Chapter 145 Results: Spike Retains & NPS 8 Finalists Confirmed

There were some tricks but it was mainly all treats this past Sunday at PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 145: Wrestling Witch Face at the Electric Ballroom in Camden, London.

The event was capped by a truly emotional rollercoaster of a main event, with the current PROGRESS Men’s Champion, Spike Trivet clashing with Dan Moloney for the Championship title. After a truly epic battle a bloodied Moloney fell to Spike Trivet as he retained his title with some help from his bodyguard, Bullit. Dan Moloney’s 0121 team mate, Man Like Dereiss attempted to equalize matters during the match, but facing insurmountable odds in the face of Trivet and Bullit, it was not to be. Trivet now moves on to his next challenger and Bullit will be taking on Tom Dawkins, who many of us knew as Cara Noir.

Lana Austin pinned the PROGRESS Women’s champion, Kanji in the 8 woman tag match after Taonga seemingly had the win in the bag. However Skye Smitson and LA Taylor reminded her that only Lana gets the winning pin on their team and promptly dumped her out of the team and the ring. Once more Lana has scored a pinfall victory over the Champion and will no doubts be seeking another encounter with the ‘Dragonslayer’ in the near future.

Big Damo retained his PROGRESS Atlas title against former champion Luke Jacobs in a brutal brawl that left both men completely exhausted after big Damo required multiple finishing manoeuvres to get the job done.

Anthony Ogogo triumphed in the Knockout match with Malik after Kosta Konstantino’s interference backfired and ‘The Beast’ Adebayo Akinfenwa had to get involved to put and end to all of the shenanigans from Malik and Kosta’s crew the 265 OG’s. Post match the chaos didn’t end there and Akinfenwa forcibly removed Malik’s team prompting the challenge from Anthony Ogogo to Malik and Kosta to face him and Akinfenwa in a tag match at Chapter 146, which was begrudgingly accepted. Akinfenwa, better known as a former Northampton, MK Done and Wycombe footballing start showed he had an appetite for the ring, and will be making his formal debut in November – very appropriately, just after the World Cup starts.

Maggot successfully defended his wXw Shotgun Championship against Man Like Dereiss after a spectacular back and forth battle. Nina Samuels stole a win on Alexxis Falcon, however, Alexxis ended up having the last laugh as she gave Nina a blood bath which was all too reminiscent of that iconic scene from Carrie, which for Halloween Witch Face didn’t seem at all out of place!

The Natural Progression Series 8 revealed it’s two finalists as Tate Mayfairs bested Nico Angelo, once again with the help of his brass knuckles and Ricky Knight Jr. won a crowd pleasing opener against the ‘youngest in charge’ Leon Slater. Mayfairs and Knight will now go one on one in the NPS 8 final to be held at Chapter 146: They Think It’s All Over on November 27th at the Electric Ballroom in Camden.

Also during the evening, Chuck Mambo challenged Kid Lykos to a ‘Hair vs. Mask’ match at Chapter 146 after Lykos Gym had previously attacked Mambo in Cardiff and cut off some of his braided hair. Will we see either a bald Mambo or maskless Lykos?

Finally Charles Crowley returned to explain the meaning of the secret codes that have been seen ever since his disappearance from PROGRESS. Quite bizarrely, alluded to all of Elijah’s wins and losses and anyone he has fought twice – if he lost the first time, he’s always come out the victor in the second match. Crowley therefore wanted to join with Elijah and help him win the PROGRESS championship. However Elijah noted that Crowley has beaten him once already, so he now wants the rematch, which Crowley didn’t seem to keen on at all, before taking flight out and through the crowd after Maggot came out for his match resplendent in Crowley’s hat and jacket!

Wrestling Witch Face overall was a chaotic, spooky affair which leaves some questions to be answered at PROGRESS Wrestling SUPERSHOW, Chapter 146: They Think It’s All Over… Which due to the amount of matches will be starting at 3pm.

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Chapter 145
Wrestling Witch Face
Trick Or Treat


Main Event
Spike Trivet (c) Def. Dan Moloney

Big Damo (c) Def. Luke Jacobs

Lana Austin, Skye Smitson, LA Taylor & Taonga Def. Kanji (c), Rhio, Baby Allison & Millie McKenzie

Anthony Ogogo w/ Adebayo Akinfenwa Def. Malik w/ Kosta Konstantino

Maggot (c) Def. Man Like Dereiss

FSU (Eddie Dennis & Mark Andrews) Def. CPF (Callum Newman & Danny Black)

Nina Samuels Def. Alexxis Falcon

Tate Mayfairs Def. Nico Angelo
Ricky Knight Jr. Def. Leon Slater