Brian Cage: “AEW and PROGRESS working together works out for everyone”

AEW superstar Brian Cage made his PROGRESS Wrestling debut last weekend in Birmingham and Sheffield and we caught up with him to discuss the European wrestling scene, AEW’s partnership with PROGRESS and his upcoming match with Hangman Page on Wednesday.

Brian, you mentioned that PROGRESS Wrestling was a bucket list promotion for you… what made you want to wrestle here?

All over Europe, wrestling has been super hot and it was super important for me to tick PROGRESS Wrestling off and you know what they say, better late than never.

You cited KC Navarro as someone who said the PROGRESS Wrestling crowd was incredible to work for, did they live up to your expectations this weekend?

KC Navarro actually went further than that and told me it was the best crowd he ever worked for. That really intrigued me as I have worked for some amazing crowds and set some high expectations for me. Lucha Underground and PWG for example were amazing crowds and I have to admit that I think after being at these shows, maybe the crowd reaction he was talking about was at the Electric Ballroom – so now I want to find out for sure how great this crowd can be.

With Nick Wayne and yourself, we have had two contracted AEW wrestlers appear on our shows these past few months. Does the partnership excite you as talent?

The fact that Tony allows us to work with so many companies will diversify the wrestling community. Fans get to see matches and stars they usually wouldn’t get to see and it’s a blessing for everyone. It works out for everyone. The fans win, we wrestlers win and the promoters win.

You faced Big Damo in Birmingham and Mark Haskins in Sheffield, two of the most respected wrestlers in the UK. Did you enjoy wrestling their different styles?

I pride myself in being able to wrestle anybody and any style. I always try to have the performance of the night, if not match of the night. Even if im wrestling a style match that I don’t personally like I pride myself on being able to deliver and be Captain diversity.

You’ve experienced PROGRESS Wrestling in Birmingham and Sheffield, would you like to tick the Electric Ballroom off in London as part of your bucket list?

Yes. As I mentioned earlier I want to experience the Electric Ballroom in London as that is where it sounds like it’s really at. Like I said in my post-match interview, if I haven’t wrestled at the Ballroom, does it really count? Between all the hype and excitement and KC Navarro’s seal of approval, I definitely need to have a banger there and find out for sure.

AEW were in the UK for All In last month. What was the locker room response to wrestling at Wembley Stadium? Is it a goal of yours to wrestle at next year’s event?

It was a huge victory for the company as a whole. The locker room is elated about it. I love it too because so many people were like “They can’t fill it up” and we packed it, set a record and now all of a sudden those people are really quiet about it.

Finally, you’re facing Hangman Page in the third match of your AEW trilogy on Wednesday. Any words for him ahead of your big match?

My match with Hangman Page at Double or Nothing is one of my favourite matches I’ve had in AEW and besides wanting a different outcome on Wednesday, I hope we can outshine our last two matches.
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Brian Cage: “AEW and PROGRESS working together works out for everyone”