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Danny Black

Danny Black - PROGRESS Wrestling

The Journey

Danny Black, The Kid Without Fear, is a talented member of the PROGRESS Wrestling roster, bringing a unique style and presence to the ring. As part of the CPF faction alongside Callum Newman, Joe Lando, and Maverick Mayhew, he forms a formidable alliance that adds depth and intrigue to the promotion.

Notably, Danny Black holds the distinction of being one of the few wrestlers to have achieved victories over the formidable Spike Trivet. Since the relaunch of PROGRESS Wrestling at Chapter 127, Black has showcased his skill and determination, proving himself capable of defeating top competitors in the ring.

At Chapter 148: Start Spreading The News in January 2023 – Danny Black took on Lio Rush showcasing why the Kid Without Fear has the brightest of futures.

At PROGRESS Wrestling’s Chapter 149: Establish Your Love, Danny Black alongside his fellow CPF Members, Joe Lando, Callum Newman and Maverick Mayhew took on the 0121 members Leon Slater, Man Like Dereiss, Omari and now Bullet Club member Dan Moloney in Manchester for a four on four match that was put forward as a match of the year candidate.

With a combination of technical prowess, agility, and resilience, Danny Black continues to make his mark in PROGRESS Wrestling and featured in Super Strong Style 16 2023 against Charles Crowley. Whether competing as a singles competitor or alongside his CPF faction, he consistently delivers compelling performances that captivate audiences.

As his career progresses, fans eagerly anticipate Danny Black’s future matches and the exciting moments he will undoubtedly create within the PROGRESS Wrestling landscape.

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Danny Black, part of CPF with Joe Lando, Callum Newman and Maverick Mayhew. Trainer: Knucklelocks School Of Wrestling Nicknames: “The Kid Without Fear”

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