Bullit vs Big Damo at PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 156: Steal Yourself

PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 156 Preview: Bullit vs Damo

Ahead of PROGRESS Wrestling’s Chapter 156: Steal Yourself event in Sheffield on Sunday, 10th September we spoke to the One Man Armoury, Bullit about his upcoming match against Big Damo. Hear his thoughts on that bout as well as the ongoing feud between Spike Trivet and Kid Lykos in PROGRESS Wrestling.

Your match against Big Damo at Chapter 156: Steal Yourself is arguably your biggest singles match in PROGRESS Wrestling to date. What would a potential victory over him mean to you?

This match is more than just my biggest in PROGRESS Wrestling, it’s the biggest in my entire time in wrestling. Big Damo is one of if not the top super heavyweight wrestler in Europe and has been for many years. He has been to the top level that most of us want to achieve, and I was in the audience at Wrestlemania 33, where Damo was on the show. Most would say this is a chance to “prove I can hang” with someone of his calibre. However, I see this as a chance to show Damo, PROGRESS and the entire scene, that I am that top “Big Man” right now. I hope this match opens doors to other opportunities to stand as big and tall as ever against other contenders for the right to call themselves the best super heavyweight in European wrestling.

You started your PROGRESS Wrestling career as security, but over the course of a year you have established yourself as a real problem for many wrestlers in the main event scene that are causing Spike Trivet issues in PROGRESS Wrestling inside the ropes. Do you pride yourself in doing your job for the Men’s PROGRESS World Champion?

Absolutely I do. What started out as a simple agreement between the two of us, has developed into an understanding and a kinship. I owe so much to Spike Trivet, that there are now very few people who could ever expect my help as a priority over watching out for him. The Sovereign Lord is exactly the champion this industry needs, and whether people like it or not, one day soon I guarantee they will understand why he is such a phenomenal champion and leader. He carries PROGRESS Wrestling on his back, and I help him bare that weight where he needs me to with honour.

Your dominant win over Tom Dawkins was especially vicious. Have we only just seen the tip of the iceberg of what you are capable of?

Spike Trivet’s method is vicious, cunning and intelligent. My method is brutality. Everyone who steps in a ring believes they have a fighting chance of success and victory. I see other peoples belief against me as an insult. Every bruise I leave is me collecting on the debt they owe me for thinking they had a chance. That’s not the case with Damo. With Damo, the brutality will be necessary to achieve my goal. War is never pretty, but a war it will be in Sheffield at Chapter 156.

If you were to capture the PROGRESS Wrestling ATLAS Title it would mean that Dominatus Regnum would have a clean sweep of the men’s championships. Do you believe you are going to complete the set for your faction soon?

I of course believe I can, should that opportunity come. I believe I will return that title back to its former glory. As soon as that PROGRESS Wrestling audience saw me, every one of them thought the word “ATLAS”. Ricky Knight Jr, like every ATLAS Champion in the last year, should have demanded a chance to face me. To prove that they are deserving of what that belt once stood for. Until he defends it against me, no matter how high he holds up that PROGRESS Wrestling ATLAS Championship, it is always going to be in my unrelenting shadow.

Before we leave, as someone who is so involved in the main title scene… what chances do you give Kid Lykos of completing his #foreveryone movement and winning Spike Trivet’s PROGRESS World Championship?

#foreveryone makes me sick. I have never seen such a sycophantic u-turn in someone as this. He was a proud “sh*t wolf” five minutes ago and now he may as well be at ring side with a tin cup begging the fans for love. This is exactly what will be his downfall. If he relies on cheers and chants to beat Spike Trivet, he’ll be put down like a stray. My advice, that he doesn’t deserve, is to realise, he IS a sh*t wolf, so embrace and u-turn back to that, and stand a marginally better chance. Or, keep being a beggy little lost puppy, and be thrown in a bag and dropped off in the woods. I won’t even bother digging a hole.

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Tickets for Spike Trivet vs Kid Lykos at Chapter 157: Hungry Like The Wolf for the Men’s PROGRESS Championship are available now via DICE.

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