DEMAND PROGRESS PLUS – More W3L shows coming!

Following the recent  successful launch of the World Wide Wrestling League (W3L) on DEMAND PROGRESS PLUS and to celebrate the recent 20th Anniversary of W3L, there is more 2023 W3L content coming your way on 20th December 2023, at 20:00. (See what we have done there).

REMEDY, CARNAGE in the CAPITAL, MAYDAY, SUMMER SPECTACULAR, and the double header of WRESTLUTION which took place over the weekend of 20th and 21st October will be available for all DEMAND PROGRESS PLUS and W3L subscribers.

These events contain some of the biggest moments from W3L throughout the year including the W3L Tag Team Championship ladder match from Remedy, The inter-promotional matches with Denmark’s CCW from Carnage in the Capital and the historic battles between Taylor Bryden and Doug Williams over the W3L World Championship at Mayday and the Summer Spectacular.

Martyn Best, of PROGRESS, noted, “The debut W3L show on DEMAND, “Hello PROGRESS” has been really popular with our subscribers, and there are some fine matches coming out of Scotland at the moment, and so we’re very pleased to have all of their 2023 shows now available.”

Michael Musgrave of W3L commented, “It’s a real pleasure that our shows can now be seen by a wider audience, and I thank PROGRESS and their fans for the enthusiasm they have shown in watching them,”

Best added, “We have a number of equally exciting promotions joining us over the next few weeks, and we hope this will lead to our fans enjoying a wider range of promotions, but you never know, also seeing a number of their wrestlers at PROGRESS.”