Hey guys – it’s nearly time for our farewell to the Garage: Sunday afternoon we have two shows, ENDVR:5 at 1.30pm and the PROGRESS WORLD CUP at 4pm.  We know that you’ve probably got questions that need answering, and we’ve got some tips for you ahead of the show.  So read on below!

*  Remember: THESE SHOWS ARE AT THE GARAGE!  The address (if you’ve never been there before) is 20-22 Highbury Crescent, London N5 1RD.


OBVIOUS POINT: If you’ve only bought a ticket for ENDVR, that only gets you in to that show. Likewise, if you’ve only bought a ticket for the World Cup show, you can only enter the garage for that show.

*  Either print your ticket receipt OR have your receipt on your phone to gain entry to the shows.  Make sure you have ID just in case you misplace your receipt on the journey!

*  Nearest tube and overground station is Highbury and Islington.  To check if there are any tube / transport issues on the day, remember that you can look at the Transport for London website.

*  Parking is possible if you’re driving, but do be aware of limitations around the venue.  Free parking spaces are not exactly numerous, and fines are quite steep!

*  Doors open at 12.45pm for ENDVR and 3pm for the PROGRESS World Cup. We will stick to these times as closely as possible but please bear with us!  If you only have tickets for the later show, we cannot let you in until ENDVR has finished.

*  The shows finish at 3pm (ENDVR, obviously!) and approximately 7.30pm for the World Cup show.  If you’re booking transport home, do allow for the later show to overrun slightly to save you having to rush.

*  The ENDVR show is GENERAL ADMISSION.  This means that your ticket enables you to sit anywhere; therefore seats for this show are first come, first served.  You will however be issued your main show wristband upon entry to ENDVR.

*  Between ENDVR and the main show we will need a few minutes to reset the venue, so you can stay in the Garage whilst we do this but it would help us out if you could head to the bar area.  Then you can be re-seated in the correct seats (as purchased) for the main show.

*  There is a cloakroom at the Garage for coats, bags and so on.

*  Feel free to bring flags and so on to make it a festive World Cup atmosphere!

*  We don’t think that you can bring food into the venue, but if you’re coming to both shows you can pop out to grab something in between. Or take our advice and just have a massive lunch!

*  FINAL POINT:  If you have ANY questions for us, please ask them before Sunday – ie by the end of Saturday evening.  On the show day we will all be INCREDIBLY busy, especially with two shows on the same afternoon – and we can’t always respond to questions via social media.

Thanks guys, see you on Sunday!

Jim, Jon and Glen



Last week our next show – THE PROGRESS WORLD CUP – at the Garage in Islington on June 29th SOLD OUT completely.  It’s also our final show EVER at the Garage, so if you’re coming along make sure that you help us make it a special send-off to the venue that gave rise to our promotion.

Of course, the bulk of the show is an eight man tournament to decide who will become the NUMBER ONE CONTENDER to the PROGRESS Title, and you can see the tournament bracket below:

WorldCupBracketAlso, PROGRESS Champion JIMMY HAVOC issued a challenge to defend his title… so we’ve found him an opponent.  Just you wait and see.

Our next show back at the Electric Ballroom in Camden is CHAPTER 14: THUNDERBASTARD on Sunday July 27th and we have the smallest handful of tickets left for that.  If you want one, click here now before you miss out!

Already announced for that show: the PROGRESS début of one of the greatest wrestlers of a generation, the one and only SAMOA JOE.  We’ll announce his opponent from the PROGRESS roster at the World Cup show on Sunday.  Also! Whomever leaves the World Cup as PROGRESS Champion will defend against the tournament winner; and tag team champions FSU (Mark Andrews and Eddie Dennis) will defend the tag shield against THE LONDON RIOTS (Rob Lynch and James Davis).  Still much more to be announced, and the show is only just over a month away!  DO NOT MISS OUT!

