Just What The Heck Is A Daft Lad Emporium Anyway?!

Gene Munny DLE Shoes

With PROGRESS Wresting’s next show “Gene Munny’s Daft Lad Emporium” less than a week away, the burning question on everyone’s lips is “Gene, what the heck is a Daft Lad Emporium?!  So we decided to ask him… Gene: What the heck is a “Daft Lad”? I started calling people “Daft Lads” because they willingly accepted […]

Warren Banks hyped for Gene Munny’s Daft Lad Emporium

Warren Banks Chapter 150 PROGRESS Wrestling

After a monumental Chapter 150: When The Man Comes Around, with so many emotional and jaw dropping twists and turns, attention quickly turns to Tuesday 7th March for Gene Munny’s Daft Lad Emporium. For one man, he will need to regain his focus quickly! That man is Warren Banks, and he will go face to […]