster?

A: Never.  We’re not characters.  I feel weird enough when people cheer me!  I’m just a ring announcer and promoter who likes swearing.  I am very happy that this question was clearly asked with a facetious tone…

Q: When will the fans ever let Chris Roberts forget the high-pitched “FOUR!” thing, or forget Mark Parry’s counting mishaps?

A: Probably never.  Let’s be honest, both of these things are really funny.  However, both of these guys are excellent referees and it’s great that the fans always give them a nice reception at the start of the shows.  Before the friendly mocking commences!

Q: If 1080p downloads will soon be offered, will you make the shows available on Blu-Ray in the future?

A: If there’s enough interest, possibly.  You have to remember that we only make limited numbers of the DVDs available, so we would have to know there was enough interest in making some Blu-Ray copies for cost reasons.  So if it’s something you’d like to see in the future, let us know via Twitter or Facebook.

Q: How long till you sell out Wembley Arena?

A: Ooh, quite a while yet.  Interestingly, haven’t seen WWE and TNA shows there, I don’t know if the atmosphere that we generate in our shows and the overall “feel” of them would be lost in such a vast, clinical place.  If I had to choose a massive venue in London to aim for I’d maybe say The Alexandra Palace.  Huge, has loads of history and is very “London”.

Q: What one international free agent would you like to see appear for PROGRESS?

A: Well, as you know our priority will always be using British talent.  Up until CHAPTER TEN my number one pick would have been Adam Cole, but we were lucky enough to get him onto that show as a surprise for you awesome fans!  Of the talent out there in the world right now… hard to choose just one, so I’ll name four: Kevin Steen, Michael Elgin, Kota Ibushi, Okada.  But I’d always prefer us to fill our cards with British and European guys.

Q: Where would you like to see PROGRESS in five years?

A: It would be amazing if we’re still selling shows out on a regular basis, maybe doing more shows per year.  My key thing is that I want the fans to still be as committed and crazy in five years time.  That’ll mean we’re doing things right.  I like to think we can do that, but we can’t ever let our guard down!

Q: Without naming them, has there ever been a wrestler appear on a PROGRESS show that has been a nightmare to work with?

A: Nope.  We treat all of the wrestlers with the respect they deserve and they’ve repaid us by working their socks off at every show.  Backstage is a fun place to be, and everybody wants our shows to be a success every single time.  We are very lucky to work in such a non-diva environment.

Q: Did Adam Cole enjoy wrestling in front of the PROGRESS crowd?

A: Indeed he did.  He had heard about us through Ricochet, Colt Cabana and DVD reviews – and yet said the fans were even cooler than he expected them to be.  He told me personally that he had a great time out there, and if there’s ever a chance for him to come back that he’d jump at it.  He’s just an awesome guy.

Q: Are there going to be any women’s matches on the PROGRESS shows in the future?

A: Never say never, but there’s nothing planned at the moment. We do have female trainees at the ProJo, so there is always a much bigger chance of women’s matches on our ENDVR shows.

Q: Will you ever put on a PROGRESS show outside of London?

A: Again, never say never.  But nothing planned at the moment.  We’re proud of being based in London, and it’s brilliant that people are willing to travel so far to our shows.  Also, every other major city already has a wrestling promotion of some sorts and it’s not our job to tread on the toes of others.

Q: What number DVD do you get?

A: I always have number 13 of every show.  It’s my lucky number – if you notice on the first few shows I’m wearing a number 13 ring (which I have since lost, annoyingly).

Q: Do you call it a hurricanrana or a frankensteiner?

A: The former, BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT IT’S CALLED! You’ll note that I never use the term “RKO” on commentary either, because it’s a bloody ace crusher.

Q: How far in advance have you planned out what’s happening in PROGRESS?

A: We usually have a vague idea of where things are headed, but then people get hurt and plans change.  So we have an idea of the matches that we want to see, but we’re flexible.  And then we have things like Haskins vs Cole which were of course decided on the day.  Rest assured though, for the three of us PROGRESS is often ALL we think about.

Q: Who comes up with the names for the shows?

A: We’re all involved. As a rule, the bigger and more wordy the title is, the more likely it is that Jon came up with it. If it’s a film reference, Glen.  I’m normally the casting vote.

Q: Who came up with the company name and who designed the eagle logo / nazi staff?

A: Firstly, it’s not a Nazi staff. It’s regal. If I remember correctly, me and Jon came up with a ton of names and then none sounded right, and I said “PROGRESS” and we both went “yes”.  Jon doodled the eagle on a piece of paper when we were eating lunch one time, and he designed the staff with a prop designer.  If I drew the eagle it would look like a chicken with issues.

Q: Will we see Joey Lakeside or Eddie Dennis in the Natural Progression Series in 2014?

A: No. Asides from Will Ospreay (who Mark Andrews nominated to be allowed back into the tournament), all of the competitors in the NPS 2014 will have not taken part in it before.  And we think we’ve found some good guys to compete for the trophy…

Q: Do you ever get approached by wrestlers asking to be a part of PROGRESS?