Finally… before the World Cup show this Sunday we present ENDVR:5.  The ENDVR shows put the very best professionals alongside the trainees of the PROGRESS Wrestling School – The ProJo – and if you’re coming to the main World Cup show, tickets are just £4!

Because of an injury to Mark Andrews, we’ve had to shuffle the card slightly.  So now on tap for you lovely people will be a main event elimination 8 man tag match between REGRESSION (The London Riots, Paul Robinson and “The Omega” Isaac Zercher) and the team of WILL OSPREAY, CHUCK MAMBO, PETE DUNNE and JOEY LAKESIDE.

Other matches: Two NATURAL PROGRESSION SERIES qualification matches – STEVE BURDEN vs PASTOR WILLIAM EAVER and ALI ARMSTRONG vs DARK PANTHER; a grudge match between DAMON MOSER and DARRELL ALLEN and a womens tag match with ROSIE LEIGH and MISCHA EAST vs RHIA O’REILLY and NIKKI STORM.  Come along and enjoy a completely full day of wrestling!

Thanks guys,

Jim, Jon and Glen



So for today’s #matchnewsmonday, here is PROGRESS Co-Owner Glen Joseph doing the live(ish) draw for the PROGRESS WORLD CUP on JUNE 29th at the Garage in Islington. At last count, we have just EIGHT TICKETS LEFT. Head over here now to secure yours… and watch the draw below.

So there you have it – the eight men representing their nations now know who they’ll be facing in the first round of the tournament on June 29th.  Remember, the eventual winner on the day will become NUMBER ONE CONTENDER to the PROGRESS TITLE.  Of course that is currently held by JIMMY HAVOC but he will be defending it against a MYSTERY OPPONENT… he told us to find him someone, and oh boy have we. Seriously. We don’t ever let you down when it comes to surprises, do we?  He should probably start running NOW.

Oh, and here’s a natty little wall chart tournament bracket type graphic for you, so you can start making your own predictions!


Make sure you grab one of the last few World Cup tickets by clicking here – and remember that you can make a day of it with ENDVR:5 at 1.30pm, with tickets half price when purchased at the same time as the main show (which is at 4pm)!

Of course, don’t forget out next show at the Electric Ballroom in Camden – CHAPTER FOURTEEN: THUNDERBASTARD takes place on Sunday July 27th at 4pm and will feature the one and only SAMOA JOE (with his opponent to be named on June 29th – and remember due to contractual obligations he can ONLY appear live on the show so WHY WOULD YOU MISS OUT?), as well as PROGRESS TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS F.S.U (Mark Andrews and Eddie Dennis) defending their titles against THE LONDON RIOTS (James Davis and Rob Lynch).  Can the ridiculously popular FSU end the Riot’s undefeated streak?  Or will we have new tag team champions?  Plus LOTS more to be announced!

Just FIFTEEN tickets remain for Chapter Fourteen – so make sure that you get yours RIGHT NOW by clicking here. Go!

Less than two weeks until the World Cup!  We are SO excited. See you there!

Jim, Jon and Glen



unnamedLots to get through, so let’s rattle on, shall we?

Our next two shows are as follows – and you can get your tickets for them here:

The PROGRESS World Cup on Sunday June 29th at the Garage, Islington: We now only have TEN STANDING TICKETS REMAINING.  That’s it – and remember this is our FINAL EVER SHOW AT THE GARAGE.

Competing to win our one off World Cup tournament and be crowned NUMBER ONE CONTENDER to the PROGRESS TITLE are: Eddie Dennis (Wales), Noam Dar (Israel), Rampage Brown (England), Grado (Scotland), Darrell Allen (Jamaica), Tommy End (the Netherlands), Paul Synott (Canada) and RJ Singh (India).

But that’s not all.  PROGRESS CHAMPION JIMMY HAVOC will defend his title on the show; he issued an open challenge, we made some calls… he might want to start running NOW. You know we won’t let you down with this one… GET YOUR TICKET BEFORE THEY ARE ALL COMPLETELY GONE!

