KC Navarro

KC Navarro: “PROGRESS is the best crowd I’ve ever wrestled in front of and I’m very excited to be back.”

KC Navarro is returning to PROGRESS Wrestling at Chapter 158: The Long Halloween, where he will be defending his Warrior Wrestling Championship. We caught up with him to discuss his match with Brent Banks, Jack Bandicoot and Vaughn Vertigo, his love of PROGRESS Wrestling and the actions of Nick Wayne in AEW.

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First things first, as Warrior Wrestling Champion, how excited are you by the cross promotion between Warrior Wrestling and PROGRESS Wrestling?

I love it. As Warrior Wrestling Champion I’m taking on a big responsibility as I have very big shoes to fill. When I won this title, people didn’t believe I deserved it or could live up to that, but I’ve proved them wrong. I told people I wanted to take this title all over the world and now we have built the bridge between two of my favourite promotions to work together its a blessing for me.

The lineage of the Warrior Wrestling Championship is fantastic. Brian Cage, Brian Pillman Jr, Trey Miguel and Will Ospreay. You are closing in on Brian’s record for holding the title the longest… what would it mean to you to be the longest ever reigning Warrior Champion?

Being the longest reigning champion of the indie that I wanted to be in means everything to me. When I first arrived in Warrior Wrestling I said I wanna be the guy. I knew I was nobody yet, but I knew I would be somebody by the time I am done here and within a year I was champion. Now I am champion, it’s all about being the best of all-time and I am so close to achieving that in terms of length.

But I have already broken records. I was the youngest ever champion. The first to defend in multiple States. No one has defended it more. I’ve defended internationally. And once I become the longest reigning that’s forever a massive achievement in my career.

You received the “Please come back” chants from he Electric Ballroom last time out. How excited are you to be back for The Long Halloween?

Very excited. I tell everybody all the time… Chapter 154 at the Electric Ballroom was the best crowd I have ever wrestled in front of. The best fans in the world. I cannot wait to be back among my London blessings at The Long Halloween.

Warrior Championship

Your calls for a big challenge on your return have been answered by Jack Bandicoot, Brent Banks and Vaughn Vertigo. Are you expecting to steal the show?

110%. Jack Bandicoot, I don’t know too much about but I have seen some of his stuff and he is athletic as hell and I can’t wait to get in the ring with him. Vaughn Vertigo has been making a name for himself all over the world and I’ve heard nothing but great things. Brent Banks and I have history. He was my second title defence and we killed it. I told him any time, any place and he was deserving of another opportunity, so now we get to do it in PROGRESS Wrestling in London.

Lastly, before you go. You also wrestled on the joint DEFY show at the Electric Ballroom last time out against Nick Wayne. How surprised were you by his actions at AEW Wrestledream?

I couldn’t believe it. I had so much respect for Nick Wayne at the Electric Ballroom show and he had it for me. I told him backstage that I was very proud of what he was doing and how excited I was for him with what he was doing. The last thing I saw happening was what he did to Darby Allin and he deserves what he coming to him.

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KC Navarro: “PROGRESS is the best crowd I’ve ever wrestled in front of and I’m very excited to be back.”