Chapter 157: Hungry Like The Wolf


PROGRESS Wrestling returns to the Electric Ballroom on Sunday, 24th September. Chapter 157: Hungry Like The Wolf will be one to remember as we have a Men’s PROGRESS Championship match months in the making as well as a GCW Championship match and a AAA Latin American Title defence. Talk about hosting the best in world wrestling!

We are very excited to bring you another stacked card featuring some of the best talent in the UK as well as contracted wrestlers from AEW and Pro Wrestling NOAH at Chapter 157: Hungry Like The Wolf.
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Chapter 157: Spike Trivet vs Kid Lykos

Men’s PROGRESS Wrestling World Title Match
Spike Trivet (c) vs. Kid Lykos

At Chapter 157: Hungry Like The Wolf, Spike Trivet is challenged for his men’s PROGRESS Championship by Super Strong Style 16 winner, Kid Lykos. After horrific attacks from Spike and his Dominatus Regnum teammates, Kid Lykos II has been injured, but Kid Lykos holds an (eight second) pinfall over the champion at the last show in Sheffield and comes into this one with the momentum. Can Lykos and his #foreveryone movement finally end the one year reign of horror Spike Trivet holds over PROGRESS Wrestling? Be at the Electric Ballroom on Sunday, 24th September to witness this epic main event.

Chapter 157: Blake Christian vs Charles Crowley

GCW World Title Match
Blake Christian (c) vs. Charles Crowley

At PROGRESS Wrestling’s Chapter 157: Hungry Like The Wolf, it won’t just be PROGRESS gold on the line as GCW Champion Blake Christian is in the house to defend the Game Changer Wrestling Championship against our very own Spectacular Tw*t, Charles Crowley. Crowley is on an upward trajectory and his charisma and in-ring work have enamored him with the PROGRESS Wrestling fans of late and helped him find himself after he went missing last year inside his own head. Can he beat one of the best wrestlers in the world right now in Blake Christian and become GCW Champion? Be at the Electric Ballroom on Sunday, 24th September to find out.

Chapter 157: Smokin' Aces vs Connor Mills & Gene Munny

Men’s PROGRESS Wrestling Tag Team Title Match
Smokin’ Aces (c) vs. Connor Mills & Gene Munny

Our friends at Hooked on Wrestling put on one hell of a debut show at the dome in Tufnell Park last month, which culminated in Gene Munny and Connor Mills being crowned the #1 contenders for the PROGRESS Tag Team Championships. They will face the champions – the Smokin’ Aces – who have shown in recent weeks that under the helm of Spike Trivet and Dominatus Regnum, they are capable of unimaginable horrors. Their change in attitude has brought success however, and they will be hungry not to lose their first title defence at the Electric Ballroom on Sunday, 24th September.

Chapter 157: QT Marshall vs Jack Bandicoot

AAA Latin American Title Match
QT Marshall (c) vs. Jack Bandicoot

AEW superstar QT Marshall surprised the wrestling world when he showed up unannounced at Chapter 154 demanding to defend his AAA Latin American Title against any PROGRESS roster member. Chuck Mambo answered the challenge that day and put up a great effort before falling short to a handful of tights by QT. Jack Bandicoot is answering QT Marshall’s challenge at Chapter 157: Hungry Like The Wolf, whilst making his London PROGRESS Wrestling debut. Can he shock the world and become the new AAA Latin American champion? Find out at the Electric Ballroom on Sunday, 24th September.

Chapter 157: TK Cooper vs Yoshiki Inamura

Singles Match
TK Cooper vs. Yoshiki Inamura

The UK wrestling fans were super excited by our announcement that Pro Wrestling Noah’s Yoshiki Inamura was making his PROGRESS Wrestling debut in Birmingham and Sheffield this month, but on Sunday, 24th September… London it is your turn to witness one of the top prospects of Japanese wrestling in action. He will be facing one of the most respected and accomplished wrestlers in the UK scene, TK Cooper who just like his Sunshine Machine partner, Chuck Mambo did at Chapter 154, will be branching out in singles competition. Be there at the Electric Ballroom to see the London debut of Yoshiki Inamura.

Chapter 157: Simon Miller vs Tate Mayfairs

Singles Match
Simon Miller vs. Tate Mayfairs

This one is personal. Tate Mayfairs beat Simon Miller through cheating at Unboxing, but believes that should be the end of the matter as he is a wrestler and Simon is not in his eyes. However, the feud continued at Chapter 154 when Team Tate lost to Team Miller in a six-man tag. After that match Miller challenged Tate to a rematch, only for Mayfairs to refuse. At Chapter 156 Mayfairs attacked Miller viciously with a chair whilst he was ring announcing and that has led to finally the rematch from Unboxing being signed here. This will NOT be a wrestling match. This will be a fight.

Chapter 157: Boisterous Behaviour vs Malik & Paul Robinson

SAJ Tag Team Title Match Match
Boisterous Behaviour vs Malik & Paul Robinson

Boisterous Behaviour returned to tag team wrestling at Chapter 156 in Sheffield and won the ASCA Tag Team Championships, defeating VeloCities. Up next for them in their first title defence is the interesting pairing of Malik & Paul Robinson. We found out at Chapter 154 that their friendship goes back many years when Paul brought Malik into the NPS and Robbo accepted becoming a tag team moving forward. Is this a ruse from Kosta Konstantino or is the attempt at brotherhood genuine? Find out at Chapter 157 on Sunday, 24th September.

Chapter 157: LA Taylor vs Renee Michelle

Singles Match
LA Taylor (w/ Lana Austin & Skye Smitson) vs Renee Michelle

The Women’s PROGRESS Championship will be defended by Lana Austin against Alexxis Falcon soon, and if Falcon loses she can’t get another title shot. But before that, LA Taylor – who defeated Alexxis Falcon in Sheffield – defends the honour of Lana again by taking on Renee Michelle. This will be Renee’s London debut for PROGRESS Wrestling after her succesful weekend in Birmingham and Sheffield last time out and a win over LA Taylor would certainly enamour her to the Elevtric Ballroom crowd after her change of heart against Rhio in Birmingham. Can she pick up another win or will LA Taylor be the roadblock to future success?

Chapter 157: Lizzy Evo vs Allie Katch

Singles Match
Lizzy Evo vs Allie Katch

Lizzy Evo has made it her mission to be seen and heard after her hiatus from PROGRESS Wrestling and ever since her comeback win over Kanji at Chapter 154 it has been impossible not to take notice of her. She followed that impressive victory over the former PROGRESS Women’s Champion with another decisive win over Session Moth Martina in Birmingham at Chapter 155. It’s clear that she is on a tear in PROGRESS Wrestling, so management have brought in Allie Katch from GCW and other indies in America to further test her metal on Sunday, 24th September. Can Lizzy pick up her third big win in a month? Or will Allie Katch bring her down to size? This one is going to be great.

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