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Allie Katch

The Journey

Allie Katch made her debut in PROGRESS Wrestling at Chapter 141: Handshakes & Cheeseburgers on September 18, 2022. Teaming up with Kanji, she faced The Lana Austin Experience (Lana Austin and Skye Smitson) in a tag team match.

Despite a valiant effort, Katch and Kanji were unable to secure the win against the formidable faction, which was known for its aggressive and cohesive tactics​. This match marked the beginning of Katch’s journey in PROGRESS Wrestling, where she quickly established herself as a resilient and charismatic performer capable of holding her own against tough competition.

Following her debut, Katch continued to make a significant impact in the PROGRESS scene, participating in various matches that showcased her versatility and tenacity. One of her notable matches was at Chapter 149: Establish Your Love, where she faced Session Moth Martina.

The match was well-received, highlighting Katch’s ability to connect with the audience through her unique blend of humour and hardcore wrestling style. Her performances consistently demonstrated her commitment to delivering entertaining and hard-hitting matches, which endeared her to the PROGRESS Wrestling fanbase​.

Most recently, Katch teamed up with Effy at Chapter 166: Freedom Walks Again, held on April 5, 2024, in Philadelphia. Together, they competed as the tag team Bussy and faced Session Moth Martina and Gene Munny.

Bussy emerged victorious, further solidifying their reputation as a dynamic and entertaining tag team​. Looking ahead, Bussy are set to make their UK debut as a tag team at Chapter 169: The Devil On Your Shoulder, where they will compete in their first tag match in the UK under the PROGRESS Wrestling banner.

This upcoming match is highly anticipated and marks a significant milestone for Katch and Effy as they bring their unique brand of wrestling to a new audience. Their presence in PROGRESS Wrestling continues to grow, and fans are eagerly awaiting to see how Bussy will perform in this new environment and against new competitors​.

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Allie Katch is a versatile and hard-hitting wrestler known for her gritty persona and fearless approach to the sport. She has made a significant impact on the independent wrestling circuit, particularly in promotions like Game Changer Wrestling (GCW), where her aggressive style and resilience have earned her a dedicated fanbase.

Katch’s wrestling technique is characterized by a blend of hardcore brawling and technical prowess, allowing her to adapt to a wide range of opponents and match types. Her ability to endure and deliver punishment makes her a formidable competitor in any setting, whether it’s a no-holds-barred match or a traditional wrestling bout​.

In addition to her in-ring capabilities, Katch is known for her distinctive character work and charisma. She brings a raw intensity to her performances, often portraying a tough, rebellious persona that resonates with fans. Her character is an amalgamation of punk rock aesthetics and an unyielding fighting spirit, which sets her apart in the wrestling world.

Allie Katch is not just a wrestler; she’s a performer who uses her platform to express individuality and defiance against the norms. This blend of character and skill has made her a standout talent and a respected name in the wrestling community, particularly among those who appreciate the independent wrestling scene’s creative and boundary-pushing nature​ – including her tag team with Effy – BUSSY.

Notable matches in Allie Katch’s history include:

Allie Katch & Kanji vs Lana Austin & Skye Smitson

Allie Katch vs Skye Smitson

Allie Katch vs Session Moth Martina

BUSSY vs Gene Munny & Session Moth Martina

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