Lizzy Evo Render
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Lizzy Evo

Lizzy Evo Render

The Journey

Lizzy Evo debuted in PROGRESS Wrestling in 2021 as part of the Revelations of Divine Love Tournament where she was beaten by Alexxis Falcon.

Whilst her early days in the company saw her struggling to pick up victories she was certainly picking up recognition with the fans for her verbal assaults in the ring and to the crowd.

She has proven she can be serious as well as being very capable in more comedic situations, with her ability to quickly talk back to the raucous PROGRESS Wrestling fans is a particular highlight.

She was part of the ground-breaking match in Dubai for PROGRESS Wrestling where she faced Session Moth Martina at the PROGRESS/WrestleFest DXB Sons & Daughters Of The Desert event.

Shortly after breaking barriers abroad, it was at Unboxing that Lizzy picked up her first big win, in a triple threat over Alexxis Falcon and Nina Samuels.

After that she entered the Thunderbastard match but came out on the losing end followed by defeats to Millie McKenzie. Something needed to change, so she went away from PROGRESS to compose herself and has come back a very different woman.

She still has her bark, but her bite now matches it and she has picked up convincing wins over Session Moth and Kanji. Can the upward trajectory of her PROGRESS Wrestling career continue?


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Lizzy Evo, the Liver Bird.

After debuting in PROGRESS Wrestling in 2021 as part of the Revelations Of Divine Love tournament, Lizzy Evo has proved that she is a single minded woman.

At one point it seemed that Lana Austin was looking to recruit her for the Lana Austin Experience, but Lizzy is all about number one and in recent months her return to PROGRESS has seen a turnaround in results as she climbs the ladder in the women’s division.

Notable matches in Lizzy Evo’s history include:

Lizzy Evo vs Kanji
Lizzy Evo vs Raven Creed
Lizzy Evo vs Session Moth Martina
Lizzy Evo in the Thunderbastard Match

Lizzy Evo has grown as a performer since her NXT UK run and her quest for serious competition of late has yielded excellent results with wins against the likes of Session Moth and Kanji. It seems only a matter of time before Lizzy gets a title shot.

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