Skillit & Zaheer

Skillit is performing “Unbreakable” which is produced by Zaheer at PROGRESS Wrestling

Warren Banks is retiring from pro wrestling after a seven year career with a match against his trainer and mentor, Gene Munny at the PROGRESS Wrestling Supershow, VENDETTA on Sunday, 26th November at the Electric Ballroom in Camden. Whilst there, Skillit will be performing Zaheer‘s track “Unbreakable” during Warren Banks’ entrance for his last ever match.

Warren, known as the Nigerian Kaiju said: “The funny thing is I sat down with Zaheer as he was making the beat just a few weeks before I got hurt in 2022. This meant that I only got to use the song once before having to take a break to recover. I started wrestling again at the start of the year, but never used the track as I didn’t think I deserved it. I didn’t feel like the main eventer and title challenger I used to be, so I never used the song. I’ve had so many kind words since I announced my retirement, that all of those doubts and insecurities I had are long gone. It’ll be amazing to walk out in the Ballroom to that track and go out on a banger.”

It is the first of what is to be an annual supershow for the UK promotion and the entrance performed by Skillit and Zaheer for Warren Banks will be a big part in making the show feel special alongside the first match for SAnitY as a trio in four years and a mask vs title match for the Men’s PROGRESS Wrestling Championship between Kid Lykos and Spike Trivet.

Zaheer, a Milton Keynes based music producer has had his catalogue of songs played on AEW, NWA, Impact Wrestling, producing entrance themes for the likes of Nick Aldis, Brian Cage and Kiera Hogan as well as producing songs for Mickie James and Enzo Amore.

Multifaceted talented rapper Skillit has had mainstream radio airplay on 1xtra, KissFm and Choice FM and is no stranger to the world of pro wrestling either as he is the creator of The Kick Out Podcast with DJ Ace on BBC 1xtra and one third of broadcasting team of the most popular wrestling podcast “Gorilla Podcast” for talkSPORT radio.

They created the track “Unbreakable” for Warren Banks featuring lyrics specifically for The Nigerian Kaiju and the performance at PROGRESS Wrestling’s Supershow VENDETTA will feel extra special for Zaheer:

“I’ve known Warren for a couple of years now. Anytime we’ve crossed paths it’s always been love and respect. I was fortunate enough to have my debut wrestling match tagging with him, where he totally supported me and guided me on. Knowing it’s his last match we thought it would be great to do something unique as an entrance.”

Special entrances are a big part of pro wrestling, creating a big-time feel for a wrestler on a big show, but artists doing performances of entrance songs are seldom done in British Wrestling, so this upcoming performance for Warren Banks by Skillit and Zaheer will certainly be one to remember: especially as it is for the final ever match in Warren Banks’ career.

Zaheer said: “We’re so grateful that PROGRESS Wrestling have given us the opportunity to do this; a fresh and fitting final walk out for one of the best wrestlers in the UK and one of the and kindest humans you could ever hope to meet.”

Co-owner of PROGRESS Martyn Best is sure that Warren will get a great send off from fans, wrestlers and staff alike: “If ever any wrestler who deserved such an acknowledgement as this, it’s Warren. He has been such an impressive part of a roster for so long as well as being a vital part of our back room team, and he’s not retiring, he’s just going to do something else which he’ll use his tremendous skills to equally good effect. The whole of PROGRESS thank him and wish him the very best.”

Gene Munny Vs Warren Banks

Warren Banks has told Gene Munny to give him the best match of his life for his send-off from the wrestling ring and with Skillit and Zaheer performing his custom track for his entrance, it will have the perfect start to an emotional end of his career.

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You will be able to watch the music video for Unbreakable by Zaheer and Skillit on our YouTube page.

Skillit is performing “Unbreakable” which is produced by Zaheer at PROGRESS Wrestling