Kid Lykos II Interview: “Me and DeReiss are both at our best in 2024 and our match means a lot as far as momentum goes.”

With a renewed focus and determination, Kid Lykos II prepares for his next challenge at PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 169: The Devil On My Shoulder. In this exclusive interview, he opens up about his experiences at SSS16, his mindset going into his upcoming matches, his excitement for the NOAH tour, and his goals for the remainder of the year. Join us as we delve into the journey and aspirations of one of the most dynamic wrestlers on the scene today.

Kid Lykos II, you made your debut in the Super Strong Style 16 Tournament last month, defeating Gene Munny in the first round but falling to the eventual winner Luke Jacobs in the quarter-finals. How did you personally feel about your performance over the weekend?

“Wrestling in strong style felt like a huge accomplishment. But not making the finals didn’t feel like that. I’m proud of my performance and couldn’t be any more thankful for all the support that was shown to me, but I’m also disappointed.”

The day before your match, Kid Lykos was attacked and verbally berated by Luke Jacobs. Did this alter your mindset or strategy going into the quarter-final match?

“I was told my best friend was jumped by someone who I considered to be one of my best friends. That’s enough to mess with anyone’s head. I went into that match motivated to take Luke out of that tournament and try to knock some sense into him but ultimately failed.”

You’ve been announced to be in Kid Lykos’ corner for the main event of Chapter 169: The Devil On My Shoulder. How do you plan to provide guidance and support for him, drawing from your own experience at SSS16?

“It’s business as usual, simple as that. It’s not his first time in the main event for the PROGRESS Men’s World Championship and it certainly won’t be the last.”

Luke Jacobs mentioned to Fightful that he doesn’t respect you for being a second to someone like Ethan. How do you respond to his statement?

“He can lie to himself as much as he wants, I know that isn’t the real Luke talking.”

Do you have any words for Man Like DeReiss ahead of your match at Chapter 169?

“I look forward to sharing the ring with Des for the first time in a singles capacity. We’ve known each other 7 or 8 years now and this one feels special. Me and DeReiss are both at our best in 2024 and our match means a lot as far as momentum goes. I’m looking forward to testing him just as much as he’s going to test me.”

You’ve been announced for the NOAH tour. How excited are you about this opportunity, and what does it mean to you to wrestle for NOAH?

“Wrestling for NOAH is a genuine accomplishment for me personally and professionally. Since coming out of COVID, I’ve had a clear goal on where I want to be and being a part of the NOAH UK Tour feels like a big step in the right direction. I’m excited to show the NOAH fans what I’m all about and the opportunity to spend 3 days with some of the best wrestlers in the world is a huge honour to me. I can’t wait.”

Lastly, what are your goals in PROGRESS Wrestling for the rest of the year?

“My main goal is consistently proving I’m one of the country’s best wrestlers. PROGRESS and beyond, that’s my goal, and I have no intentions of not fulfilling that.”

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Kid Lykos II Interview: “Me and DeReiss are both at our best in 2024 and our match means a lot as far as momentum goes.”