Spike Trivet Vs Kid Lykos - PROGRESS Wrestling - Chapter 157 - Hungry Like The Wolf

Super Strong Style 16 winner Kid Lykos to face Spike Trivet for the PROGRESS Men’s World Title.

Two months after winning the most prestigious tournament in British wrestling, Kid Lykos has named Sunday, 24th September as the date he wants to face Spike Trivet for the gold. At the aptly named Hungry Like The Wolf, fans of the 26 year-old will be desperate to see if he can be the one to finally end the almost one year reign of Europe’s most hated man, Spike Trivet.

Kid Lykos stated that he is going to take everything from Spike Trivet. Can he defeat the universally disliked PROGRESS Men’s World Champion… and do this for everyone?

The fans played a huge part in Kid Lykos’ journey to winning the Super Strong Style 16 tournament in order to his title shot & now we know his destination. The fans at the Electric Ballroom in Camden are sure to be right behind their favourite wolf on 24th of September, just as they were in May during his victories over Big Damo, Nick Wayne, Nathan Cruz and Mark Haskins.

Of the fans backing, Lykos said “I was anxious the whole weekend, but these people wanted to see me as the Super Strong Style 16 winner. I wanted to pay the fans back for investing their time in me. When I finally beat Mark Haskins in the final, the fans jumped out of their seats, banged the apron and showed their respect for me. It was emotional. It was special, and it will live with me for a long time. That win was for everyone.”

In naming his time and place to wrestle Spike Trivet, the PROGRESS World Champion believes the #1 contender has made a vital error.

Speaking after the challenge was made for his PROGRESS Men’s World Championship, Spike Trivet snidely retorted: “You did the worst thing. You gave The Vulture time, and that’s the most deliciously terrible thing that you could have done.”

Unlike Kid Lykos, his opponent at Chapter 157 is known for his misdemeanours and indiscretions. With almost two months to plan for the title match, what devilish plans does he have in store for Lykos at Hungry Like The Wolf?

Through his relationship with his bodyguard Bullit, he has gained a reputation for coming up with ingenious and sometimes illegal ways to hold onto his gold. Now with the Tag Team Champions, the Smokin’ Aces also by his side as part of their stable Dominatus Regnum, Lykos is potentially outnumbered, but can he be the one, after 13 others have tried, to finally beat The Sovereign Lord for the title?

The PROGRESS Men’s World Champion has successfully defended the title 13 times already and he is in no mood to let go of the championship he himself describes as “the most important title in Britain.”

At chapter 157, six years into Kid Lykos’ PROGRESS career, will you be there as he attempts to finish his story?

The crowd reaction when Kid Lykos won Super Strong Style 16 this year was off the charts. Imagine the atmosphere at the Electric Ballroom if he manages to dethrone Spike Trivet at Chapter 157. Those are the moments that you remember in pro wrestling. Those are the moments that are for everyone.

Tickets for PROGRESS Chapter 157 at the Electric Ballroom in Camden are on sale now through the DICE app, with prices starting at £22 and can be bought at here.

Super Strong Style 16 winner Kid Lykos to face Spike Trivet for the PROGRESS Men’s World Title.