Also before the show – we will present ENDVR:5 – a mixture of PROGRESS ProJo trainees and the very best professionals for dirt cheap!  Tickets are just £4 if you buy them at the same time as World Cup tickets, and the main even pits REGRESSION (The London Riots, Paul Robinson and “The Omega” Isaac Zercher) against Mark Andrews, Pete Dunne, Will Ospreay and Joey Lakeside. Don’t miss out on a full day of wrestling!

CHAPTER FOURTEEN: THUNDERBASTARD on Sunday July 27th at The Electric Ballroom, Camden: We are down to our FINAL TWENTY FIVE STANDING TICKETS.  This show will be HUGE.

Of course, there is the PROGRESS début of one of the best wrestlers on the planet: SAMOA JOE. His opponent will be named on June 29th.  Speaking of which, the winner of the PROGRESS WORLD CUP will compete for the PROGRESS TITLE at Chapter Fourteen… be it against Jimmy Havoc or his mystery opponent.

Also, there will be another NATURAL PROGRESSION SERIES 2014 first round match AND TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS F.S.U (Mark Andrews and Eddie Dennis) will defend their titles against the as-yet undefeated LONDON RIOTS (James Davis and Rob Lynch).  Plus lots, LOTS more to be announced!  MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR TICKET RIGHT NOW!

ALSO! Don’t forget we are at SONISPHERE in July so tell everyone you know to come and see us.  Midnight every night from Friday to Sunday. METAL!


Head on over to the merch page for the full scoop, but here’s a little preview of our newest t-shirt designs: Jack Progress and Jagerprogress. Pre order them now to save money!

10447174_10152518749727265_150844427_nThere is also a limited run of white PROGRESS logo t-shirts available to pre-order too.  To see an image and to pre-order yours, go to the merchandise page now and order through PayPal. Go!

Finally, if you want to train to be a wrestler or know someone who does – no matter what their age – then check out our training school page.  This summer there is a special course for kids, plus two courses with MICHAEL ELGIN that we’ve set up with our good friends at Star Power Training.  Go and have a look now!

Just over two weeks till we bid goodbye to the Garage. MAKE SURE THAT YOU’RE THERE!

Thanks guys,

Jim, Jon and Glen



Before we get started, tickets for our next two shows can be found right here and we really are down to the last handfuls for both. We really do suggest you hurry up and secure yours, further information below.

Our final ever show at the Garage is of course the PROGRESS WORLD CUP on June 29th. We still had a non-tournament match to announce, but the ever-impatient PROGRESS Champion JIMMY HAVOC sent us this video to make his feelings clear:

So Mr Havoc wants a match… we have no problem with that. We’ve made a few phone calls and certainly have this situation well in hand.  Good luck Jimmy, you’ll need it…

So to confirm: at the PROGRESS WORLD CUP on June 29th at the Garage in Islington, JIMMY HAVOC WILL DEFEND THE PROGRESS TITLE. Against who? Well, the only way to find out is to be there… and of course we also have the one-off World Cup tournament to crown a new number one contender as well, with eight of the very best members of our roster fighting it out. As it stands right now we only have TWELVE STANDING TICKETS REMAINING. Don’t miss out.  Get yours by clicking here right now.

Today is a double Match News Monday though, with an announcement for the June 29th ENDVR:5 show too. This show is immediately before the PROGRESS World Cup show, and we only have 40 general admission tickets remaining. They’re half price when purchased with a ticket for the main show! Go here now to get one.

At ENDVR:5 we host two more Natural Progression Series qualifiers to determine the participants in July’s NPS match at Chapter 14.

With Chuck Mambo and Shen Woo already qualified, four more up-and-comers will be squaring off at ENDVR 5 to earn themselves a spot in that match and a real chance at an amazing kick-start to their fledgling wrestling careers.

Armstrong Burden

The first pair set to do battle are the ‘Free Man’ STEVE BURDEN (now liberated from The Warden’s control) and the massively popular ALI ARMSTRONG.

