Leon Slater vs Marcus Mathers Announced for PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 170: Wrestling Never Sleeps

PROGRESS Wrestling has set the stage for an absolute banger at Chapter 170: Wrestling Never Sleeps with the announcement of a thrilling match between Leon Slater and Marcus Mathers. Scheduled to take place at the iconic Electric Ballroom in Camden, this matchup promises to be a highlight of the event, captivating fans with two of the brightest young stars of the independent scene taking on eachother in a first time match.

Leon Slater, who has been making waves in PROGRESS Wrestling with his impressive performances and ability to adapt to any opponent. After unforgettable matches against the likes of Francesco Akira, Konosuke Takeshita and Nick Wayne, he comes into Chapter 170 with a resume as long as the day, as he aims to solidify his place among the promotion’s elite.

On the other side of the ring stands Marcus Mathers, hailing from a background forged in the fires of independent wrestling, Mathers brings an undeniable presence and determination to every match, making him a formidable opponent for anyone who dares to step into his path.

The announcement of Slater vs. Mathers at Chapter 170 has sparked anticipation and excitement among PROGRESS Wrestling fans and social media pages alike. With both competitors hungry for victory and eager to prove themselves on such a prestigious stage, the match is expected to showcase both at their fastest, ensuring a thrilling spectacle for all in attendance.

PROGRESS Wrestling co-owners Lee McAteer and Martyn Best expressed their enthusiasm for the upcoming matchup, highlighting the promotion’s commitment to delivering top-tier wrestling entertainment. “Leon Slater and Marcus Mathers represent the future of independent wrestling,” McAteer remarked. “Their dedication, passion and ability to put on the best matches for their fans will shine through in what promises to be an unforgettable encounter.”

Martyn Best added, “This match is a testament to the depth of talent within PROGRESS Wrestling. Leon Slater and Marcus Mathers have earned their spot at Chapter 170, and we can’t wait to see them leave it all in the ring.”

Tickets for PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 170: Wrestling Never Sleeps are available now, offering fans the chance to witness history in the making as Leon Slater and Marcus Mathers prepare to write the next chapter in their respective careers. For more information and to secure your seats, visit the PROGRESS Wrestling website or the DICE ticketing platform.

This match adds to the previously announced KENTA vs Ricky Knight Jr match for the DEFY World Championship.

Leon Slater vs Marcus Mathers Announced for PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 170: Wrestling Never Sleeps