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Eddie Kingston

Eddie Kingston - PROGRESS Wrestling

The Journey

Eddie Kingston’s tenure in PROGRESS Wrestling was impactful and showcased his gritty, hard-hitting style. He debuted for the promotion in 2019, bringing his trademark intensity to the British wrestling scene. One of his notable matches was against WALTER at PROGRESS Chapter 91, which highlighted Kingston’s brawling style and ability to tell a compelling story in the ring.

Kingston’s run in PROGRESS included a mix of singles and tag team matches, where his experience and raw promo skills resonated with the fans. Despite not capturing any titles during his stint, Kingston left a lasting impression due to his authentic character and the passion he brings to his performances. His appearances added a layer of toughness and realism to the PROGRESS shows, enhancing his reputation as a respected veteran in the wrestling industry​.

His feud with Ilja Dragunov and Cara Noir that was stopped before it began due to the pandemic remains one of the great what if moments in PROGRESS Wrestling.

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Eddie Kingston is highly respected in the professional wrestling community primarily for his authenticity and realism. Kingston’s promos are known for their genuine, raw emotion, often drawing from his personal experiences and struggles.

This ability to connect with the audience on such a personal level is rare in professional wrestling, making his character feel exceptionally real and relatable. Fans and peers alike appreciate the sincerity and vulnerability he brings to his persona, setting him apart from many others in the industry​.

In addition to his compelling promos, Kingston’s in-ring ability and work ethic have earned him significant respect. He has a hard-hitting, intense wrestling style that adds a level of realism to his matches, consistently delivering high-quality performances over his two-decade-long career.

Kingston’s journey has not been easy, marked by numerous challenges, including battles with mental health issues and financial struggles. His perseverance and resilience in the face of adversity.

Furthermore, Kingston is also respected for his role as a mentor, sharing his extensive knowledge and experience with younger wrestlers, helping shape the future of the industry

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