Burden showed fans just how powerful he is back in April when he picked up a dominant first singles victory and has so far not been pinned in any of his ENDVR matches; Whilst Ali is massively popular and a talented wrestler, but still searching for his first win since his debut in September last year.

Who will progress (no pun intended) to CHAPTER FOURTEEN at the Electric Ballroom on July 27th?

Speaking of CHAPTER FOURTEEN: THUNDERBASTARD on July 27th in Camden, the announcement last week of SAMOA JOE being on the show meant that tickets have been flying out.  Despite the show still being well over a month and a half away, we only have 35 standing tickets remaining.  DO NOT MISS OUT.  Seriously.

Because of certain contractual obligations, Samoa Joe’s match against his as yet to be named opponent (we will announce his opponent from our roster at the World Cup show on June 29th) won’t be filmed for DVD or download.  It’ll just be for the lucky 700 fans that have a ticket.  And you know what?  We think that is the perfect reward for the best and most loyal fans in wrestling today, a chance to be one of a select few people who can see our promotion host one of the greatest wrestlers on the planet.  Being a PROGRESS fan is like being part of a family, and we put these shows on because we’re fans ourselves.  This will be one of the biggest moments in our history.  And only those with a ticket can see it.  The fans that buy tickets for every show that they can deserve this.  This is for you.

We told you you needed to get a ticket.  Now there’s only 35 more places left to see this show.  And it’s not just Samoa Joe – we have already announced a PROGRESS TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH between champions FSU (Mark Andrews and Eddie Dennis) and the as yet undefeated LONDON RIOTS (James Davis and Rob Lynch).  Plus more to still be announced!


Thank you all as ever for your support.

Jim, Jon and Glen




Watch the video to hear what is probably our biggest news yet. And obviously, make sure you have a ticket for CHAPTER FOURTEEN: THUNDERBASTARD… as we don’t imagine what we have left will be hanging around for long. EDIT: ALL SEATS NOW GONE! ONLY STANDING TICKETS REMAIN!

So then, that’s our big, BIG news. We are quite ridiculously excited. CHAPTER FOURTEEN is at The Electric Ballroom in Camden on Sunday July 27th.  Doors open at 2pm, show starts at 4pm. HURRY UP!

REMEMBER! Two shows upcoming. GET YOUR TICKETS FOR BOTH RIGHT HERE.  Here’s a reminder…

JUNE 29th: THE PROGRESS WORLD CUP and ENDVR 5 at The Garage, Islington. OUR FINAL SHOW AT THE GARAGE, the venue that made us what we are today.  ENDVR starts at 1.30pm (headlined by an elimination 8 man tag between MARK ANDREWS, PETE DUNNE, WILL OSPREAY and JOEY LAKESIDE versus THE LONDON RIOTS, PAUL ROBINSON and “THE OMEGA” ISAAC ZERCHER), with the World Cup show at 4pm.  8 men battle it out, representing their nations, to win the Progress World Cup AND become number one contender to the PROGRESS title. Plus another non tournament match to be announced. ONLY A HANDFUL OF TICKETS REMAIN.

JULY 27th: CHAPTER FOURTEEN: THUNDERBASTARD at the Electric Ballroom, Camden. OVER 500 TICKETS HAVE ALREADY BEEN SOLD FOR THIS SHOW.  All premium seats have been sold, so only regular seating and standing remain.  Not only do we have our as-now-announced special guest in (we think we’re far enough down the page now for this to not be a spoiler) SAMOA JOE, but we have already announced a PROGRESS TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH between champions FSU (Mark Andrews and Eddie Dennis) and the as yet undefeated LONDON RIOTS (James Davis and Rob Lynch).  And there is still LOADS more to be announced for this show!

Well, we don’t know about you… but we’re rather excited.

Thank you all, as always, for your unbelievable support.

