PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 169 Preview – The Devil On My Shoulder

PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 169 Preview: PROGRESS Wrestling returns to the Electric Ballroom in Camden, on Sunday, 28h July. Chapter 169: The Devil On My Shoulder will be a show to remember as Super Strong Style 16 winner Luke Jacobs challenges Kid Lykos for the Men’s PROGRESS World Championship.

As well as that spectacular main event, we also have more matches that are sure to wow the live crowd and those watching on DEMAND PROGRESS PLUS.
Head to the DICE app to ensure you are at the Electric Ballroom for what promises to be a historic event in not just PROGRESS Wrestling history, but British wrestling history.

PROGRESS Men’s World Championship Match
Kid Lykos (c) vs Luke Jacobs

The stakes couldn’t be higher as Luke Jacobs challenges Kid Lykos for the Men’s PROGRESS World Championship at Chapter 169: The Devil On My Shoulder.
With contrasting styles and a fierce desire to claim or retain the title, this match is poised to be a thrilling encounter between former friends that have pulled apart by Jacobs’ public betrayal and character assassination of our champion, Kid Lykos.
Can the Super Strong Style 16 winner back up his recent actions and words by taking the title from the wrestler he claims to not respect or will Lykos prove once again, that he will have to have the championship prized from his cold, dead hands for him to relinquish the title he fought so hard and lost so much for?

PROGRESS Women’s World Championship Match
Rhio (c) vs Emersyn Jayne

Rhio has been a fighting and dominant champion during her reign – successfully defending 10 times.

A blip in that reign in her opinion was the match at Twisted Metal between her and Emersyn Jayne which ended in a DQ finish after Rhio was attacked by Nina Samuels.

At Chapter 169 we will find out who the better woman is as Emersyn Jayne gets her chance to finish what she started – can she be the one to defeat Rhio? Or will the current champion prove her superiority again?

PROGRESS PROTEUS Championship Match
Robbo (C) vs Malik

Robbo is the one and only holder of the PROGRESS PROTEUS Championship and after an ill-fated tag team with Malik broke down thanks to the fact that it was all a ruse by Robbo to embarrass and destroy his so called protege, this could be the most personal match in the division’s history.

In an exclusive interview with our media team, Malik told us: “There’s a reason they call me The HITTA! I’m coming to knock that prick out!”

If that doesn’t give you an indication of how this match will be contested, then we don’t know what will.


PROGRESS ATLAS Championship Match
Axel Tischer (C) vs Mike D

Axel Tischer became a double champion in PROGRESS on Super Strong Style 16 weekend when he defeated YOICHI for the ATLAS Championship in an unbelievably hard-hitting contest. He now holds both the ATLAS Title and the Tag Titles with his SAnitY partner Big Damo.

As a fighting man and fighting champion, Axel has wasted no time in offering an opportunity to dethrone him at the first attempt and Mike D has stepped up to the challenge.

After a debut weekend where he took eventual SSS16 Winner Luke Jacobs to the limit and then wowed in the Rufus Hound Invitational, Mike D returns to PROGRESS looking to pick up gold in what promises to be a BANGER.


Tag Match
LA Taylor & Skye Smitson vs. Lana Austin & Rob Drake

The tag team match between LA Taylor & Skye Smitson and Lana Austin & Rob Drake at PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 169: The Devil On My Shoulder is shaping up to be a must-see contest.

The split in the Lana Austin Experience has been a long time coming and after Lana turned on her former muscle, this promises to be a violent end of the line for the unit that once ruled the PROGRESS Women’s division with their unity, cunning and strength in numbers.

Who will come out on top of this one, and what part will Rob Drake play in the bout? Find out at the Electric Ballroom.


Singles Match
Aigle Blanc vs. Leon Slater

After getting a “Please come back” chant at SSS16 weekend we have heard your wishes…

Aigle Blanc is back in PROGRESS Wrestling and on Sunday July 28th we will witness a first time ever match between him and Leon Slater in what some fans online have already called the match of the year!

We can’t wait to see the fast-paced insanity that these two will bring to the Electric Ballroom.


Singles Match
Kid Lykos II vs. Man Like DeReiss

At PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 169, Kid Lykos II and Man Like DeReiss are set to face off in a first-time-ever bout, both eager to bounce back from their recent setbacks. At Super Strong Style 16, both competitors suffered tough losses, leaving them hungry for redemption.

Kid Lykos II, renowned for his agility and cunning tactics, will be looking to outmanoeuvre his opponent and reclaim his winning ways. Meanwhile, Man Like DeReiss, known for his charismatic presence, is determined to showcase his resilience and strength after Shelton Benjamin destroyed his knee, really costing his chances in the tournament.

This encounter promises high stakes and intense action as both wrestlers aim to get back on the winning track and prove their dominance in the PROGRESS ring.



Tag Team Match
Charles Crowley & Mystery Partner vs. BUSSY

Following Alexxis Falcon’s injury, BUSSY face a new challenge against Charles Crowley and an undisclosed partner at Chapter 169: The Devil On My Shoulder. The absence of Cheeky Little Buggers as a cohesive unit adds an intriguing twist to the match, forcing BUSSY to possibly adapt their strategy.

Crowley, known for his unorthodox style, presents a formidable threat alongside the mystery partner. Fans eagerly await the reveal and speculate on the potential dynamics of this unexpected matchup in the ring… whilst Crowley says he doesn’t want to partner with anyone else… and will take the pair of Allie Katch and EFFY on by himself!



Singles Match
DANHAUSEN vs Gene Munny

As exclusively revealed on FIGHTFUL SELECT we have just announced Danhausen vs Gene Munny for Chapter 169: The Devil On My Shoulder. Be at the Electric Ballroom on Sunday, 28th July to witness Danhausen’s PROGRESS debut!

What will be in store for the very nice, very evil Danhausen when he takes on a newly focussed Gene Munny who has vowed to show us that things will be different post SSS16 weekend!

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PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 169 Preview – The Devil On My Shoulder