Mike D Interview: “Axel Tischer is right to be afraid. It’s time to step up and prove I belong among these elite competitors”

The energy at PROGRESS Wrestling’s Super Strong Style 16 weekend was electric, not least when Mike D and Luke Jacobs tore the house down with their round one match. In this exclusive interview, Mike D delves into his PROGRESS Wrestling debut, the atmosphere in the Electric Ballroom, his upcoming ATLAS Title match against Axel Tischer and his goals of making his father proud with his wrestling career.

Mike D welcome back to PROGRESS Wrestling! How much did you enjoy your debut over Super Strong Style 16 weekend?

Thank you! Making my debut was truly a fantastic experience – one that I had been eagerly looking forward to for a long time. Starting in SSS16, the biggest tournament of the year, and finally being able to showcase what I work so hard for every day was incredibly rewarding.

Your opening round match with Luke Jacobs was an absolute banger – what did you make of the match and then his actions in the rest of the tournament?

It was an intense battle that I truly savoured and witnessing the fans’ enthusiastic reactions was incredibly gratifying. I knew if Jacobs managed to defeat me, he would win the tournament!

Did you feel you won the PROGRESS Wrestling fans over in that opening round?

It was an absolute pleasure to perform in front of the PROGRESS Wrestling fans. The atmosphere in the Electric Ballroom is truly special, and I believe they genuinely appreciated our performance, showing their support with a standing ovation and enthusiastic cheers throughout the entire match. I am incredibly grateful for their reception, and I can’t wait to experience it again!

On day 2 you faced a very different challenge in the Rufus Hound Underdog Invitational Battle Royale – where you showed your speed, agility and power in a crazy dynamic – did you enjoy that?

Absolutely! It was a pleasure to share the ring with such talented athletes, each bringing their unique style and skills to the match. The variety of styles present allowed me to showcase my adaptability and demonstrate that I am capable of excelling in all aspects of the game. I can do it all.

You return to PROGRESS Wrestling with a shot at the ATLAS Title – do you think its a division that would suit you as champion?

The ATLAS division is a perfect platform for me to showcase my skills and establish my dominance as its champion. Throughout its history, the ATLAS title has been held by some of the absolute best in this business. Now, it’s my time to step up and prove that I belong among these elite competitors.

Our champion Axel Tischer said of you: “For me, he’s the total package, he’s strong as hell and very fast. He’s a scary opponent, to be honest.” what do you say to that?

First of all, he’s right to be afraid. Secondly, Axel is an iconic figure in European wrestling. He has achieved it all. Every wrestler aspires to a career like his. Stepping into the ring with him means sharing the squared circle with the absolute elite of this sport. Hearing praise from someone of his calibre is always flattering.

If you become ATLAS Champion what will in mean to you as a wrestler on the European scene?

My ultimate goal is to prove to the world that I belong at the top. Winning the ATLAS Championship would not only be a personal triumph but also a historic moment as the first Belgian champion in the division. It would mark a significant milestone in my career, solidify my position in European wrestling, and showcase my dedication and perseverance. Every day, I work tirelessly toward this goal, dedicating my life to this pursuit, fuelled by the belief instilled by my father that hard work can make anything possible. As I step into the ring, I know he’ll be watching, and I am determined to make him proud. This is my time.

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Mike D Interview: “Axel Tischer is right to be afraid. It’s time to step up and prove I belong among these elite competitors”