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Skye Smitson

The Journey

Skye Smitson made her debut in PROGRESS Wrestling at Chapter 122: Salsa Shark on September 18, 2021, in a match against Gisele Shaw. Despite her defeat in this initial outing, Smitson quickly demonstrated her technical prowess and resilience, marking her as a competitor to watch in the promotion.

Her early career was characterized by a series of challenging matches where she faced off against some of the top talent in the women’s division. This period was crucial for Smitson, as it allowed her to showcase her skills and gain valuable experience in the ring​.

Throughout her early tenure, Smitson developed a reputation for her technical abilities and strategic mindset. She participated in several high-profile matches, including a notable bout at Chapter 126: Behold the Turtle, against Rhio where she further cemented her status as a formidable opponent. These matches, though often gruelling, helped Smitson build a strong foundation and refine her in-ring techniques, setting the stage for her future success​.

Smitson’s career took a significant turn when she joined forces with Lana Austin and LA Taylor to form the Lana Austin Experience. This faction quickly became a dominant force in PROGRESS Wrestling, with Smitson playing a crucial role due to her technical skills and tactical acumen.

Her involvement in the faction not only provided her with increased visibility but also allowed her to engage in meaningful storylines and feuds. One of the most notable was her rivalry with Alexxis Falcon, which included intense matches that showcased Smitson’s adaptability and tenacity​ including a tables match.

The faction’s success was highlighted by their victory at Chapter 141: Handshakes and Cheeseburgers, where Smitson and Austin defeated Allie Katch and Kanji, the then PROGRESS Women’s Champion. This win underscored the faction’s strength and Smitson’s importance within it.

The climax of Smitson’s journey in the Lana Austin Experience in PROGRESS came at Chapter 167: One Bump Or Two? on April 21, 2024. In a dramatic turn of events, Smitson and her partner LA Taylor were betrayed by their faction leader Lana Austin during a tag team match against The Sunshine Machine.

This betrayal marked a significant turning point in Smitson’s career, dissolving the Lana Austin Experience and leaving Smitson at a crossroads. The event not only ended a successful chapter in her career but also set the stage for new rivalries and personal growth.

This betrayal has the potential to evolve Smitson, providing her with a fresh narrative direction and the opportunity to pursue her ambitions independently. Her technical skills, combined with the experience gained from her time in the faction, position her well for future success in the competitive landscape of PROGRESS Wrestling​.

As Smitson moves forward, fans can expect to see her leverage her experience and resilience to carve out a new and impactful path in professional wrestling.

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Skye Smitson is a technically proficient and versatile wrestler known for her tactical acumen and in-ring adaptability. Often referred to as the “Sexy Smitson” due to her social media activity, Smitson excels in leveraging her technical skills and ring awareness to outmanoeuvre her opponents.

Her wrestling style is a mix of technical grappling, submission holds, and high-impact maneuvers, which allows her to effectively counter various styles of wrestling, from high-flyers to powerhouse opponents. This adaptability has made her a key player in PROGRESS Wrestling, where she has consistently demonstrated her ability to control the pace of matches and exploit her opponents’ weaknesses​.

As a member of the Lana Austin Experience, Smitson brought a level of sophistication and tactical insight that complemented the faction’s aggressive and dominant ethos. Her role within the faction highlighted her ability to work cohesively in a team while still showcasing her individual talents.

Smitson’s in-ring persona is characterized by her confidence and a calculated approach, often using psychological tactics to unsettle her opponents and gain the upper hand. This blend of mental and physical prowess makes her a formidable competitor and a rising star in the independent wrestling scene. Her performances are marked by a relentless drive and a keen understanding of wrestling dynamics, positioning her as a wrestler with both immediate impact and long-term potential.

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