Walter Progress Atlas and Men's Champion.

GUNTHER WWE Intercontinental Championship Record Breaker


A huge congratulations to former 3x ATLAS Champion & PROGRESS World Champion GUNTHER (FKA WALTER) for successfully defending the Intercontinental Championship on this week’s WWE Raw.

It leads to a history making moment for GUNTHER this coming Friday when he will become the longest reigning Intercontinental Champion beating The Honky Tonk Man’s historic 35-year record.

It is such a proud moment for GUNTHER and we have absolutely no doubt this is just the start of many accolades and records he will break in the WWE WALTER or otherwise.

Having played a major role in the rise of PROGRESS Wrestling, we knew from the day that he came through our curtain for the first time that he was special and seeing him achieve his goals at the highest level fills us with pride.

On a week that the wrestling world is celebrating GUNTHER WWE career, we felt it was only appropriate to release our PROGRESS: Best Of WALTER compilation on DEMAND PROGRESS PLUS so PROGRESS Wrestling fans can relive his greatest moments in our promotion, including his Men’s PROGRESS Championship match against Tyler Bate at Wembley Arena.

Here is a reminder of his journey to the top of PROGRESS Wrestling:


Early Days in PROGRESS Wrestling: WALTER made his debut in PROGRESS Wrestling in 2016, immediately capturing the attention of fans with his imposing presence and hard-hitting style. From the outset, he established himself as a proficient Strong Style competitor with intense matches against the likes of Big Damo and Rampage Brown, quickly solidifying his reputation as a formidable opponent – even breaking the ring in one match at the Electric Ballroom.

PROGRESS Wrestling Ring General and Faction Leader: WALTER’s career perspective in PROGRESS Wrestling wasn’t limited to championship reigns alone. He also played a pivotal role as the leader of the dominant faction known as “RINGKAMPF.” Alongside Timothy Thatcher and Axel Dieter Jr., WALTER brought a no-nonsense, technical wrestling style to the promotion. RINGKAMPF’s feud with British Strong Style (featuring Pete Dunne, Trent Seven, and Tyler Bate) was a defining moment in PROGRESS history and showcased WALTER’s commanding leadership skills in the ring.

WALTER PROGRESS Wrestling Title Success: Throughout his time in PROGRESS, WALTER achieved considerable success in terms of winning championship gold. He competed for and held various titles, most notably the PROGRESS World Championship, which he held for 417 days. His reign came to an end in controversially to Eddie Dennis at Alexandra Palace, but his legacy in PROGRESS Wrestling never will. His battles against fellow top-tier talent, including the likes of Pete Dunne, Matt Riddle and Tyler Bate, were instant classics and showcased his ability to tell compelling stories in the ring. He was also a 3x ATLAS World Champion for us, even unifying the titles during his reign by defeating Trent Seven. The ATLAS Title is based around big man wrestling, and WALTER is the epitome of that. In fact, he is the only 3x ATLAS champion, confirming his withstanding legacy with PROGRESS Wrestling.


WALTER WWE Recognition: 

WALTER’s time in PROGRESS Wrestling helped him gain international recognition as one of the top professional wrestlers in the world. His strong style striking ability and unmatched intensity garnered the respect of fans and fellow wrestlers worldwide. He became a sought-after talent, participating in various high-profile events and promotions beyond PROGRESS, ultimately becoming NXT UK champion before getting the call up to WWE where he has already broken the record for the longest reigning Intercontinental Champion and NEVER been pinned or submitted since his main roster WWE debut in April 2022.

GUNTHER WWE Legacy and Influence: 

WALTER’s career in PROGRESS Wrestling left an indelible mark on the promotion. His work ethic, dedication, and contributions to the company’s growth helped elevate PROGRESS to new heights. Furthermore, his wrestling style and storytelling ability influenced a generation of wrestlers and fans, leaving a lasting legacy within the wrestling industry in the UK.

In conclusion, WALTER’s career perspective in PROGRESS Wrestling is a story of dominance, leadership, and influence. His tenure in the promotion showcased his exceptional wrestling ability and contributed significantly to the growth and popularity of both PROGRESS Wrestling and his own career on the global wrestling stage.

To further commemorate this day, our BEST OF WALTER compilation will be made available with our compliments just for FRIDAY – so watch it for FREE, and we hope you then enjoy your experience of DEMAND PROGRESS PLUS.

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