Warren Banks

Warren Banks: “I have to win. It’s as simple as that.”

Ahead of his return to PROGRESS Wrestling at Chapter 158: The Long Halloween, we caught up with Warren Banks to talk his absence, his match with Luke Jacobs and his friendship with Gene Munny.

It’s been a long time since PROGRESS Wrestling fans have seen you… update us on where you have been.

It’s been a long time indeed. I’ve been bopping about, soul searching and whatnot, staying sharp on the other indies. I’ve been spending more time with my family too, which has been nice.
Warren Banks vs Luke Jacobs at PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 158

You are taking on Luke Jacobs in your return match… it doesn’t get much more hard hitting than that. It’s going to be a great test for you to see where you are at against someone who is 2-1 up over you in singles matches. How do you feel going into the match?

 I feel confident. I feel that, over a sprint, there’s no one better than me in the country. Luke is 2-1 up for a reason, in that I’ve lost when I’ve tried to wrestle his kind of match. The one victory I had, I had to muddy it up, use the outside and the environment. Both times I’ve lost, I’ve tried to fight him in areas where he has the advantage over me, and let things drag out until he overwhelms me. I’ve got no issue sharing strategy because it’s one thing to know it, and another thing to actually stop it. I need to beat him inside 5 minutes, or I’m not beating him at all. I’m bigger than him, faster than him, and stronger than him, so my plan is to run him over as hard and as fast as possible and get that W.

One of the most enduring images of you in PROGRESS Wrestling was you and Gene Munny helping one another to the back after suffering defeats and injuries at the SSS16 tournament. How happy are you to be back on a show with him on Sunday?

 That’s a moment that will stay with me for a very long time. It was all love in that moment, and even with the injuries and coming up short, I was happy. It’s hard not to be after a reception like that, and sharing it with the man who trained you makes it all the more sweet. I’m over the moon to be back on a show with him. We’ve crossed paths a few times but we’ve both been too busy to enjoy each  other’s company, so it’ll be nice to be able to get some wings and catch up with him on Sunday.
Warren Banks

One of our favourite matches of yours is the Anniversary main event at the Garage against Jonathan Gresham, how much do you want to get back to those sorts of matches in PROGRESS Wrestling?

That’s one of my favourite matches ever. To be able to get back to those sorts of matches, I’ve got to first of all earn that spot back. That starts with Luke on Sunday. If I can’t beat him, then I’ll have a decision to make, and what that decision is is between me and God at the moment.

Lastly, you are replacing Eddie Kingston on this card. What was your reaction to his video about you released this week?

Yeah those are some ridiculously big shoes to fill! I’m not delusional enough to think I’m an adequate replacement star power wise, but I think Warren Banks vs. Luke Jacobs is a match that always delivers and stands up with whatever else you’ve got on the card, guaranteed. It was weird to hear my name come out of his mouth, I won’t lie! He said I want to be tested, and he’s exactly right. Like I said, there’s a lot riding on this match for me personally, and it very much is a do or die situation this Sunday. I have to win. It’s as simple as that.
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