Info & FAQ: Chapter 70, Camden, 27th May

We've been away from our home for 2 months, but at long last we're back in Camden this Sunday with CHAPTER 70: 27TH MAY 1978.

First, a message from our matchmaker: 

Hello everybody.  Jim here.

So, this Sunday we have Chapter 70: May 27th 1978.  The concept of the whole show is that it is from 1978... whilst the wrestling will be close to the usual stuff we present, obviously a few things about the show will be different.  So...

1:  Some of your favourite wrestlers may well be using different gimmicks for this show because, of course, it is from the past.  We will have two Thunderbastard Tag Team Series matches on the show as well as a Natural Progression Series semi-final, but all of the other matches can be considered "non-canon" and hopefully, a lot of fun.  Cheer or boo whoever you want and enjoy everyone's music choices (as everyone is using songs correct for the time period).

2:  The matches have been and continue to be revealed by former PROGRESS ring announcer and commentator Jimmy Barnett over on his new Twitter account (@MisterJBarnett) and he'll be handling announcing duties on Sunday instead of me. Glen Walton will be lead commentator.  A roadie called Jon will press play on new-fangled "cassettes".

3:  We openly encourage you to dress up as the era dictated for the show.  The best-dressed person in 1978 garb will win a standing season ticket to all of the Camden shows for the rest of 2018, so it's well worth playing along!

4:  Whilst 1978 was certainly a different time socially and politically, that doesn't mean that you can be a dick.  That rule still applies!

Any questions about the show, hit me (not Jimmy Barnett, we're definitely different people) up on Twitter and I'll answer them - this show was my idea so I'm to blame for this abject insanity.

And now I'll hand you back to Robo-Briley. See you Sunday! 

Please be aware that on a show day, we're incredibly busy and almost certainly won't have time to answer queries, so we suggest that you head to the PROGRESS Fan Group where someone should be able to help you.

"Black Belt" Chris Ridgeway vs "Peace Loving" Drew Parker - Natural Progression Series semi-final 
The Mod and The Rocker vs Greased Lightning - Thunderbastard Tag Team Series match
"The King Of The Bogans" Adam Wilmot vs "Double Meat" Popeye Mulligan 
The Sheepwhackers vs "Fighting Irish" Jordan Devlin and "Shiny Disco Balls" El Phantasmo 
The Kings Of Europe (c) vs The Billabong Boys - PROGRESS Tag Team Titles match + Thunderbastard Tag Team Series match
Catweazle Jr vs Chris Only 
Jizzy Jizzbourne vs AJ Streetsmith 


Did not exist in 1978 


The Electric Ballroom, 184 Camden High Street, London NW1 8QP. Map.


Your ticket guarantees your place in the relevant section, but not a specific seat.

You will need your e-ticket to get into the show,
 either printed or on your phone. Printed is better because it scans more easily. Nothing else will be accepted - no payment receipts, no screenshots of a receipt. 
If you haven't got your ticket, you can resend it to yourself right here

Our system issues one e-ticket regardless of how many actual tickets were purchased. If you have more than 1 ticket and your group isn't coming in at the same time - please make sure that every person coming in has the barcode to scan. Again - printed is better, but a screengrab on your phone will be OK.

Season Ticket Holders - if at all possible please have your card with you so that the door staff don't have to check down the list of names. If you don't have your card, you'll still be able to get in, but be prepared for a small delay while the door list is checked.


If you have a seated ticket, you'll find the seats are colour-coded according to ticket tier. 
Front Row seats have a white band on the end of the row; 
Gold seats are Rows 2 and 3. They will have a gold band on the end of the row; 
Regular seats are anything from Row 4 back. They will have a purple band on the end of the row. 

It really helps us if you know what kind of ticket you've bought, and that you sit in the right area. The show is sold out, so if there is someone sitting in the wrong place, that means someone else isn't in the seat that they paid for.


The Electric Ballroom is a very short walk from Camden Town tube station. Take the right-hand exit as you come up the escalators, turn right, and walk for about 50 yards. 

THERE IS A LOAD OF TRAVEL DISRUPTION ON SUNDAY. You should definitely check the TFL website and/or the National Rail website. Allow yourself some extra time to make the journey! 


There are designated accessible areas in the Electric Ballroom. Entry to these is step-free and via the rear gate. Please make your way to the rear gate (23 Kentish Town Road, it has beautiful graffiti murals and is next to the Trinity United Reformed Church) and a steward will either take you to the accessible area, or let you in via a different rear door so that you can get to the bar/merch/disabled toilets. Please note that you will not be able to enter until the doors are open
This flat access into the venue is also available to anyone who can't manage the 10 steps (approx) from the front entrance to the venue floor. 


Doors will open at 2pm. There is no pre-show match at this event. 
First bell of the show at 4pm, interval halfway through, and we should be wrapped up by 8pm at the latest. 


There will be a full range of PROGRESS merch on sale and you'll probably find a bunch of wrestlers at the merch stand too. We take cash and card payments at the PROGRESS table, wrestlers usually only take cash. 


If you want to ask about something we haven't covered here, find us on TwitterFacebook, or by email. Don't forget that the PROGRESS Fan Group is the place to go for any questions on show day.

See you on Sunday!