PROGRESS Wrestling


The Journey

SAniTy made their shocking debut in PROGRESS Wrestling in 2022, quickly establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with. The faction, comprised of Big Damo, Axel Tischer, and the unpredictable leader Eric Young have only ever wrestled as a trio in the UK at PROGRESS.

Throughout 2023, SAniTy continued to rise through the ranks of PROGRESS Wrestling, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. Their relentless pursuit of dominance saw them challenge for titles and engage in intense rivalries that captivated fans.

The faction’s thirst for bedlam led to multiple matches, including a memorable feud for the soul of PROGRESS with Dominatus Regnum.

The reformation of SAniTy as a trio along with Eric Young was notable in many ways and the PROGRESS crowd loved every minute of their six man tag with Charlie Sterling, Nick Riley and Bullit.

As we move into 2024, SAniTy remains a formidable presence in PROGRESS Wrestling. Their journey has been marked by many highs, but none more so than when they won the PROGRESS Tag Team Titles in Philadelphia, defeating Cheeky Little Buggers and Sunshine Machine in a triple threat tag team match to lift the gold.

They have promised to defend the titles and make them world titles, which they ahve already – defending them in DEFY in the USA.

The journey of SAniTy in PROGRESS Wrestling has been a wild and unpredictable ride, filled with a legacy of moments and matches that will live long in the memory.

SAniTy are far from finished, and their path of destruction will continue to captivate fans for years to come.

Stay tuned to PROGRESS Wrestling for all the latest updates and developments in the ongoing saga of SAniTy!

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Axel Tischer, as seen on WWE as Alexander Wolfe and Big Damo as seen on WWE as Killian Dain go by the name of SAnitY and

There are few wrestlers as well respected for their craft as Axel Tischer. Tischer is known for his solid in-ring abilities. He can execute a wide range of moves effectively and is known for his technical prowess. His matches often showcase a blend of strength, agility, and technical skill.

Big Damo made PROGRESS History by obtaining the PROGRESS Men’s World Championship & The PROGRESS ATLAS Championship outside of PROGRESS Wrestling’s London Home venue, The Electric Ballroom.

Together they create their own special brand of bedlam and have been dominant since their arrival.

Notable matches in SAnitY’s history include:

SAnitY vs Cheeky Little Buggers vs Sunshine Machine

SAnitY vs Smokin’ Aces

SAnitY vs Lykos Gym

SAnitY vs Dominatus Regnum

All matches are available to watch on DEMAND PROGRESS PLUS.