PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 160 Preview

PROGRESS Wrestling returns to the Electric Ballroom in Camden, this Sunday, 26th November. Chapter 160: VENDETTA will be the inaugural annual super show for PROGRESS and will be main evented by the 10 year career of Kid Lykos culminating with either his first major singles championship win or him being unmasked when he takes on PROGRESS Wrestling champion Spike Trivet in Lucha de Apuestas.

That is not all as SAnitY team up for the first time in four years as a trio in a moment you will ONLY see in PROGRESS Wrestling. The team of Axel Tischer, Big Damo and Eric Young reunite to create complete chaos against Dominatus Regnum in six man action.

If that wasn’t enough for you we also have two more title matches and the last ever match in the pro wrestling career of Warren Banks as he takes on his trainer and mentor, Gene Munny. This match will increase the duper show stakes as Banks will have a special entrance featuring Skillit and Zaheer performing their custom made track for Warren, ‘Unbreakable’.
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Men’s PROGRESS Wrestling World Title Match
Spike Trivet (c) vs. Kid Lykos

Spike Trivet has manipulated this situation and forced Kid Lykos into putting his mask on the line, but after he won his own Lucha de Apuestas match against Chuck Mambo in the past year, Kid Lykos feels confident his creativity in No DQ matches gives him an upper hand, despite the expected interference from Dominatus Regnum at VENDETTA.

After coming so close to victory at Hungry Like The Wolf in their last title match, only for Spike Trivet to remove Kid Lykos’ mask and roll him up for the cheap, but cunning win Lykos knows the disrespect he Trivet shown the heritage of the mask. When asked about that Trivet retorted, “Objectively that is disrespectful… but I don’t respect you”.

In a recent sit-down interview Kid Lykos said “I started wearing my mask in 2013 and its been the best 10 years of my life. My mask is who I am. I don’t foresee a way that I lose this because I can’t lose this. I walk into the Electric Ballroom wearing the longest tenured mask I still own and I walk out with the Men’s PROGRESS Wrestling World Championship.”

Spike Trivet sees things working out differently on Sunday, 26th November and in a face-to-face interview told Kid Lykos: “Your mask will sit next to Cara Noir’s mask on my mantelpiece and add to my legacy of horror. You’re in a nightmare, and its real. You’ll never wake up from this one.”

That nightmare could come true for Kid Lykos is we see a repeat from Wonderbrawl where he was pinned clean by Spike Trivet in the middle of the ring. Will Lykos be led to death and have his identity revealed led to or glory by winning his first major singles championship in our Lucha de Apuestas main event?

We have released a PROGRESS WRESTLING HYPE VIDEO which will get you psyched for the upcoming match.

PROGRESS Women's World Championship Triple Threat Match

Women’s PROGRESS Wrestling World Title Match
Rhio (c) vs. Lizzy Evo vs. Kanji

Lizzy Evo defeated Kanji in August at Chapter 154: It’s Clobberin’ Time but showed disrespect after the match by refusing to shake her hand. In their rematch at Chapter 159: Wonderbrawl the match ended in a no contest but Lizzy stepped up the disrespect by spitting in the face of the former 2x PROGRESS Women’s champion.

The hatred has escalated and they have a grudge against one another, but as the #1 contenders match ended without a conclusive winner our fighting champion Rhio has accepted the match to be a triple threat at VENDETTA. Three of the best women’s wrestlers facing off in a championship match where the champion has a chip on her shoulder to prove herself as a worthy champion and two rivals looking to usurp one another. This is going to BANG.


Ricky Knight Jr Vs Luke Jacobs ATLAS CHAMPIONSHIP

Men’s PROGRESS Wrestling ATLAS Title Match
Ricky Knight Jr (c) vs. Luke Jacobs

Ricky Knight Jr has defeated some of the best heavyweight wrestlers in the world during his ATLAS title reign. At Wonderbrawl in Manchester, he defeated 16 Carat Gold tournament winner Shigehiro Irie to add to his list of names. Also on that show former ATLAS champion Luke Jacobs defeated Yoshiki Inamura to become the #1 contender for RKJ’s title.

So the date is set. Luke Jacobs looks to regain the ATLAS Title against Ricky Knight Jr in a match that promises to exemplify what the division is all about. Heart. A will to win. Unbelievable strikes and a fighting spirit. Ricky Knight Jr is an absolute menace in PROGRESS Wrestling, he has won all 10 of his singles matches in the promotion, his only loss coming in a tag with Leon Slater against Sunshine Machine.

