PROGRESS Wrestling

TK Cooper

The Journey

TK Cooper has carved out a remarkable career in PROGRESS Wrestling, earning acclaim for his in-ring prowess and dynamic personality. His journey in PROGRESS began with his early association with the South Pacific Power Trip.

This group quickly became a fan favourite, known for their exciting matches and compelling storylines. Cooper’s initial run with SPPT was marked by intense rivalries and memorable matches, establishing him as a rising star in the British wrestling scene.

One of Cooper’s significant achievements in PROGRESS was his transition into the tag team Sunshine Machine with Chuck Mambo. This team, initially formed as a fun project during their “Escaping The Midcard” vlog, evolved into a formidable partnership.

Sunshine Machine debuted at PROGRESS Chapter 107, where they immediately made an impact by defeating The Young Guns. Their chemistry and unique style quickly resonated with fans, leading to a successful run in the tag team division.

Sunshine Machine’s success peaked when they captured the PROGRESS Tag Team Championships. Their reign was highlighted by a series of thrilling defences against top teams like The 0121 and Smokin’ Aces.

Their record-setting title defences solidified their reputation as one of the best tag teams in PROGRESS history. A standout moment was their victory in a ladder match at Super Strong Style 16, which showcased their innovative offense and resilience.

Cooper’s versatility as a wrestler is evident in his ability to excel both as a singles competitor and in tag team matches. His match against Eddie Dennis at the Super Strong Style 16 Tournament 2024 was a testament to his technical skill and storytelling ability. Cooper’s performances consistently draw praise for their intensity and entertainment value, whether he is competing in singles bouts or tag team contests.

Throughout his tenure in PROGRESS, Cooper has been a vocal advocate for the promotion and the British wrestling scene. He has spoken passionately about the new era of PROGRESS Wrestling, emphasizing the ambition and talent of the current roster.

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TK Cooper has significantly impacted the industry through his performances in PROGRESS Wrestling, particularly as part of the tag team Sunshine Machine with Chuck Mambo.

Their partnership, which began unexpectedly while filming their vlog “Escaping The Midcard,” quickly gained traction after participating in a tag team gauntlet match in 2019. This led to them becoming one of the most popular and successful tag teams in PROGRESS Wrestling, highlighted by their single record-setting reign as PROGRESS Tag Team Champions​.

Cooper’s journey in PROGRESS Wrestling is long and winding. Sunshine Machine’s debut at PROGRESS Chapter 107 saw them defeating The Young Guns, and their subsequent victory over The 0121 to win the tag team titles cemented their status as top contenders.

Their reign included setting a record for the most title defences, showcasing their resilience and popularity among fans. The duo’s commitment to elevating the tag team division is evident in their matches against prominent teams like Lykos Gym and The 0121, which were not only competitive but also rich in storytelling​.

Beyond his in-ring accomplishments, TK Cooper has demonstrated versatility and charisma that extend to his promo work and engagement with the wrestling community.

His efforts to revitalize and promote British wrestling, especially during the post-pandemic era of PROGRESS, have been pivotal. Cooper emphasizes the collective goal of making British wrestling the best globally, a sentiment shared by his peers.

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