What is happening with Pivotshare and how do we watch PROGRESS Wrestling … and much more?

We are aware that a number of our fans have had recent frustrations with the Demand PROGRESS channel provided by Pivotshare, and we have absolutely shared your frustrations.

When Lee and Martyn bought the business, they inherited this platform from the former owners, and whilst this provided an acceptable viewing experience, we had quickly identified that there were deficiencies and for the last few months we have been assessing the options to provide you all with a better platform for you to watch your favourite wrestling shows.

We wanted a better platform for you, and also one where we knew who our fans where, as Pivotshare did not share any of your details with us, so it was impossible to speak to you directly, and also to better understand what you were watching and what we could make better for you.

Today, out of the blue, we received the following from Pivotshare:


Dear Pivotshare Channel Owner,

We at Pivotshare hope this email finds you well. It’s with great sadness that we inform you that we will be closing down the Pivotshare service within the next 30 days. This was a difficult decision for all of us here as it’s been a pleasure working with so many talented, passionate, and creative creators over the past 12 years.

Together we built the first network platform of online video channels of its kind in the industry and for that you should be very proud.

On July 31, 2023 we will unsubscribe all users from all active subscriptions. Channels and all paywalled videos will remain available through the end of August after which channels will be decommissioned and unavailable to the public. We will notify all active subscribers that August will be their final month of access.

Thank you again for all your hard work and support and feel free to direct any inquiries to


This is clearly unexpected news, but in light of the incredibly poor customer support we have all had in recent months, it does not come as a surprise.

It also endorses our thoughts about Pivotshare not being the platform that we want, and confirms that the search for a new home for our content and our shows was the right one.

With all of that in mind, we are delighted to let you know that on Thursday 17th August 2023 we will be launching DEMAND PROGRESS PLUS.

This new platform will ultimately host all of the PROGRESS shows, including special features, such as compilation BEST OF…, our overseas shows, ORIGINALS, and many other features.


We are also in very advanced discussions with other wrestling promotions to host their own content, and we will be announcing further news on this over the next few weeks and months, and we would welcome hearing from any other promotions if you find yourself in a similar position.

We can only apologise for the frustrations you have all had recently, and we hope we have responded to all who have contacted us.

As the above, rather impersonal announcement from Pivotshare says that your subscription will be maintained until 31st August, we are anticipating that there will be no gap in your ability to watch PROGRESS on-line.


We shall keep you as updated as much as we can with the formal launch of DEMAND PROGRESS PLUS, and we hope you share our excitement with this new development in the history of PROGRESS Wrestling.


Frustrated or not with Pivotshare, if you’d like to have a chat about what we are doing, please drop (Martyn Best, our co-owner) a line and we are sure you’d have an interesting call.