Renee Michelle at PROGRESS WRESTLING Chapter 157: Hungry Like The Wolf

Renee Michelle: “I have a goal to become the PROGRESS Women’s Champion”

After wrestling in Birmingham and Sheffield last month, Renee Michelle made her London debut for PROGRESS Wrestling at the Electric Ballroom on Sunday, facing the ‘Demolition Woman’ LA Taylor.

We caught up with her after the show to discuss the match, her time in PROGRESS Wrestling so far and her future goals with the company.

Renee, how was your first ever Electric Ballroom experience?

It was amazing! The atmosphere and being where a lot of wrestling stars of today for WWE and AEW have performed in the past for PROGRESS Wrestling was surreal. I also heard Prince performed here before, which is great, as he’s a favourite of mine.


You were wearing your husband Spud’s PROGRESS jacket in your entrance just as he did for the company. How did that feel and did you feel the reciprocation for it from the fans?

It felt very sentimental to me. He wore this Jacket right before leaving for WWE, and it was his last match with PROGRESS Wrestling in Sheffield. I’m happy that it created a great welcoming from the fans and everyone else who misses him dearly.

You faced LA Taylor tonight, someone who has proved her moniker of ‘Demolition Woman’ of late. How was facing such a dominating presence?

It was intense. She is definitely a lot stronger than I thought, and she had the height advantage, for sure. I thought I would have the upper hand but her strength got the best of me. As well as having Lana Austin and Skye Smitson constantly providing a distraction, of course.

The Lana Austin Experience have been holding the locker room ransom for over a year now, are you hoping Alexxis Falcon brings them down and wins the PROGRESS Women’s Championship next month?

Absolutely! Someone has to stop their reign of terror so who better than Alexxis Falcon?

We hope to see you again soon, what are your goals for the rest of the year?

Of course. After being in the UK the last month, my aim is definitely coming back to PROGRESS to win gold! I have a goal now, and I haven’t had one for a long time, and that is to become the Progress Women’s Champion. I am coming for that title!

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Renee Michelle: “I have a goal to become the PROGRESS Women’s Champion”