A: Oh yes, all the time.  It has certainly started happening more recently, the more established we’ve become as a company.  That is how some of the talent on our shows has ended up working for us.  It’s something Jon deals with though, he’s the guy on the end of the emails, tweets and facebook (usually).

Q: How does putting PROGRESS shows on rank alongside performing stand-up?

A: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, PROGRESS is one of the very best things I have ever done with my life.  It’s only topped by my love for my fiancee and my daughter.  I love comedy but that is my job; a great PROGRESS show feels as awesome to me as performing in front of a thousand people in a theatre and getting a standing ovation.  It’s just an amazing buzz, primarily because I’m such a massive fan.  I’m pretty sure the other guys feel the same.

Q: What’s the best thing you’ve thought up of doing to Jimmy Havoc?

A: If I answered that then I’m sure I’d break a lot of censorship and decency laws. He’ll get his at CHAPTER ELEVEN, and I can’t wait.

Thanks for all your questions guys, if there were any I missed then let me know and I’ll answer them next time around.

As always, thanks for your support. Let’s see if we can sell out that big show in March, eh?


Jim, Jon and Glen





CHAPTER ELEVEN: TO FIGHT WAR, YOU MUST BECOME WAR has SOLD OUT in a new record 24 MINUTES. Thank you all so, SO much for your support.  If you got a ticket, you can look forward to JIMMY HAVOC defending his ill-gotten PROGRESS title against number one contender ZACK SABRE JR, two tag team tournament matches and the welcome return of one Mr NOAM DAR!

There will be a waiting list soon for any returns, as always.

But in the meantime, we promised you some BIG NEWS once this show sold out.  So here it is.

CHAPTER TWELVE is our SECOND ANNIVERSARY SHOW.  It takes place on SUNDAY MARCH 30th.  And we’ve listened to what you’ve said, and observed how quick our shows sell out… so it is entitled…


So… we’ve got one. CHAPTER TWELVE will take place at the historic ELECTRIC BALLROOM in CAMDEN, a venue double the size of the Garage and one befitting of a massive anniversary show.  You think we can sell this one out?  We reckon we can with your help…

Tickets will go onsale to MAILING LIST SUBSCRIBERS FIRST on MONDAY DECEMBER 2nd at 10pm.  We cannot wait to fill that place with you crazy bastards.

Thank you so much for your support.  Hope you guys like the big news!


Jim, Jon and Glen




More on CHAPTER ELEVEN shortly – but tickets are on sale at 10pm TONIGHT to MAILING LIST SUBSCRIBERS ONLY. The last show sold out in 31 minutes. SUBSCRIBE HERE NOW OR MISS OUT!


CHAPTER TEN was an emotional rollercoaster of a show: The beginning of the tag team title tournament, the return to the company of co-owner Jim Smallman, an unannounced appearance from one of the best wrestlers in the world in ADAM COLE, and of course the FINAL of the 2014 NATURAL PROGRESSION SERIES, won by “WHITE LIGHTNING” MARK ANDREWS.

What was arguably our best show to date was rather sullied by actions at the end of the show, however – and warning, spoilers below.

Mark Andrews chose to cash in his title shot – won as a result of winning the NPS tournament – immediately, facing champion RAMPAGE BROWN.  Andrews pulled off an upset victory to become our NEW CHAMPION… but then one person, armed with a contract, threats of legal action, a steel chair and a bottle of lighter fluid brought everything crashing down.

JIMMY HAVOC forced our hand, and as his friends THE LONDON RIOTS ensured he would get his way, he forced Jim Smallman into making the three count and crowning him the champion. This was a result of his long-standing open contract that he received several months ago, and also from him threatening to severely injure Andrews and set fire to both him and the building if he did not get his match. We had to allow him his match, but we have a plan to deal with this.

CHAPTER ELEVEN takes place on SUNDAY JANUARY 26th 2014. As Havoc is now PROGRESS champion, he has to start playing by our rules again.

JIMMY HAVOC will defend his PROGRESS TITLE against number one contender ZACK SABRE JR – and whilst we would normally remain impartial, we hope Zack kicks his face off just like he did last time they met.  Furthermore, should THE LONDON RIOTS even enter the building before, after or during the show… then Havoc will forfeit the title.

We haven’t forgotten MARK ANDREWS, we assure him that he’ll get a chance at revenge at some point as well – but whilst talks haven’t been finalised as yet, we believe that he will be part of one of TWO TAG TEAM TITLE TOURNAMENT MATCHES on the show.

We’re also aware that we need to address to tournament structure with the CHAPTER TEN match between THE BHANGRA KNIGHTS and THE LONDON RIOTS going to a double countout – and we will, don’t worry.

We’ll get through this, because PROGRESS is more than just a wrestling promotion. We’re a family.

Remember: CHAPTER ELEVEN tickets go on sale TONIGHT at 10pm to MAILING LIST SUBSCRIBERS ONLY. The show WILL SELL OUT. Make sure that you’re on the mailing list.

