PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 159: Wonderbrawl

PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 159 Preview

PROGRESS Wrestling returns to the O2 Ritz in Manchester this Sunday, 12th September. Chapter 159: Wonderbrawl will be one to remember as we have a Women’s PROGRESS Championship rematch as well as an epic ATLAS Championship match and not one, but two no.1 contenders matches. Talk about hosting the best in world wrestling!

We are very excited to bring you another stacked card featuring some of the best talent in the UK as well as contracted wrestlers from Pro Wrestling NOAH, NJPW and TNA at Chapter 159: Wonderbrawl.
Head to the DICE app to ensure you are in the 02 Ritz for what promises to be a historic event in PROGRESS Wrestling history.

Rhio vs Lana Austin

Women’s PROGRESS Wrestling World Title Match
Rhio (c) vs. Lana Austin (with the Lana Austin Experience)

After Rhio unlocked her opportunity to win the title at the last chapter, she has given Lana Austin her rematch. The Queen of Mean held the Championship for almost a year, but after defeating Alexxis Falcon, she was defeated by Rhio who made her return to PROGRESS key in hand.

Lana claims the win was unjust, whilst Rhio believes she played within the rules and waited for exactly the right time to unlock her opportunity. This time, both wrestlers are coming into the match knowing full well what is in front of them and we will find out who the better woman is on the night. Will the Lana Austin Experience be celebrating in Lana’s hometown of Manchester or will Rhio defend her title for the first time?

Lizzy Evo vs Kanji

#1 Contenders Singles Match
Lizzy Evo vs. Kanji

Lizzy Evo defeated Kanji in August at Chapter 154: It’s Clobberin’ Time but showed disrespect after the match by refusing to shake her hand. Kanji wants revenge and this time the stakes are even higher as the winner becomes the #1 contender! Will we see a repeat of their last match with the Liver Bird utilising her big knee for the win or will Kanji show her champion spirit and become the #1 contender for the title she lost to Lana Austin?

Ricky Knight Jr vs Shigehiro Irie

Men’s PROGRESS Wrestling ATLAS Title Match
Ricky Knight Jr (c) vs. Shigehiro Irie

Ricky Knight Jr has defeated some of the best heavyweight wrestlers in the world during his title reign. Next up, he takes on the wrestler named #64 in the PWI rankings this year… Shigehiro Irie. The size advantage is definitely with Shigehiro in this one, but RKJ has overcome sizeable men in his run already and will feel confident he can beat this years wXw 16 Carat Tournament winner. Strap in Manchester, this one is going to slap!

Matthew Rehwoldt vs Charles Crowley

The Most Dramatic Match In Progress Wrestling History
Matthew Rehwoldt vs. Charles Crowley

Charles Crowley and Matthew Rehwoldt have traded songs in their build to this match and we don’t quite know what to expect when they get in the squared circle. But it promises to be the most dramatic match in pro wrestling history! Both of these wrestlers take their charisma to the full tilt and this will be a SCENE.

Former NXT Tag Team Champion Matthew Rehwoldt has not wrestled in the UK for five years, so this will be a historic match for PROGRESS Wrestling fans to see live. Find out exactly what it will entail at the Manchester 02 Ritz on Sunday, 12th November.

Jack Bandicoot vs Robbie X

Singles Match
Jack Bandicoot vs. Robbie X

Jack Bandicoot has burst onto the scene at PROGRESS showing his crazy aerial ability and his attempt to prove that via forfeit he should be the AH AH AH champion. In Manchester, he faces one of Europe’s greatest cruiserweights in a match which promises to be as fast as it is exciting.

Robbie X has not been seen in PROGRESS Wrestling for a while, but he will see this as a great opportunity to regain some momentum, whilst Jack Bandicoot will be looking to make a name for himself with a victory over one of the best high-flyers in the world right now.

Luke Jacobs vs Yoshiki Inamura

#1 Contenders Singles Match
Luke Jacobs vs Yoshiki Inamura

Luke Jacobs and Yoshiki Inamura face off in a first time ever match up that will leave those in attendance wincing at its brutality. The winner goes on to VENDETTA to compete for the ATLAS title, so this will NOT be a wrestling match. This will be a fight. Two of the best heavyweights on UK shores going toe-to-toe in a battle of supremacy.

Do not miss this one if you are a fan of strong style wrestling. Luke Jacobs is a former ATLAS Champion and will be hoping to regain what was once his, whilst Yoshiki Inamura is desperate to prove to Pro Wrestling NOAH that he is improving and a title around his waist will do just that. Can’t wait for this one!

Leon Slater vs Franceso Akira

Singles Match
Leon Slater vs Francesco Akira

Francesco Akira is coming off the back of winning the Super Jr Tag League with his Catch 22 partner TJ Perkins, whilst Leon Slater has just signed with TNA. These two will be buzzing coming into this dream match and we cannot wait to see the madness they dream up this Sunday!

They are two of the best high-flyers in the world and their previous encounter endedd in defeat for the youngest in charge, Leon Slater. Can he gain a measure of revenge in Manchester and pick up a win over a wrestler heading to Wrestle Kingdom in January? Find out at Chapter 159 on Sunday, 12th September.

Dominatus Regnum vs Lykos Gym & Warren Banks

Six Man Tag Team Match
Dominatus Regnum vs Lykos Gym & Warren Banks

Dominatus Regnum have been outnumbering Lykos Gym ever since Kid Lyons won the SSS16 tournament. In Manchester, they have back up in the soon to be retired Warren Banks. Don’t miss his second to last match before retirement at Chapter 159: Wonderbrawl.

The main event of the last chapter between the Smokin Aces and Lykos Gym was wild and now we have even more elements of violence in Warren Banks and Spike Trivet. This one is going to be absolutely wild, and we can’t wait.

There is just days left to buy your PROGRESS Wrestling tickets for Chapter 159: Wonderbrawl in Manchester. Head to the DICE app to see what looks to be one of the strongest cards of the year live and in person.