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Nina Samuels

The Journey

Nina Samuels debuted in PROGRESS Wrestling back in 2017 and has established herself as a prominent figure in the world of professional wrestling, particularly in the British independent scene and her tenure with Progress Wrestling and NXT UK.

Nina Samuels quickly caught the attention of fans with her charisma, in-ring ability, and unique character. She embraced her role and displayed a natural talent for generating heat from the crowd. Her arrogant, self centred character and persona made her one of the most recognizable faces on the Progress roster.

Throughout her time in PROGRESS Wrestling, Nina Samuels has engaged in memorable feuds with various competitors, adding depth to her character and showcasing her versatility as a performer. Her feuds with the likes of Jordynne Grace, Alexxis Falcon and Jinny provided fans with compelling storylines and exciting matches.

While Samuels never held the PROGRESS Wrestling World Championship, her presence and contributions to the promotion were undeniable. She often competed for the PROGRESS Women’s Championship, and her matches in the women’s division were consistently entertaining and hard-hitting.

Her feud with Alexxis Falcon was one that truly showed her true mass of talent, from the fantastic storytelling, to the charismatic promos and the creative match, its one that will forever be remembered by fans and promotion alike.

Nina Samuels’ career in PROGRESS Wrestling is marked by her impressive character work, in-ring abilities, and her role in shaping the women’s division within the promotion. Her commitment to her character’s evolution and her dedication to delivering engaging matches made her a standout talent during her tenure. As her career continues to PROGRESS, Nina Samuels undoubtedly leaves a lasting legacy in PROGRESS Wrestling and continued to make her presence felt in the wider wrestling world.

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Nina Samuels, The Nina Samuels Show.

What can we say about Nina Samuels? A wrestler who commands star quality everywhere she goes, showing off her lucha influenced background with a sheer physicality and will to win. Every show #needsmorenina

Notable matches in Nina Samuels’ history include:

Nina Samuels vs Alexxis Falcon – Clock Strikes Midnight Match
Nina Samuels vs Jordynne Grace
Nina Samuels vs Jinny
Nina Samuels v Isla Dawn

Nina Samuels has been a brilliant part of the PROGRESS Wrestling women’s roster since her debut in 2017. She is yet to win the championship, but her Clock Strikes Midnight match will live long in the memory and she will be forever out for gold on her Nina Samuels Show.

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