PROGRESS Wrestling

Ilja Dragunov

The Journey

Ilja Dragunov’s career in PROGRESS Wrestling has been marked by intense matches and notable rivalries, showcasing his resilience and in-ring prowess. Dragunov first made waves in PROGRESS with a memorable ddream match with Pete Dunne at Wembley Arena

His hard-hitting style and relentless energy quickly made him a standout performer in PROGRESS…

One of Dragunov’s most significant rivalries in PROGRESS was with Cara Noir. They clashed multiple times, including at Chapter 96 in October 2019, where Dragunov emerged victorious.

However, Noir defeated Dragunov at Chapter 97 later that same month, setting the stage for a series of back-and-forth encounters​. Their matches were characterized by their physicality and dramatic storytelling, captivating fans and establishing both as top competitors.

Dragunov’s return to PROGRESS in February 2022 at Chapter 128 was a significant moment, as he confronted Cara Noir once again, this time as the reigning NXT UK Champion. This appearance reignited their rivalry and hinted at future clashes between the two, further cementing Dragunov’s legacy in PROGRESS Wrestling​.

Throughout his time in PROGRESS, Dragunov’s matches were consistently praised for their intensity and technical excellence. His bouts against Timothy Thatcher and Tyler Bate, among others, showcased his versatility and ability to deliver compelling performances against a variety of opponents​.

Overall, Ilja Dragunov’s tenure in PROGRESS Wrestling has been marked by fierce rivalries, high-stakes matches, and a relentless drive to prove himself, making him a beloved figure among fans and a respected competitor in the independent wrestling scene.

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Ilja Dragunov is beloved by wrestling fans for his intense, never-say-die attitude and exceptional in-ring abilities. Known for his fearless approach and remarkable resilience, Dragunov consistently delivers high-energy performances that captivate audiences.

His matches are characterized by a brutal physicality and emotional depth, often telling compelling stories that resonate deeply with viewers. Dragunov’s ability to endure and fight through pain, as seen in his legendary matches against WALTER (GUNTHER), showcases his heart and determination, earning him immense respect and admiration from fans​.

Additionally, Dragunov’s unique charisma and connection with the audience further endear him to fans. His intense persona and passionate promos convey a genuine love for wrestling and a commitment to excellence.

Whether as a fiery underdog or a relentless warrior, Dragunov’s authenticity shines through, making him a relatable and inspiring figure. His journey from WXW to PROGRESS to NXT UK to NXT and now WWE Raw highlights his dedication and perseverance, inspiring fans who appreciate his hard work and unwavering spirit.

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