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The Journey

As the first female graduate of PROGRESS’s wrestling school, Jinny quickly established herself as a formidable competitor with a character that combined high fashion with ruthless aggression. Her career in PROGRESS is marked by several key accomplishments and memorable matches.

Jinny’s rise to prominence in PROGRESS began with her first major title win on May 25, 2018, at Chapter 69, where she defeated Toni Storm to capture the PROGRESS Women’s Championship. This victory solidified her position as a top competitor in the women’s division. Jinny’s reign as champion saw her defend the title successfully against a variety of formidable opponents, including Dakota Kai at Chapter 70 and Millie McKenzie at Chapter 75​​.

Her ability to maintain her championship against such high-caliber talent showcased her resilience and in-ring prowess.

In addition to her title defences, Jinny’s alliances and rivalries added depth to her character. She formed the faction known as the “House of Couture,” which included wrestlers like Nina Samuels and Chakara.

This group was central to several storylines, emphasizing Jinny’s influence and leadership within the promotion. Her feud with Laura Di Matteo was particularly notable, as it highlighted a personal and intense rivalry that captivated audiences​.

Jinny’s in-ring style was characterized by a blend of technical skill and brutal strikes, often employing moves like the middle-rope X-Factor and ripcord clothesline to great effect. Her matches were frequently hard-hitting and showcased her ability to adapt to different opponents’ styles.

Noteworthy matches include her battles against Jordynne Grace, where Jinny successfully defended her title in a four-way match at Chapter 76​.

Beyond her in-ring accomplishments, Jinny’s character work as “The Fashionista” made her stand out. Her posh and domineering persona, combined with her stylish ring attire, created a unique and memorable character that resonated with fans. This character work was integral to her storylines and helped elevate her matches and feuds.

Jinny’s contributions to PROGRESS Wrestling extended beyond her matches. She was a key figure in the women’s division, helping to elevate it to new heights and setting a standard for future competitors. Her departure from PROGRESS and eventual retirement in 2023 due to injury marked the end of an era, but her legacy as a trailblazer in the UK independent wrestling scene remains impactful​.

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Jinny, known as “The Fashionista,” is a former professional wrestler from Knightsbridge, London, whose career is highlighted by her dominant presence in PROGRESS Wrestling and NXT UK.

She began her wrestling journey as the first female graduate of the PROGRESS Wrestling school, making her debut in 2015. Her character, a snobbish and stylish fashionista, quickly became a fan favourite due to her aggressive in-ring style and compelling promos.

Jinny captured the PROGRESS Women’s Championship twice, solidifying her place as one of the top female wrestlers in the UK independent scene. Additionally, she held the Revolution Pro Wrestling’s Undisputed British Women’s Championship, further showcasing her talent and versatility across various promotions​.

Jinny’s career also saw significant success in WWE’s NXT UK brand, where she continued to portray her “Fashionista” persona. She formed a notable alliance with Joseph Conners, which added an extra layer of intrigue to her storylines.

Throughout her NXT UK tenure, Jinny engaged in fierce rivalries with top competitors like Piper Niven and Kay Lee Ray, demonstrating her skill and tenacity in the ring. Despite her impressive run, Jinny’s career was unfortunately cut short due to injury, leading to her retirement announcement in January 2023.

Even though she has stepped away from the ring, Jinny’s impact on the women’s wrestling scene in the UK remains significant, and her legacy as a trailblazer for female wrestlers in PROGRESS Wrestling endures…