Will Ospreay and Paul Robinson (Swords of Essex) with Callum Newman

What is next for the Swords of Essex, Will Ospreay, Paul Robinson and dare we say it? Callum Newman

Will Ospreay, Paul Robinson & Callum Newman are the Swords Of Essex.

Emotions were at an all-time high at the Electric Ballroom as the Swords of Essex made a sensational return on day three of Super Strong Style 16 2023.


For the first time in many years, Will Ospreay and Paul Robinson joined forces to compete in a PROGRESS Wrestling ring, as they teamed up with fellow Essex native Callum Newman to face the latter’s close personal friends, CPF, Joe Lando, Danny Black and Maverick Mayhew.


Several questions were left unanswered after what can only be described as one of the best matches of Super Strong Style 16 2023, as the Swords of Essex with Callum Newman and CPF delivering a match for the ages, leaving the crowd at the Electric Ballroom on the very edge of their seats.


The Swords of Essex were victorious on the night, despite CPF giving them a real close run for their money.

But what is next for the Swords of Essex? Are they going to chase down the PROGRESS tag team championships? What has happened to the PROTEUS championship? Is Callum Newman now aligned with Swords of Essex and not with CPF… and what is next for Will Ospreay?


With the World at his feet and with forbidden doors ahead who knows what else could be next for the Aerial Assassin and leader of United Empire, with even the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins at Money in the Bank in London tweeting back and forth with him on Twitter.


Speaking in the ring after Swords of Essex’s win against CPF, Ospreay, who will also challenge Kenny Omega for the IWGP United States Championship at AEW’s Forbidden Door 2 on June 25th, said: “Listen, CPF caught me at a real bad time, I was screwed over and didn’t get the opportunity to reach the final of Super Strong Style 16.


“I was mad, and tempers flared. The situation escalated and it didn’t need to go this far, but to Callum and the rest of the guys, ever since I left PROGRESS, I haven’t seen a thing, but I always hear about how CPF steal the show at PROGRESS.


“There have clearly been problems, but I would hate for Callum to break away from CPF just because of a temper flare. I want CPF to stick together, but if it doesn’t work out for Callum, he is an Essex boy and we have always got his back.”


The six-man tag team match also marked the return to a PROGRESS ring for Will Ospreay’s long-time friend and the other half of Swords of Essex, Paul Robinson.


Speaking after Super Strong Style 16 2023, Paul Robinson shared his feelings on his return to the PROGRESS ring and how he will always have Newman’s back.


He said: “I felt that everyone was determined to see my cry. I am just letting the feeling sink right in, I am lost for words, and I am so thankful to everyone who came to Super Strong Style 16 and all the PROGRESS fans.


“I had my reservations about coming back to PROGRESS with the intensity and high level of the wrestling, but I felt it, and it didn’t take long to feel in the zone and let out some of that aggression.


“I have worked with and wrestled CPF before, and I’d do anything to help them, especially punching them in the face.

“PROGRESS is a special place for me. Will Ospreay is selfless, and he’s been there for me, the guy genuinely saved my life and if it wasn’t for him, I’d have also given up on wrestling.


“In regards to Callum, if he ever needs help, the Swords of Essex will be there for him. The door is open.”


This story is far from over! Will Callum reunite with CPF or are they destined to go their separate ways? What does the future hold for the Swords of Essex and PROGRESS Wrestling? With Robbo tweeting the word PROTEUS will the championship be back around his waist? With so many questions left unanswered our next London show can’t come round quick enough…


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To see Will Ospreay make his return to PROGRESS Wrestling on Day 1 of Super Strong Style 16 you can see it on demand PROGRESS on Saturday 10th June. The rest of Super Strong Style 16 featuring Swords of Essex, Will Ospreay, Paul Robinson, Callum Newman and CPF will be uploaded over the next two weeks.

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What is next for the Swords of Essex, Will Ospreay, Paul Robinson and dare we say it? Callum Newman