Luke Jacobs Interview: “You want your punk rock pro wrestling? Here I am.”

As the anticipation builds for Chapter 169: The Devil On My Shoulder, the spotlight turns to Luke Jacobs, the 2024 Super Strong Style 16 winner and #1 contender for the PROGRESS Wrestling Men’s World Championship. In this exclusive interview, we delve into Jacobs’ preparation and psyche, his thoughts on facing Kid Lykos, and what this championship opportunity means to him. Join us as we get an inside look at the mind of a contender on the brink.

Luke, congratulations on your third tournament win in PROGRESS Wrestling with your victory in the Super Strong Style 16. How does this achievement compare to your previous wins, and what does it mean to you personally and professionally?

Obviously I’m incredibly proud of my previous tournament wins and I’ll always remember those as being beneficial in getting me to the position I’m in now, those being the Natural Progression Series and the ATLAS Championship tournament, however outside of the world championship, winning Super Strong Style 16 is the end all be all of the PROGRESS calendar year.

It’s the goal for every single wrestler in PROGRESS and I couldn’t be prouder, I won it my way and fairly convincingly I might add. It means everything to me to be able to further my professional career by winning the most prestigious tournament in British wrestling.

What do you consider the key moments or turning points in the tournament that were critical to your victory? Eddie Dennis was particularly critical of your actions after your match with him…

Eddie Dennis can say what he wants, it was his choice to leave the ring when he may or may not of had the advantage and that gave Tate Mayfairs the opportunity to do what he did, that’s Eddie’s fault, not mine, I merely took advantage of the situation like the pro I am.

Beating Kid Lykos II right in front of Lykos felt so good and the confidence I felt after that was overwhelming you could say, but I knew what it was going to take to get through that tournament in advance. Forget your key moments, it was all just a solid game plan from start to finish.

The final was an all out war with RKJ. Is that the kind of match a Luke Jacobs reign would be recognised for?

I proved in that match that this is a new Luke Jacobs and I will stop at nothing, no matter how I much I get hit, or dropped on my head, no matter how much blood I lose, I will keep going and nothing will stop me until the job is done and I get my hand raised. However there is only one Ricky Knight Jr and not many people can bring it like he can. So what would a Luke Jacobs reign be recognised for? You will have to wait and see, but expect violence.

What motivated you to attack Kid Lykos so aggressively both physically and verbally after day one? You have said it was pre-planned…

Did you listen to what I said in the ring? I made myself perfectly clear, PROGRESS Wrestling needs change and a world champion it can be proud of, a world champion that can take the company to new heights, not someone like him, end of. Next question.

What message were you trying to send to Kid Lykos with your attack? You were once friends and allies. How did your relationship deteriorate to the point of such animosity on your part?

The message I was trying to send was this is my time now and everything he worked so hard to get when he got chance after chance after chance, it’s all over, it’s all about to come crumbling down. Mine and Kid Lykos’ relationship didn’t deteriorate per se, I saw a friend I no longer respected and I’ve said enough as to why, I’m a lad that wants it all and Lykos is stood in my way.

Do you see your attack on Kid Lykos as a form of psychological warfare ahead of your title match, and if so, how do you think it will affect his mindset going into Chapter 169?

You could say that, it’s all about making a statement and wanting the fear to set in, and I knew it worked, because I’ve seen the look in that lads eyes, he could barley even look at me. On July 28th, when he’s backstage putting his gear on, lacing his boots, I hope his hands are shaking and his stomach is doing flips.

You’ve publicly stated that you no longer respect Kid Lykos, but the fans at the Electric Ballroom certainly do. Are you expecting a hostile atmosphere for yourself?

Of course I am and I can’t wait, I thrive in that environment. I couldn’t care less if they respect me or not. They can shout all the abuse they want at me, tell me to f*ck off back to Manchester – I don’t care, because on July 28th at Chapter 169 it will be tunnel vision from me.

Winning the PROGRESS Men’s World Championship would be a significant milestone in your career. How are you preparing mentally and physically for this opportunity, and what would it mean for you to capture the title?

I won’t reveal too much but going into this match my confidence is unrivalled and physically I feel great, I’m quicker and more explosive than I’ve ever been. Winning the PROGRESS Wrestling Men’s World Championship and becoming the face of PROGRESS Wrestling would be the biggest achievement of my career so far, something I’ve dreamed of for many years. I have a lot of big goals in wrestling, and the PROGRESS Wrestling Men’s World Championship has always been one of them.

If you do win the PROGRESS Men’s World Championship, what are your plans for your reign, and how do you intend to elevate the title and the promotion as a whole?

Giving the company a real World Champion it can be proud of, I’m gonna take the company to new heights and show everyone a new PROGRESS Wrestling with a new face at the front of it, someone who’s not just in it for the benefit of themselves like Kid Lykos, but for the benefit of pro wrestling. I’ll stop at nothing to get that title and there will be a new wave of violence in PROGRESS when people start to try and take it from me. You want your punk rock pro wrestling? Here I am.

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Luke Jacobs Interview: “You want your punk rock pro wrestling? Here I am.”