He will not have faced someone as laser focused as Luke is on Sunday though, who is looking to end RKJ’s winning run and reclaim his throne as ATLAS champion.

Do not miss this SUPERFIGHT.

SAnitY Vs The Smokin' Aces & Bullit

Six Man Tag Match
SAnitY vs Dominatus Regnum

SAnitY have not wrestled as a trio since their infamous 1 on 3 defeat by The Miz on WWE Smackdown. That was the last time they were seen in WWE before their release, but they return at VENDETTA looking to purge that unwanted memory.

They take on Dominatis Regnum in six man action which is pertinent as Big Damo and Axel Tischer have admitted they have eyes on Smokin’ Aces’ tag team titles and a win here would certainly put them in contention for a shot at just that and Bullit has already beaten Big Damo in what he called a dream match for a wrestler he deeply respects and now he faces him again in a six man tag at the Electric Ballroom.

This is the ONLY place you will see SAnitY as a trio in the UK this month and if the pop for Eric Young’s announcement is anything to go by last month, this one could well rip the roof off!

Gene Munny Vs Warren Banks

Retirement Match
Gene Munny vs. Warren Banks

Two Best Friends to wrestle each other in one last match. Warren Banks faces Gene Munny in his retirement match at VENDETTA.  After losing in his return match to Luke Jacobs at Chapter 158: The Long Halloween, Banks to the microphone to tell the fans that he feels he can’t do this anymore and after his current dates are wound up he will be retiring from professional wrestling.

His mentor and trainer, Gene Munny tried to stop Banks from coming to that conclusion but after pleas from Banks he finally accepted to have the best match Banks has ever had in his final ever match at VENDETTA.

We’re really not ready for this one. Don’t miss out on Warren Banks’ last match which includes a live performance from Skillit performing his song Unbreakable, produced by Zaheer.

We have released a PROGRESS WRESTLING HYPE VIDEO which will get you psyched for the upcoming match.


YOICHI Vs Shigehiro Irie

Singles Match
Shigehiro Irie vs Yoichi

PRO Wrestling NOAH’s Yoshiki Inamura left Japan to acquire greater skills & raise his reputation. He’s faced defeat against all of his opponents apart from Sunshine Machine’s TK Cooper & this has lead to massive impact on his pride.  He has called upon the fighting traditions of great Japanese Warriors & has sought inspiration from a famous 12th century archer Nasu Yoichi a hero of the warring states period in his native Otawara, Tochigi. 

 He has left himself with the biggest challenge now in facing his compatriot Shigehero Irie, in a titanic clash in his debut as Yoichi. Can the change he has made be the key to winning more matches whilst on his UK excursion? Or will the man who was named #168 in this year’s PWI 500?

Leon Slater Vs Connor Mills

Singles Match
Leon Slater vs Connor Mills

Leon Slater has just signed with TNA and has just defeated United Empire’s Francesco Akira in one of his biggest scalps to date. What an impressive feat to get the better of the man who just weeks earlier has become the Super J Tag League winner with TJP in Catch 22.

This time around it will be Connor Mills looking to get the scalp of Leon Slater as unbelievably he has never won a singles match in PROGRESS Wrestling. Can Connor Mills turn his fortunes around at VENDETTA. Find out at Chapter 160 on Sunday, 26th November.

Rob Drake & Lana Austin vs Charles Crowley & Alexxis Falcon

Tag Team Match
Rob Drake & Lana Austin vs Charles Crowley & Alexxis Falcon

This mixed tag team match has been brewing for weeks… both teams feel they have a VENDETTA against the other as Lana Austin feels Charles Crowley and Alexxis Falcon cost her the PROGRESS Women’s Championship whilst Alexxis cannot fight for that championship again because of Rob Drake and Lana Austin.

This one is PERSONAL.

Paul Robinson vs Tate Mayfairs

Singles Match
Paul Robinson (w/Malik) vs Tate Mayfairs

Kosta has used his connections to get Paul Robinson a singles match against Tate Mayfairs with Malik in his corner. Can Malik get his head in the game and prove a help rather than a hindrance for Robbo? Or will Tate Mayfairs continue his winning streak in PROGRESS? Find out at VENDETTA.

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