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LA Taylor

The Journey

LA Taylor made a significant entrance into PROGRESS Wrestling at Chapter 141: Handshakes and Cheeseburgers on September 18, 2022. She teamed up with Lana Austin and Skye Smitson as part of the newly formed Lana Austin Experience faction.

Their debut match was a success, with the team defeating Allie Katch and then PROGRESS Women’s Champion Kanji. This victory immediately established the faction’s dominance and set the stage for Taylor’s burgeoning career in the promotion​.

Throughout her tenure, Taylor played a pivotal role in the Lana Austin Experience, which quickly became one of the most prominent groups in the PROGRESS women’s division. The faction’s collective efforts helped Lana Austin capture and defend the PROGRESS Women’s Championship, creating a dominant and often controversial presence in the ring​. Taylor’s imposing in-ring style and physicality made her a formidable force, complementing Austin’s cunning and Smitson’s technical prowess.

One significant match was at Chapter 159: Wonderbrawl, where the faction’s strategic teamwork was on full display. This period also saw Taylor participating in various tag team and singles matches that showcased her growth and versatility as a wrestler​.

The most dramatic twist in Taylor’s PROGRESS career came at Chapter 167: One Bump or Two? on April 21, 2024. During a tag team match, Taylor and Skye Smitson were betrayed by their faction leader, Lana Austin. This betrayal was a shock, especially considering the faction’s longstanding unity and success. Austin’s betrayal led to the faction’s dissolution and marked a significant turning point for Taylor.

LA Taylor’s career in PROGRESS Wrestling has been marked by significant achievements and dramatic story arcs. From a powerful debut to becoming a key player in a dominant faction, and now facing a betrayal that could redefine her trajectory, Taylor has cemented her status as a rising star in the promotion.

Taylor’s ability to adapt and grow within the dynamic landscape of PROGRESS Wrestling suggests that she will continue to be a prominent figure, likely pursuing personal vengeance and championship glory in the chapters to come.

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Notable matches in LA Taylor’s history include:

LA Taylor vs Alexxis Falcon

LA Taylor & Skye Smitson vs Millie McKenzie & Session Moth Martina

LA Taylor & Syke Smitson vs Sunshine Machine

LA Taylor vs Renee Michelle

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