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Darby Allin - PROGRESS Wrestling

The Journey

Darby Allin’s career in PROGRESS Wrestling, though brief, was notable for its intensity and the impact he made during his appearances. Allin debuted for PROGRESS at Chapter 66: Mardi Graps in 2018, where he participated in a Thunderbastard match won by Jeff Cobb. His dynamic and fearless style quickly caught the attention of fans. He continued to make his mark on day five of the Coast to Coast Tour, teaming with Jack Sexsmith and Toni Storm in a six-person tag team match​.

In 2019, Allin’s involvement in PROGRESS Wrestling continued to grow as he was announced as a participant in the prestigious Super Strong Style 16 tournament. Although he was defeated by Paul Robinson in the first round, Allin showcased his resilience and talent. He later teamed up with Chris Ridgeway and Lucky Kid in a six-man lucha rules tag team match, securing a victory, and participated in a scramble match won by Chris Brookes.

These appearances highlighted Allin’s versatility and his ability to engage with the European wrestling audience, solidifying his reputation as a rising star in the independent wrestling scene​.

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Darby Allin is immensely loved by fans for several reasons, primarily his fearless and high-risk wrestling style which sets him apart in AEW. Allin’s willingness to put his body on the line, such as diving off ladders and crashing through glass panes, resonates deeply with audiences who admire his dedication and bravery.

His persona as an adrenaline junkie and his punk rock aesthetic, combined with his unique face paint, further endear him to fans who see him as a true individualist in the wrestling world​.

Additionally, Allin’s loyalty to AEW and his close relationship with wrestling legend Sting have also played significant roles in his popularity. Fans appreciate his commitment to the promotion and his ability to create memorable moments alongside Sting, one of wrestling’s most iconic figures.

Allin’s dedication to both his in-ring performance and his personal projects outside wrestling, such as filmmaking and extreme sports, showcase his multifaceted personality, making him relatable and inspiring to many. This combination of in-ring prowess, authentic persona, and deep connection with the audience has solidified Darby Allin as one of AEW’s most beloved wrestlers​.

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