Jim, Jon and Glen




It’s a Monday, so that means it’s Match News Monday. We thought that seeing as most people who are attending the PROGRESS WORLD CUP at the Garage on June 29th have also bought a half price ticket to ENDVR:5, that we should put on a MAIN EVENT to that show that reflects the magnitude of our final Sunday at the Garage and acts as an awesome prelude to the World Cup tournament.

If you don’t know already, ENDVR shows mix the VERY best professionals with the VERY best of our ProJo trainees – all of whom have a very, VERY bright future in the business.  And we wanted to make sure that a couple of them are in our ENDVR main event… alongside a few guys who have some serious issues after CHAPTER THIRTEEN.

So then… in an EIGHT MAN ELIMINATION TAG MATCH we have two teams.  On one side, accompanied by their leader JIMMY HAVOC we have the team of REGRESSION: Tag title number one contenders THE LONDON RIOTS; PAUL ROBINSON, cursed with his new bad attitude; and enforcer and former ProJo student “THE OMEGA” ISAAC ZERCHER.

And on the other side we have “WHITE LIGHTNING” MARK ANDREWS – former PROGRESS champion robbed by Havoc and his cronies again and again; “DYNAMITE” PETE DUNNE who came to his aid at CHAPTER 13 when the Riots interfered in the main event; WILL OSPREAY who was abandoned by Paul Robinson and left at the hands of Regression; and ProJo graduate JOEY LAKESIDE who has been a stand-in member of the Swords of Essex in the past.

We told you it would be a cracking main event… Go to the tickets page and make sure that you don’t miss out!

Tag Match

In terms of tickets, for JUNE 29th and the PROGRESS WORLD CUP + ENDVR:5 shows, we are down to our last handful of tickets now.  It’s our LAST EVER show at the Garage so it WILL be special. Remember, you get discounted entry to ENDVR:5 if you buy tickets for that show (starts at 1.30pm) at the same time that you buy tickets for the World Cup Show.  We still have another match to announce for the later show, too… watch this space. Go here right now to make sure that you don’t miss out.

And then for CHAPTER FOURTEEN: THUNDERBASTARD on July 27th at The Electric Ballroom in Camden we have sold THREE QUARTERS of our tickets.  All premium seats have been sold, so just regular seats and standing tickets remain.  We can’t reveal too much information just yet, but TRUST US: YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS.  Already announced: The TAG TEAM TITLES will be on the line as the champions F.S.U (Mark Andrews and Eddie Dennis) defend against number one contenders THE LONDON RIOTS (Rob Lynch and James Davis). Much more to be announced! Once again, head to the ticket page to make sure that you get your ticket sorted out NOW.

Finally… we uploaded a video of raw footage taken during PRINCE DEVITT’s entrance as The Joker at CHAPTER THIRTEEN.  In just THREE DAYS it has had over 10,000 hits. WOW. And we still get goosebumps watching it…

Hear that atmosphere? It’s like that EVERY MINUTE of EVERY SHOW. So if you’ve never seen us before, make sure you come and see us soon.

Jim, Jon and Glen




We had a small ticketing snafu, but now that’s all sorted. TICKETS FOR CHAPTER FOURTEEN: THUNDERBASTARD on SUNDAY JULY 27th are NOW ON SALE via our usual PayPal means. Links below, get moving!

Of course, you can view the floor plan of The Ballroom by clicking here.






Front row and Gold went in THREE MINUTES. Wow. Get in quick to secure your tickets!

Thanks for your patience with the slight delay,

Jim, Jon and Glen





Chapter Thirteen is in the books. Seven great matches including one for the ages between Prince Devitt and Zack Sabre Jr and a brutal ladder match between Jimmy Havoc and Mark Andrews having a twist in the tale.  If you were there – THANK YOU. Our biggest crowd yet of 700 fans made it an AMAZING experience.

