Bullitt versus Kid Lykos at PROGRESS Wrestling


Get ready for an explosive showdown at PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 154: “It’s Clobberin’ Time” as two wrestlers very involved with the men’s PROGRESS World Champion, Spike Trivet, collide in an epic battle that promises to be one of many highlights of the event.

The tension has been building for months between Spike Trivet and Kid Lykos after the latter’s Super Strong Style 16 win in May and now it’s time for Spike’s hired hand Bullit to attempt to take out the #1 contender using his particular brand of brutality before the much anticipated title match at Hungry Like The Wolf later in the month of September.

A Champion Angered

Spike Trivet was surprised and angered that Kid Lykos chose September 24th as the date to battle for the Men’s PROGRESS World Championship and stated “There are beautiful things in your future but none of them involve taking the PROGRESS Men’s World Championship off me. Super Strong Style 16 in your words might have been for everyone, but it will end in failure with defeat to your Sovereign Lord.”

The first step in that premonition coming true for the callous Vulture was to setup this match for Chapter 154, pitting the new #1 contender against his behemoth of a bodyguard, Bullit.

The #ForEveryone Movement

Due to his size disadvantage in this one, Kid Lykos will need to use his lightning-fast strikes and unorthodox grappling style to battle his way out of adversity. However, he has his new found outpouring of support from the PROGRESS Wrestling fans, which Lykos used to his advantage when defeating Big Damo, Nick Wayne, Nathan Cruz and Mark Haskins to earn his shot against Spike Trivet.

Armed with a deep arsenal of high-flying manoeuvres and crafty submissions, he’s no doubt prepared to leave it all in the ring against Bullit, and do it #foreveryone in the Electric Ballroom and watching on DEMAND PROGRESS PLUS.

The One Man Armoury

On the other side of the ring stands Bullit, a powerhouse whose raw strength and intensity strikes fear into the hearts of his opponents. With a brawler’s mentality and a no-nonsense attitude, Bullit has bulldozed his way through many previous contenders at the request of our champion Spike Trivet, leaving a path of destruction in his wake and his business partner still wearing gold. There is no doubt he’s dead set on proving his dominance further by taking down the agile and cunning Kid Lykos in singles competition on the 26th August.

The clash of styles between these two competitors sets the stage for a captivating contest. Fans can expect a rollercoaster of emotions as Kid Lykos uses his speed and technical prowess to avoid Bullit’s devastating power moves, while Bullit aims to ground his opponent and showcase his brute force.

Get Your PROGRESS Wrestling Tickets

Don’t miss out on witnessing this match at PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 154: “It’s Clobberin’ Time” – it’s a showdown that’s sure to have the crowd firmly behind their new found hero, but can Kid Lykos slay the One Man Armoury that is Bullit in the Ballroom and go into September’s title shot with momentum?

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