Lana Austin & Rob Drake Interview: “PROGRESS fans only know LA Taylor & Skye Smitson’s names because of me”

In anticipation of their highly awaited showdown at Chapter 169: The Devil On My Shoulder, Lana Austin and Rob Drake share their thoughts and strategies regarding the former Lana Austin Experience members, LA Taylor and Skye Smitson.

Rob, you have stated that Skye and LA were never your friends so this match is purely business for you, but what would it mean for your career personally if you were able to pick up the win?

Rob Drake: That’s exactly right, it’s just business for me. Maybe it’s a little more personal for Lana. Getting a win means I can put this ridiculous chapter behind me and start really making a name for myself at PROGRESS.

Lana, these two women were by your side through thick and thin throughout your dominant 329 day reign as PROGRESS Women’s champion, and a promo by them was enough to make you throw them to the side – you really are the Queen of Mean aren’t you?

Lana Austin: Don’t forget I was also by their sides!!!! We were all friends and we all helped each other! Everyone is always trying to make me the bad guy! I was a GREAT friend to them both and yes that promo pissed me off! They acted like I was nothing! And that they carried the superstar Lana Austin- so funny! They need to remember I chose for them to be in my group, yes for selfish reasons at the time because I knew they were good! But I grew to love them and they started to think they were stars like me! PROGRESS fans only know their names because of me!!

Chapter 141: Lana Austin Experience

Do you honestly believe that the reign would have lasted as long as it did without them?

Lana Austin: I don’t care to respond to that question.

Rob are you aware of the excitement the Ballroom fans have for the first showdown between you and LA? This one has been brewing for a long time between you two in particular…

Rob Drake: Yes of course I’m aware and do you blame them for having this much excitement? I’m not stupid I know L.A is a genetically gifted individual, she’s earned the nickname “Demolition Woman”. I’m a 6 foot 2 Ruthless specimen whose only answer is violence. They can boo me all they want but I know they want to see how unhinged and violent I can be.

Skye’s parting words to you in our interview with her ahead of this match were: You’ve forgotten exactly who we are, and at Chapter 169 we’re gonna remind you exactly what we’re capable of – care to respond?

Rob Drake: I couldn’t care less who they put in front of me I’ve already shown what I’m capable of, just ask Ozawa, Gene, Alexxis or Crowley.

You have said that this match is a big match for LA Taylor and Skye Smitson but not for you… explain what you mean by that?

Lana Austin: They are stepping in the ring with Lana Austin – it’s obvious why this is a big match for them!

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Lana Austin & Rob Drake Interview: “PROGRESS fans only know LA Taylor & Skye Smitson’s names because of me”