Because of many PROGRESS fans being at the RAW taping last night in London, we have delayed ticket sales for CHAPTER FOURTEEN: THUNDERBASTARD on JULY 27th at The Electric Ballroom until TONIGHT at 10pm.   We’ve got tons of cool stuff planned for this show, but one match already announced:

TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS F.S.U (Mark Andrews and Eddie Dennis) will defend the tag shield against the new number one contenders, the undefeated LONDON RIOTS (James Davis and Rob Lynch). Plus many, MANY other cool things are planned!


(Floor plan of the Electric Ballroom can be found here)

ALSO! We still have a final few tickets left for our farewell show at our first ever venue, THE GARAGE in Islington.  It’s the PROGRESS WORLD CUP on SUNDAY JUNE 29th, a one day tournament to crowd our own world cup winner AND a new number one contender to the PROGRESS title.  Get one of the last few tickets for that show (and ENDVR:5 before it for half price if bought at the same time) by clicking here.

Confirmed for the tournament: RAMPAGE BROWN, RJ SINGH, PAUL RYKER, GRADO, NOAM DAR, TOMMY END, DARRELL ALLEN and EDDIE DENNIS, plus another non-tournament match still to announce. And you can watch the best up and coming talent in the UK before the show by heading along to ENDVR:5 too should you fancy, by buying a cheap ticket to that and making a day of it.

LESS THAN THIRTY TICKETS REMAIN! So please get yours while you can. Go! Go! Go!

FINALLY: As if seeing PRINCE DEVITT as the Joker wasn’t cool enough, fans at the Ballroom on Sunday were treated to the following opening video starring the one and only CHRIS KAMARA in conversation with our very own Glen Joseph.  Watch it, share it, spread the word.

Enjoy the scrum for tickets tonight! Thank you again for your amazing support.

Jim, Jon and Glen




Big day today, kids. SHOW DAY! CHAPTER THIRTEEN IS FINALLY UPON US! We are VERY excited. That’s why we’re still up putting things on the website.

Anyway, thought we’d post some handy hints and answers to questions that we get asked a lot – as please bear in mind on the day of the show we are REALLY busy so it might be difficult for us to answer any questions via social media.  So read on…

Your PayPal Receipt Is Your Ticket. Printed or shown to us on your phone is fine. If for some reason you get to the show and realise that you’ve forgotten it, then ID is should be fine.

The nearest tube station is Camden Town. It is about 50 yards away from the entrance to The Electric Ballroom, and for those not familiar with the tube network it is on the Northern Line (that’s the black coloured line on the tube maps).

There pretty much isn’t any parking near the venue, unless you want to get a parking ticket.  If you are driving, we would advise parking in the residential streets near Tufnell Park station and getting the tube in – it’s just a couple of stops away, and parking around there is unrestricted on most streets on a Sunday.

Doors open at 2pm, the show begins at 4pm. If you’re queuing up outside before 2pm then that’s cool (the queue began at about 1pm last show), we’ll no doubt pop out to say hi – but do be mindful that shops are still trying to operate around you, so be your usual lovely polite selves!

Seats are only reserved within their price bands. So if you have a front row ticket then you have a ticket for ANY seat in the front row.  We do not number seats, so if you want to sit with a group of friends then you need to arrive early.

Some of you have noticed that “March” is printed on some confirmation emails in error. DO NOT WORRY! As long as your confirmation / receipt says “CHAPTER 13″ then you’re good to go.

BRING CASH. Not just so you can buy our merchandise and tickets for the PROGRESS WORLD CUP and ENDVR:5, but also because THE BAR ONLY ACCEPTS CASH. We can accept card payments for merchandise and tickets, however.

There is a cloakroom at the venue, should you want to stow away bags and things.

We will be bringing our Panini World Cup sticker swapsies, so there will be an informal swap shop for football stickers operating before the show and in the interval.

The show is finished by AROUND 7.30pm. It might overrun, but be mindful of your transport plans back home afterwards.

Right then. Travel safe and we’ll see you at 2pm, you crazy bastards.

Jim, Jon and Glen.


Havoc Andrews

Devitt Sabre Jr


Ligero End

Rampage Allen

Dennis Gilbert



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