“I haven’t come to PROGRESS to make friends” Lizzy Evo Returns At Unboxing V!

At Unboxing V: Deal or No Deal? Lizzy Evo made her grand return to the Electric Ballroom and scored a huge win in a triple threat match against the warring duo of Alexxis Falcon and Nina Samuels.  We caught up with the ‘Liverbird’ after the match and got the low down on her return in PROGRESS and what plans she has going forward…

You just returned in a triple threat match against Alexxis Falcon and Nina Samuels here at Unboxing tonight. Was it easy for you in the match, being as they both seemed more interested in getting their hands on each other than getting the win, with you also involved?

“Oh absolutely. I’ve been there myself, because you are so concentrated on that one person in the match, that you forget everything else around you. So to be the other person in the match and watch them go after each other like that made it easy for me. I don’t care how I get the win, I still got it and that’s the main thing. I benefitted from that for sure.

I haven’t come to PROGRESS to make friends with people and try and fit in with people, I’m here to win matches and get myself over the way I want to be over and that’s the best wrestler PROGRESS can produce. And at the moment that’s what I believe I am.”

You were recently out in Dubai and you were watching Lana’s entrance very closely?

“That’s because she still owes me money! Not much but she still owes me money! And she better pay it.

Over the last year I’ve set my self up to go after every title I’ve set my eyes on and achieved that. The PROGRESS title is the only one I’ve not even got close to. I’ve not even seen what it looks like up close. For me this is the biggest one I’ve been after and Lana Austin and her Lana Austin Experience are not going to be the one’s who stop me.”

Lana aside is there anyone else here in PROGRESS you are keeping an eye on?

“At the moment PROGRESS is the place I most enjoy being, because it’s testing me and giving me wrestlers that I wouldn’t get anywhere else. The thruway alone proved that. I would get the opportunity to face Nina Samuels and Alexxis Falcon in a three way anywhere else. So here in PROGRESS proves why people are talking about me and continue to talk about me online that Im the best, and I AM the best and I’m going to prove that time and time again every time PROGRESS book me.”

Lizzy Evo will compete in the Thunderbastard match at Chapter 148: Start Spreading The News, January 22nd at the Electric Ballroom, Camden.  For a chance to win the Key that will unlock a future championship match for the winner.

Tickets are now on sale for our next show, Chapter 148: Start Spreading The News, which will take place at the Electric Ballroom, Camden, London, on Sunday 22nd January, 3pm start. To purchase tickets for the event, please CLICK HERE. 

“I haven’t come to PROGRESS to make friends” Lizzy Evo Returns At Unboxing V!