Hair Vs. Mask – Lykos On His Mask, His Charity & Chuck Mambo

At chapter 146: They Think It’s All Over… Kid Lykos will take on the Sunshine Machine’s Chuck Mambo in a Hair Vs. Mask match.

Lykos has been singling out Chuck Mambo, which culminated with Kid Lykos and Kid Lykos II attacking Mambo after his match in Cardiff and cutting off one of his braids. An enraged Mambo, then issued the challenge at Chapter 145: Wrestling Witch Face to Lykos in a Hair Vs. Mask match. We caught up with Lykos to get his reasoning on going after Mambo and also, what his mask means to him. Especially following his titanic battle with Chris Brookes at Return of the Fly which will go down as one of the PROGRESS all time classics and a contender for match of the year.

“The drive of going for Chuck Mambo in general is, to put it bluntly, TK Cooper is so phenomenal compared to him, it’s just embarrassing, and I would drop him off a cliff. I can tell you honestly, but I think TK could be a superstar. I don’t want to see him fail as he’s hanging on to Chuck Mambo.

“My motivation is there but Mambo, he keeps coming for me. The last show in Cardiff, TK Cooper, a sovereign individual, he took a baking tray off of my brother in Christ Lykos II, and he dropped it on the floor. Chuck couldn’t have that, he had to hit us with the baking tray and cost us the match and that’s not about good or bad guys.

“Chuck Mambo is a bad person and a bad wrestler. TK will do so much better without him, so that’s the motivation.”

On the importance of the match at Chapter 146: They Think It’s All Over and Lykos mask.

“My mask is the most important part of me. Kid Lykos would not be Kid Lykos without it. I respect the traditions of masked wrestlers/luchadors before me, and will continue that when I fight for the right to keep my mask this Sunday. I had many messages after ROTF saying I should consider dropping the mask completely, so you could look at either outcome being a win for me. I however do not. I will accept nothing else but taking Mambo’s hair and keeping my mask.”


“The Downs Syndrome Association is extremely important to me, and close to my heart. I believe they do fantastic work, and I want to support the charity as best I can. Seeing how underfunded disabled children are my whole life, especially those with Downs, I hope to raise money whenever I can, so to assist the charity with it’s funding, and therefore there ability to help those with Downs.”

Kid Lykos will be donating his half of the money raised to the Downs Syndrome Association. The Down’s Syndrome Association supports people who have Down’s syndrome, and their parents and carers, throughout their lives. From before birth into older age, the DSA provides services to everyone. For more information you can visit their website here

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