Cara Noir

Cara Noir Injury Update

Cara Noir Injury Update:

In April of this year at Chapter 151: Heavy Metal, Cara Noir unfortunately sustained a series of injuries in his match against Spike Trivet. Providing an update on his medical condition, the Black Swan shared that he has sought the expertise of a surgeon to address the damage after being misdiagnosed by the NHS. However, Noir expressed that the road to recovery will be arduous and lengthy, with an uncertain outlook on his potential return to the ring. We are all sending our love to Cara Noir and wish him a speedy recovery.

Cara Noir complete statement is as follows:

“Today I met with specialist orthopedic foot surgeon Mr. Nima Hiedari. He was very direct with me which was extremely helpful, but I’m also slightly struggling to process his diagnosis.

He told me I have sustained a devastating injury to my mid foot. I have four fractures and a number of bone chips which were caused through a major dislocation to the cuboid bone.

Mr. Heidari suspects he’ll be able to operate in the next two weeks, but the prognosis is not great. It will be 3 months before I can weight-bare again and a year to get back to loaded dynamic moments. It will not be clear for another 12 months if I’ll be able to return to wrestling or not.

Mr. Heidari is now consulting with an expert radiologist, and his surgical partner, to make a plan for my surgery – I should know more next week regarding a surgery schedule.

I’m obviously devastated, but again I’m extremely grateful to you all for your support.

For context, Mr. Heidari was formerly head of orthopedics at the Royal London hospital, the hospital that originally misdiagnosed my injury in A&E, and where I’ve struggled to get appropriate treatment for the past 14 weeks.

Mr. Heidari no longer works at Royal London due to the difficult conditions the NHS is currently experiencing, so your support is a massive lifeline at a time when there would be little hope of a return to wrestling for me if I was at the mercy of the NHS.”

Thank you again.