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Millie McKenzie

The Journey

Millie McKenzie has been making waves with her incredible skills and undeniable talent. Millie has cared her path in the fiercely competitive world of wrestling. Since her pro-wrestling debut in 2015, Millie McKenzie has achieved many milestones and achievements that have made her a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

Millie McKenzie made her debut in PROGRESS Wrestling in 2017 for the Revelations of Divine Tournament. She stepped into the ring with unmatched determination to take on Laura Di Matteo, followed by a clash with Jinny, showcasing her prowess and potential early on.

In her debut year, Millie McKenzie proved her mettle in the PROGRESS ring. One of her standout matches was against Laura Di Matteo at PROGRESS Live at The Dome! #1. Additionally, she participated in a memorable six-way battle at chapter 60 Unboxing Live! 2, where she faced off against Candyfloss, Chakara, Charlie Morgan, Charli Evans, and Sierra Loxton.

As the year 2018 rolled in, Millie McKenzie continued her impressive journey in PROGRESS Wrestling. She kicked off the year by taking on Bea Priestley at PROGRESS Live at the Dome 3. Later, she earned a shot at the PROGRESS Women’s World Championship, where she squared off against the reigning champion, Jinny, at Chapter 74 – Midweek Matters.

Millie McKenzie’s determination to claim the PROGRESS Women’s Championship did not waver. In an intense #1 contendership match at Chapter 75 – These violent delights have violent ends, she went up against Candyfloss, Chakara, Charlie Morgan, and Laura Di Matteo for a chance to challenge the PROGRESS Women’s World champion.

A significant highlight in Millie McKenzie’s career came at Chapter 76 – Hello Wembley. At just 18 years old, she showcased her immense potential by facing not only the PROGRESS Women’s Champion Jinny but also the legendary Toni Storm in a thrilling encounter.

In 2020, Millie McKenzie made a triumphant return to PROGRESS Wrestling, where she faced off against Toni Storm at Chapter 103 Beer Snake City. Her return was met with enthusiasm from fans, who eagerly anticipated her future matches.

Millie McKenzie debuted for NXT UK in 2021 where she was known as Emilia McKenzie. Her journey with NXT UK is a testament to her hard work, dedication and passion for professional wrestling.

After her run with NXT UK, in 2022, Millie Mckenzie returned to PROGRESS Wrestling at Chapter 142 – CODENAME: California Mountain snake where she faced Laura Di Matteo.

At Super Strong Style 16 in 2023, Millie McKenzie’s unwavering dedication led to a title opportunity. She challenged Lana Austin for the PROGRESS Women’s World  World Championship, displaying her growth and adaptability as a wrestler.

While making her presence felt in PROGRESS Wrestling, Millie McKenzie also embraced the opportunity to compete internationally. She took part in various wrestling events around the world, including Germany, Barcelona, and Japan, gaining experience and earning respect from wrestling enthusiasts globally. In July of 2023, Millie McKenzie became the new Sendai Girls World Champion.

Millie McKenzie’s journey in PROGRESS Wrestling has been nothing short of extraordinary. From her humble beginnings in 2017 to her recent championship victory, she has proven herself as a formidable force in the world of professional wrestling. With her skills, determination, and unwavering spirit, there’s no doubt that Millie McKenzie’s legacy will continue to grow, inspiring future generations of wrestlers.


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Millie McKenzie made her PROGRESS Wrestling debut in 2017. At just the age of 18, Millie McKenzie faced Toni Storm and Jinny for the PROGRESS Women’s World Championship.

In 2020, Millie McKenzie was ranked #52 in the PWI Top 100 Women’s Wrestlers World Ratings.

In July 2023, Millie McKenzie became the new Sendai Girls World Champion.

Notable Matches:

Millie McKenzie Vs Candyfloss Vs Chakara Vs Charlie Morgan Vs Charli Evans – Chapter 60: Unboxing! Live 2

Millie McKenzie Vs Candyfloss Vs Chakara Vs Charlie Morgan Vs Laura Di Matteo – Chapter 75 – These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends.

Millie McKenzie Vs Jinny Vs Toni Storm for the PROGRESS Women’s World Championship – Chapter 76 – Hello Wembley!

Millie McKenzie Vs Kanji – Chapter 144 – CODENAME: Snake Charmer

Millie McKenzie Vs Lana Austin – Chapter 152 – Super Strong Style 16 – Day 2

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