Axel Tischer Interview: “I’m so proud to be the first German PROGRESS ATLAS Champion, not just for me but to make history for my country.”

The energy at PROGRESS Wrestling’s Super Strong Style 16 weekend was electric, not least when Axel Tischer claimed the prestigious ATLAS Title against the formidable YOICHI. In a match that showcased sheer strength and tactical prowess, Tischer emerged victorious, marking a historic moment as he became the first German to hold the ATLAS Championship – as well as becoming a double Champion in PROGRESS as he also holds the Tag Team gold with Big Damo as SAnitY.

In this exclusive interview, Tischer delves into the intense moments following his win, his thoughts on a potential rematch with YOICHI, and the significance of holding the ATLAS Championship. As he prepares for his first title defence and balances his dual responsibilities as both ATLAS and Tag Team Champion, Tischer opens up about his ambitions, the impact of his reign on PROGRESS Wrestling, and what fans can expect from him in the future.

Congratulations on winning the ATLAS Title at Super Strong Style 16 weekend against YOICHI. Can you walk us through your emotions and thoughts immediately after securing the victory?

It was an amazing feeling to win against YOICHI who was a courageous ATLAS Champion. He’s a very strong striker and one of the strongest men I’ve ever been in the ring with. On that day I was the better man, I had the chance to be one step faster and I’m so proud to be the first German PROGRESS ATLAS Champion, not just for me but to make history for my country.

Emotions were pretty high after the adrenaline but after a couple of days I feel very strong and comfortable as your new ATLAS Champion and I’m ready to take on all-comers.

After the match, you shook YOICHI’s hand and seemed to signal a potential rematch. Can you elaborate on that and what you anticipate from a potential second encounter?

I shook his hand not just to show I would be happy for a rematch but as a show as respect for a great fight. I would love to wrestler YOICHI again whether its for the ATLAS Title or just a singles match because he is one of the hardest opponents I have had. I know that NOAH are in the UK soon so maybe that would be a good stage, or I could go to Japan or he could come to Germany. I’m ready for him wherever if and when the occasion arises.

What does it mean to you personally and professionally to hold the ATLAS Championship? How do you see this title representing your career and legacy in PROGRESS Wrestling?

It means a lot that I’m the ATLAS Champion. Not only that its my first singles belt in PROGRESS and in fact my first singles title in the UK but that its a title where so many so great wrestlers before me had the chance to represent European wrestling. I’m a big defender of that style and I’m a proud Champion so I want to represent the history and PROGRESS as much as possible.

I want to enhance the legacy of the ATLAS Championship and make the previous winners and fans of the style proud with the matches in my reign.

You’ve been announced for the upcoming UK NOAH Tour. How excited are you about this opportunity, and what do you hope to achieve during the tour?

I’m super excited. When they got in contact with me I knew it was a massive opportunity. The shows are in the UK and not Japan, and I’m also not under contract – but it starts with an opportunity and I know I’m going to make the most of my mine to make a great first impression with NOAH.

I will get great challenges over the three days and I’m so excited to wrestle the best that NOAH have to offer as I think it really suits my style of pro wrestling.

As you currently hold the tag titles with Big Damo as SAnitY along with the ATLAS Championship, what does it mean to you to be a double champion? How do you balance the responsibilities and challenges of holding multiple titles?

Being both ATLAS and Tag Team Champion at PROGRESS is a huge responsibility for me. It’s a big deal and one of my career highlights – but heavy wears the crown. My travel will be harder and heavier but also my responsibility as a champion. Whatever comes my way I will do it. If I have to wrestle twice on a card I will. I’m a fighting champion and I mean it. I will defend it whenever PROGRESS want me to and I look forward to challenging myself against all the worthy opponents in the promotion.

You and Big Damo have made the PROGRESS Tag Titles world titles by defending them in DEFY. How have you enjoyed this experience, and what impact do you believe it has on the prestige of the titles?

Defending the titles in DEFY and Black Label Pro outside the UK has been awesome. We said we wanted to make our reign global and that’s exactly what we have done but we haven’t even got started. We want to defend these Tag Team Titles more in the UK, head to Germany, Japan, Australia. Wherever it takes us.

DEFY was great and the atmosphere was incredible. In the end, the prestige of the title should be represented by the athletes and Damo and I believe we are bringing major value to the PROGRESS Tag Team division.

Your first defence of the ATLAS Championship is against Mike D. What are you expecting from this match and him as an opponent?

I expect a lot of crazy stuff for our ATLAS Championship match. For me, he’s the total package, he’s strong as hell and very fast. He’s a scary opponent, to be honest. I’ve faced him in Central Europe and remember in one particular match I could barely move the next day because of all the damage I took from him.

It’s a really exciting match, but its for the ATLAS Championship and even though in my opinion he is an incredible opponent, this is my first defence and this time I will make sure I am on top and standing victorious as your reigning, defending ATLAS Champion.

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Axel Tischer Interview: “I’m so proud to be the first German PROGRESS ATLAS Champion, not just for me but to make history for my country.”