And once the show does sell out… we will make an announcement regarding our second anniversary show, CHAPTER TWELVE, in March. And it’s a BIG announcement…


One last reminder about our PROGSTARTER campaign, where you can pledge money to become an actual, physical part of our company with your name on our new canvas.  There are various levels of contribution that you can make, and dozens of fans have already signed up.  We’re seriously grateful, and if you want to get involved you can find all the information here.


So then, tickets on sale tonight. We’re sure that you guys will make it our ELEVENTH SELLOUT IN A ROW.

You are the best fans in the world, thank you once again for all of your support.


Jim, Jon and Glen




IMPORTANT NEWS: You know that CHAPTER TEN on November 24th SOLD OUT in the record-breaking time of just 31 MINUTES. We do have a waiting list for any returned tickets though, click here to join that right now. It’s the ONLY way you’ve got a chance of getting into that show if you don’t have a ticket already!

In a minute, we’ll tell you the five matches that have already been announced for CHAPTER TEN, plus give you news of Download and Merch offers, ENDVR: TWO and how you can be part of PROGRESS in a quite physical way.  Before all that though, watch this because we don’t know what to think about it:

That issue aside, announced for CHAPTER TEN are the following matches:  “WHITE LIGHTNING” MARK ANDREWS and “MR WRESTLIIIIING” PAUL ROBINSON meet in the NATURAL PROGRESSION SERIES 2013 FINAL – with the winner getting a PROGRESS title shot at a time of their choosing.  Speaking of the champ, RAMPAGE BROWN will defend the staff against the man who has beaten two out of three members of Team Screw Indy Wrestling so far, STIXX.

In our first TAG TEAM TITLE TOURNAMENT match, MARTIN KIRBY and KRIS TRAVIS of PROJECT EGO go up against the unpredictable pairing of GRADO and MAD MAN MANSON!  After their shenanigans at CHAPTER NINE, the British Legend DOUG WILLIAMS will take on “THE SHOWSTEALER” NATHAN CRUZ; and after his impressive debut at CHAPTER NINE, “THE ANTIHERO” TOMMY END will look for his second PROGRESS win against someone we have been looking to debut in the company for quite some time, the one and only MIKEY WHIPLASH.

Sexy looking match graphics a bit further down…

In the meantime, EVERY SINGLE COPY of CHAPTER NINE: HOLD ME, THRILL ME, KICK ME, KILL ME on DVD has SOLD OUT, but you can still PRE-ORDER the download of the show for just £8 for the rest of this week. Do that by clicking right here.

Speaking of downloads, you can download ALL of our first EIGHT shows during November for just £5. A FIVER! Even better, you buy the full size version of the show for that price and get the mobile and tablet optimised versions for FREE. Brilliant.  We’ve also got a clearance sale on all of our merchandise from the first eight shows.  Check out the merch page for all the download, DVD and t-shirt deals that you will ever need!

If you can’t wait till the 24th for some live wrestling in London, why not come down to the second ENDVR show on Sunday 17th? Appearing on the show will be the Bhangra Knights, Eddie Dennis, Leah Von Dutch and many more. It’s a mixture of professionals and the very best from our ProJo wrestling school.  Even better, all tickets are just £8! Get a ticket by clicking here, and read more about ENDVR by clicking here.

Finally, we’re getting closer to the goal of our PROGSTARTER campaign.  If you want to be part of it, donate some money and have your name immortalised on our ring canvas FOREVER, or you just want to find out some more information, then click right here and you could be an actual, physical part of our company!

Right then, have some match graphics. The pair of us will see you on the 24th if you’re lucky enough to have a ticket!

Thank you all, as always, for your amazing support.


Jon and Glen







It’s taken us a few days to process all the recent events here at PROGRESS towers, thank you for your patience. The first and most important thing we need to state is that CHAPTER TEN: GLORY FOLLOWS VIRTUE AS IF IT WERE ITS SHADOW on SUNDAY NOVEMBER 24th has TOTALLY sold out.  In the space of just 31 MINUTES.  We cannot thank you enough for your support.  We will be opening a waiting list for any returns shortly. TEN SHOWS SOLD OUT IN A ROW!

At CHAPTER TEN the main event will be the NATURAL PROGRESSION SERIES 2013 FINAL – where “WHITE LIGHTNING” MARK ANDREWS will take on “MR WRESTLIIIIING” PAUL ROBINSON.  The winner becomes our first NPS winner, and also receives a title shot in the future.  The tournament so far has provided some great matches, and we want to give the final the hype it deserves by putting it in the main event.

There will also be TWO first round matches in our tournament to crown our first ever PROGRESS TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS.  Make sure you’re following us on Twitter for announcements of the matchups as they come in.

We’ve got NEW HOODIES and a few CHAPTER NINE T-shirts remaining over on the Merch page, so go check that out.

Also, our second ENDVR show hits the Bedford in Balham, South London on SUNDAY NOVEMBER 17th. It’s a mixture of professionals and newcomers from our ProJo wrestling school.  Get tickets for that right here, the first show was a great success.

Finally, following events at CHAPTER NINE, PROGRESS will no longer be professionally associated or employ the performer known as Jimmy Havoc.

Thank you again for all of your support,

Jon and Glen



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