Our Faqs

Established in 2012, PROGRESS is the pinnacle of strong style professional wrestling in the UK and beyond, featuring the biggest names in the UK, the stars of tomorrow and a selection of exciting names from around the world.

You can see all our currently on-sale events on our ticket page right here

Our Upcoming Event Calendar details the date and ticket launch dates for all our planned events.

The best way to watch all our events is by signing up to Demand PROGRESS. Our VOD service features all of our latest events as well as almost every event in the history of PROGRESS alongside a selection of the best independent wrestling around the world. You can sign up for a free trial HERE. You can also watch PROGRESS events on WWE Network internationally and Peacock in the USA.

Absolutely! We have a DEDICATED MERCHANDISE STORE that ships worldwide as well as a PWTees store for our US fans. You can of course also buy our latest merchandise at our events.

If you want to guarantee your attendance at all of our shows, Club PROGRESS is your jam. This scheme offers a discount on ticket prices and merchandise as well as ensuring that you will get the ticket you want for each and every event. Visit our CLUB PROGRESS PAGE for more details.

We have a weekly newsletter. You can sign up to receive this HERE. You can also follow our regularly updated feeds on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and subscribe to our YouTube Channel

This varies from venue to venue. Our London shows are 14+ (Under 18s to be accompanied by an adult), but some venues outside of London have different rules. Please check the ticket pages of individual events for confirmation.

Again, the level of accessibility varies from venue to venue but as you would expect, we do our absolute best to ensure everyone is welcome and comfortable at one of our events, regardless of their individual needs. Please CONTACT US for more details on a specific event and your requirements and we will do all we can to accommodate.

We take our fans safety and comfort incredibly seriously. As such, all events have a security presence with everyone involved in the production requiring DBS checks in order to be part of the PROGRESS presentation. Our staff are situated throughout the crowd for you to report any issues that arise during a show. You can see the full details of all our safeguarding protocols on our POLICY PAGE.

Simply contact Rob@progresswrestling.com with your request for press access and accreditation.