Spike Trivet Vs Kid Lykos - PROGRESS Wrestling - Chapter 157 - Hungry Like The Wolf

Kid Lykos: “I’ll have the whole Electric Ballroom full of friends ready to watch Spike Trivets reign end”

Ahead of the biggest match in his PROGRESS Wrestling so far, we caught up with fan favourite, 2023 Super Strong Style 16 winner and #1 contender Kid Lykos. He discusses his PROGRESS Wrestling Championship bout against The Vulture, Spike Trivet at Hungry Like The Wolf on Sunday, September 24th as well as the journey that got him here.

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Kid Lykos SSS16 2023

The #foreveryone movement started at Super Strong Style 16 and it’s all been leading to your Men’s PROGRESS Championship match against Spike Trivet at Chapter 157: Hungry Like The Wolf. How much has the organic surge in appreciation from the PROGRESS Wrestling fans meant to you of late?

“I’ve said from the start, this is for everyone, and it seems right now that everyone wants me to beat Spike Trivet. And I want to give them that, not just for me to become Progress World Champion, but because I want to pay everyone back because their care for me has meant the world.”

Dominatus Regnum attack Lykos Gym

Ever since you won Super Strong Style 16, Men’s PROGRESS Wrestling Champion Spike Trivet warned you that the horrors had only just begun, not just for you but those that you love and surround you. How is life being circled by The Vulture?

“Spike has been trying his best to get at me, through my friends especially. He sees my attachment and love for the people around me as weakness and he’s exploiting that. And that sucks, because it does work. The way he has treated Lykos II, resulting in injury last weekend in Birmingham really got to me, but it’s what led me to show the heart I did the following day in the 6 man tag.”

Kid Lykos pins Spike Trivet at Chapter 156

At Chapter 156: Steal Yourself in Sheffield, you were able to pin Spike Trivet’s shoulders to the mat. How much confidence and momentum does that give you heading into Chapter 157: Hungry Like The Wolf on Sunday, September 24th?

“At Chapter 156 I took an absolute beating, but I think I dished one out too. And not only did I pin the champion for 3 seconds, I pinned him for over 8 seconds and sent him running scared while I held up ‘his’ title. I think Spike knows that my creativity is too much for him now and is starting to second guess his chances on September 24th”

Cara Noir vs Kid Lykos

You wrestled for the Men’s PROGRESS World Championship during the Peckham era when losing to Cara Noir in an empty arena. What difference will it make having the PROGRESS Wrestling fans behind you with their #foreveryone movement at Hungry Like The Wolf?

“My friends are my strength, and not only will I have Lykos II ringside in my corner, I’ll have a bunch more of my friends in the locker room watching in the back and the whole of the Electric Ballroom full of friends ready to watch Spike Trivet’s reign of horror end.”

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Kid Lykos holds Spike's Title

Kid Lykos: “I’ll have the whole Electric Ballroom full of friends ready to watch Spike Trivets reign end”