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The Journey

Yoshiki Inamura, a prominent wrestler from Pro Wrestling NOAH, made his debut in PROGRESS Wrestling in September 2023. His first matches in PROGRESS Wrestling were highly anticipated events, marking his first major excursion outside Japan. Inamura’s debut was part of a double-header event in Birmingham and Sheffield.

In Birmingham, at Chapter 155: Feel The Noize, Inamura competed for the PROGRESS ATLAS Championship against Ricky Knight Jr. This match was significant as it marked Inamura’s first bout in the promotion and was a high-stakes championship contest. The following day in Sheffield, at Chapter 156: Steal Yourself, Inamura faced LJ Cleary. This match was notable as it provided Inamura with an opportunity to showcase his skills against different styles and competitors from what he was accustomed to in Japan.

Inamura, known as “The Towering Titan,” stands out for his impressive physicality, being 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighing 260 pounds. Despite his size, he is known for his agility and versatility in the ring, often surprising opponents and fans with his aerial manoeuvres. His time in PROGRESS Wrestling is seen as a chance for him to hone his craft further and adapt to new wrestling styles, potentially making him an even stronger competitor.

Inamura’s journey to PROGRESS Wrestling was a significant step in his career, allowing him to compete against some of the best wrestlers in the world and gain exposure to a new audience. His participation in these matches was not only a test of his abilities but also an opportunity for UK fans to witness his talent first hand.

He left PRO Wrestling NOAH to acquire greater skills & raise his reputation. He’s faced defeat against all of his opponents apart from Sunshine Machine’s TK Cooper & this has lead to massive impact on his pride.  He has called upon the fighting traditions of great Japanese Warriors & has sought inspiration from a famous 12th century archer Nasu Yoichi a hero of the warring states period in his native Otawara, Tochigi. 

He debuted his YOICHI persona at VENDETTA and pulled off an impressive win against Shigehiro Irie. Will 2024 be a much more successful year for Pro Wrestling Noah Shinsuke Nakamura fan YOICHI?

YOICHI made his USA debut with PROGRESS Wrestling where he defeated the Ricky Knight Jr. to become the new ATLAS Champion.

YOICHI’s first title defense was against Robert Dreissker at Chapter 167 – ONE BUMP OR TWO? After his first successful defense, Bullit came to the ring to congratulate YOICHI and stated that it would be an honour to face YOICHI for the title in which YOICHI responded with telling Bullit that he has ‘no honor.’

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YOICHI, as seen on PRO Wrestling NOAH.

Inamura’s career, before his stint in PROGRESS Wrestling, included various significant matches and team-ups in Pro Wrestling NOAH and other promotions, highlighting his experience and capability as a wrestler.

Notable matches in YOICHI’s history include:

YOICHI vs Shigehiro Irie

YOICHI vs Luke Jacobs

YOICHI vs Tate Mayfairs

YOICHI vs Ricky Knight Jr

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