Big Damo

Big Damo: “WWE’s Loss Is PROGRESS Wrestling’s Gain”

After announcing SAnitY would be competing for the first time as a trio since 2019 at their VENDETTA Super show this coming November, PROGRESS Wrestling talked with Big Damo to discuss his brotherhood with Eric Young and Axel Tischer, their WWE run, their experience in PROGRESS so far and their upcoming match six-man tag against Dominatus Regnum on the 22nd November.

Big Damo Lifts

First things first, congratulations on your win this past Sunday over Malik and Paul Robinson. Do you get the impression that Paul and Malik are a long term tag team, or do you see problems in their dynamic?

Thanks very much! Listen every tag team has to start somewhere and if Malik can get Robbo’s respects then anything can happen. Either way Robbo is gonna try and batter someone, its up to Malik to be in front of him or beside him!

The crowd showed you tremendous love and support throughout… did you enjoy being back in the Electric Ballroom with Axel?

There’s something special about the Ballroom, no, there’s something special about PROGRESS Wrestling and their fans. Axel and I aren’t exactly OGs but the fans gave us a chance and we’ve tried our best to give them a show every time we get in that ring. I love Axel, I think he’s one of the best wrestlers on earth. I fell in love with tag wrestling due to that madman and Eric Young and honestly there’s nobody else I’d rather go into battle with. I think everyone saw how much I enjoyed teaming with him in the Electric Ballroom!

Big Damo Talks

After the win you were quick to get on the mic and challenge Bullit and Smokin’ Aces to a 6 man tag at VENDETTA. You personally have a lot of history with them as Spike cost you your PROGRESS Championship and Bullit beat you in Sheffield. How much resentment has built up over these past few months towards Dominatus Regnum?

Resentment doesn’t begin to start it. They can wear nicer clothes, they can have fancy music they can give themselves a Latin name and think it’ll mask the fact they are nothing more than a bunch of cowards and garbage. Dominatus are everything I hate about pro wrestling and I will get them out of PROGRESS. Step by step.

This time you will have your SAnitY brothers with you for the first time in four years. How special will it be to step into battle as a trio again at VENDETTA?

I can’t put it into words how I feel. When I got to wrestle, train, travel, and room with these utter incredible people, it helped me grow as a person, as a wrestler. You called them my brothers and that’s exactly it.

When I look back it was the best time of my professional life. Incredible matches, fans got so behind us. There are days I just can’t understand…. You know what I’m wound up now. Let’s put all cards on the table. WWE dropped the fucking ball with SAnitY. Three world class wrestlers who can literally walk into any company and dominate. The three of us have been World Champions since leaving WWE. That doesn’t happen by accident. So fair play to PROGRESS, WWE’s loss is their gain and we are going to put on one hell of a show when we get together.

We cannot wait to show WWE exactly what they are missing…


If you are successful in winning your six man tag at Vendetta surely that puts you and Axel in contention for a shot at Smokin’ Aces’ Tag Team Titles? Axel told us last month you have eyes at taking those straps and defending them around the world…

The Aces injured Axel this past spring. It put a few things into perspective for us. We realised we need to find something in ourselves. We need to remember the old playbooks. Vendetta we even the scores by bringing the World Class Maniac Eric Young to the party. Eric is gonna go wild, he wants to tear it up at Vendetta and we will show the world what SAnitY is all about! What people don’t realise about SAnitY. We don’t know when we are beaten. We don’t stay down. We are dangerous. We will finally be United and when we are United, we Purge!!! First we come to Vendetta, batter Dominatus in 6 man action. Then we come for the Smokin Aces. SAnitY are undefeated in tag competition and we will be crowned Progress World Tag Team Champions!

Tickets for VENDETTA at the Electric Ballroom on Sunday, 26th November where SAnitY will be competing for the first time in four years are available now via the DICE app
You can watch SAnitY’s match from the Long Halloween and all previous matches on DEMAND PROGRESS PLUS.