Aleah James

Aleah James: “I’ve beaten Nina Samuels before and I know I’m capable of beating her again”

Ahead of her PROGRESS Wrestling debut at Chapter 158: The Long Halloween, we caught up with Aleah James to talk her match against Nina Samuels and her goals in the company…

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Nina Samuels vs Aleah James at PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 158

Welcome to PROGRESS Wrestling. How excited are you to be making your debut in the Electric Ballroom?

Thank you, I’m very excited! PROGRESS Wrestling has always been a promotion that I’ve had my sights on, since I started wrestling, so to be able to complete that loop makes me very happy.

You are facing someone you have plenty of history with in Nina Samuels. You trained at the same school and you beat her on NXT UK. What are you expecting from her at the Long Halloween?

I’m expecting Nina to try and have things her way, as she truly believes anywhere she goes is the ‘Nina Samuels Show’. But, as you said, I’ve beaten her before so I know I’m capable of beating her again.

Were you able to see Nina’s last match at PROGRESS Wrestling? The Clock Strikes Midnight match? She hasn’t been seen in PROGRESS since…

I did see Nina’s last match, and I guess this is a chance for both of us to prove ourselves. She’s got her statement to make but I’ve also got mine. I want to focus on my own story and what this opportunity means to me, therefore I can’t let Nina get in my way.

You competed in the SHE-1 last weekend. How impressed by the female talent in the UK are you?

Extremely impressed. I have a lot of female talent to learn from and it’s amazing to see what these women are capable of.  There’s plenty of women that I’m yet to step in the ring with and I’m excited to do so.

You’ve only been wrestling a short time, but you are yet to win a title in pro wrestling. Have you got eyes on the PROGRESS Women’s Championship?

Well anything is possible if you work hard enough, and I’m not stopping until I’m one of the best. A championship signals ‘the best’. So I guess you could say yes I do have my eyes on the PROGRESS women’s championship.

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Aleah James: “I’ve beaten Nina Samuels before and I know I’m capable of beating her again”