Spike Trivet Rips The Mask

Spike Trivet: “Kid Lykos has to look at himself in the mirror with or without the mask on and realise he has failed.”

PROGRESS Wrestling men’s world champion Spike Trivet outraged the Electric Ballroom again last weekend by winning his PROGRESS championship match against Super Strong Style 16 winner Kid Lykos after removing his mask and rolling him up.

We caught up with him after the show to discuss the match, his cunning plan and the future he sees for Kid Lykos.

Kid Lykos had you beat and you stooped to remove the mask he had specifically made for this moment in order to sneak your victory. Are you proud of that?

First of all, I don’t appreciate the tone and disrespect that the way your question is framed. I don’t appreciate being asked whether I’m proud of doing something in the ring by someone I know has never been in the ring.

You have no idea what it’s like in there, and absolutely no idea how to deal with high pressure situations like that. So retract your tone. Second of all, he didn’t have me beat did he? Because he didn’t win.

To me it’s as simple as that. I didn’t have to do anything illegal to beat him. Removing his mask isn’t illegal. So as far as I’m concerned I did something completely within the rulebook and walked away the victor, and yes I am proud of it because I’m still the PROGRESS Wrestling men’ champion.

He likes to say he’s the most creative, well I’m the most cunning and the most resourceful and it turns out cunning beats creativity every time.

You and your Dominatus Regnum stablemates have systematically got in the head of Lykos Gym through your viciousness and your cunning. How long has this been the plan for you?

Well here’s the thing about plans and how long they go on for. Plans evolve. Things change. New opportunities present themselves all the time and as leader of Dominatus Regnum and even before their commencement that is something I have always been able to do.

I’ve always had the reputation of honing in on an opponent’s weakness. That’s the thing about these so called heroes of British wrestling. They believe they have only one weakness. Sometimes the best thing to do is make them believe you are going after that one weakness but actually reveal that they have more than one.

Kid Lykos thought that the whole time my plan was to get at him through his friends because he believed I feel that friendship is weakness. I don’t believe friendship is a weakness… I just don’t have any friends in wrestling.

I have friends out of wrestling, but in wrestling it’s a job and I have employees. I don’t put my heart and my soul into those people, I put money into those people because that’s how you get things done. That’s how businesses are run.

So he thought because he thinks he knows me, that friendship is what I thought his weakness was but it’s not. Just like Cara Noir before him, his thing is that he hides his identity. So he thought it was one, but I’ve revealed another… a nice juicy contingency plan and here we are yet again with Spike Trivet the PROGRESS Wrestling men’s world champion and Kid Lykos licking his wounds somewhere else, and licking that sad, sad mask of his, like the sad, sad puppy that he is.

Fans react at PROGRESS Wrestling

The fans want to see you toppled so much and that has played a huge part in the #foreveryone movement that Kid Lykos has nurtured. Could you feel the air leave the room when you stole the victory?

This question is a very interesting one because you have highlighted some very interesting points there. First of all, the #foreveryone movement. I don’t see that as a movement. I don’t see anyone throwing signs up and supporting that in a big way. Because it doesn’t mean anything. What’s for everyone? It’s not for everyone.

Second of all. Yes, everyone does want to see me toppled. That is something Kid Lykos has to get over. Get over this grandiose sense of self worth that they all have because the fans wanting me toppled isn’t about them. It’s about me. They want me dethroned.

Thirdly, you can stop your sense of injustice and your pathetic patronising tone – I stole nothing. I won, and once again retained my title. If Lykos was good enough he would have won – but I tell you again – he isn’t, and he can fight me again and again and again – and you know what, that puppy will always walk away with his tail between his legs.

Once any of these clowns get their hands on this belt, they won’t be able to handle it. It’s only me that can handle it. Without me, they are fighting for nothing and in wrestling that is REAL power.

When Kid Lykos won the SSS16 you warned him that he doesn’t know what horror is… yet. Is this the end of his horror at the hands of Dominatus Regnum?

As far as I am concerned it is over. Kid Lykos won his title shot, he failed at his one shot. It’s over. Myself and Dominatus Regnum rise and we move on to the next thing. Kid Lykos has to look at himself in the mirror with or without the mask on and realise he has failed. His former friends have gone off and won major titles, but Lykos is going to have to realise that he fell at the hurdle and that he couldn’t defeat your Sovereign Lord, The Vulture, the most hated man in Europe, Spike Trivet.

The one thing that he will do, I assure you, is he will… remember me.

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Spike Trivet: “Kid Lykos has to look at himself in the mirror with or without the mask on and realise he has failed.”